Treatment of hemorrhoids with exacerbation at home

Suffering from varicose hemorrhoidal veins feel many uncomfortable symptoms of a disease such as hemorrhoids. Is it possible to get rid of this disease, how to treat hemorrhoids during exacerbations - these questions interest many. In addition to traditional medical treatment, there are many ways to alleviate the condition at home. Completely get rid of hemorrhoids in some cases is possible only with the help of surgical intervention, it depends on the stage of the disease.

treatment of hemorrhoids during exacerbation

What is hemorrhoids?

With this disease, hemorrhoidal veins become inflamed, their pathological expansion occurs, thrombosis occurs, and tortuosity occurs, nodes are formed around the rectum. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common coloproctological diseases. In diseases of the rectum disease takes 40% of the total. The disease occurs equally often in both men and women.However, it is worth noting that women are more likely to go to the doctor, so neglect of the disease is characteristic of the male group. Hemorrhoids are divided into several types:

  • Mechanical occurrence: acquired and innate. Acquired can occur as an independent disease (primary) and become a complication of any ailment, for example, prostate adenoma, liver cirrhosis (secondary type).
  • Place of localization: hemorrhoids can be subcutaneous (external) and submucosal (internal).
  • Chronic hemorrhoids - a frequent variant of the disease, recurrent process.

The disease proceeds in the form of a long uncomplicated process with the occurrence of acute attacks. It is better to entrust the treatment of hemorrhoids during an exacerbation to a doctor, he will correctly determine the type of disease and prescribe therapy.

 exacerbation of hemorrhoids home treatment

Acute hemorrhoids

Acute hemorrhoids are usually an exacerbation of the chronic form. In this case, hemorrhoids are strangled, thrombosis occurs, pain in the perineum or anus occurs. In this case, the nodes are compacted, increased, there is a "foreign body", sometimes the temperature rises. Acute hemorrhoids has three degrees:

  • Thrombosis without inflammatory process. External nodes have a small size, moderately painful when touched. The patient's complaints of burning, itching, which increases with defecation. Around the anus, there is redness and slight swelling.
  • Thrombosis with inflammation of hemorrhoids. Severe swelling and severe redness around the anus. Sharp pains when sitting and walking. Sharply painful sensations during palpation and digital examination of the rectum.
  • Thrombosis with inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue. Circumference around the anus in the form of an "inflammatory tumor." Extreme tenderness on palpation of nodes, impossible finger examination. Cyanotic-purple internal nodes fall out of the anus. So the exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids is manifested, the treatment must be started immediately.

In advanced cases, complications are possible: anal edema, massive bleeding, purulent inflammation, necrosis of the hemorrhoid. A sign of necrosis is the blackening of nodes. At the same time, it is extremely dangerous to set knots, it is possible infection of healthy tissues.Removal of dead tissue is performed only in the hospital.

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids: causes, treatment

The causes of hemorrhoids are often the following factors:

  • Constipation. Pressure increases in the rectum, and blood flow to the hemorrhoid nodes increases, and this may contribute to their increase and further loss.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth. Often, women in childbirth in the abdominal cavity pressure increases, and this leads to the formation of hemorrhoids.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • A sitting position in which a person spends most of the time. At the same time, the muscles of the perineum relax, and this leads to the fact that the natural support of the nodes weakens.
  • With a sedentary lifestyle, there is a stagnation of blood in the pelvis, this can lead to an increase in nodes.
  • Alcohol abuse causes increased blood flow in the anal area, this provokes hemorrhoidal bleeding.
  • Weight lifting, excessive physical effort can increase intra-abdominal pressure, and this causes a loss of hemorrhoids.
  • Irritation in the anal area can cause spicy and spicy foods.
  • Tumors and inflammatory processes of the rectum and liver.
  • Infection.
  • The outflow of blood in the rectum is broken.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during an exacerbation should be carried out by an experienced specialist, so as not to harm or provoke complications.

exacerbation of hemorrhoids causes treatment

Conservative treatment

Hemorrhoids are a chronic disease, so with conservative therapy most often there is no complete recovery. Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids with exacerbation brings relief, relieves pain symptoms. The main goal is to reduce the frequency of annual exacerbations, the duration and severity of the disease. In the radical treatment of hemorrhoids, outpatient methods are used, as well as surgical treatment. It all depends on the condition and stage of the disease.

The indications for conservative treatment are the initial stages of the chronic form, as well as the acute course in the later stages.

Mandatory part of conservative treatment are preventive measures. Necessary conditions for a successful outcome of treatment should be: normalization of digestion and regulation of intestinal consistency, as well as the transit of food-grade coma through the colon.

Express methods to relieve pain

If there is an exacerbation of internal hemorrhoids, treatment can be started at home. To relieve symptoms, you can use a fairly simple method: make a sit-down cold bath, the basis of which will be medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile. Well helps rectal candle made from raw potatoes.

Effectively, quickly relieve inflammation, freeze the anal area of ​​ice candles, made from herbs. Prepare such a tool in advance, and in case of emergency, let it always be in your freezer. Preparation: take a collection of herbs and make a decoction, oak bark, calendula, chamomile will enter here. Pour into molds and freeze. The cold constricts the vessels, while the blood flow is restored, the hemorrhoidal nodes are reduced.

By express methods include witch hazel. He does not just relieve pain, relieves swelling, but also stops the bleeding. This remedy is very popular among patients. For home use, buy herbs from a pharmacy (in the form of a liquid or ointment). If necessary, apply to a gauze swab and attach to the painful area.

exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids treatment

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids: home treatment

To relieve painful symptoms at home will help as a cold (as mentioned above), and a warm sitting bath. Various medicinal herbs (wormwood, St. John's wort, sage, oak bark, calendula) are suitable for its preparation. Place a few tablespoons of herbal in a bowl and pour two liters of boiling water over it, cover with a cloth or lid. As soon as the liquid cools to 30 degrees, the broth must be drained. Take a sit bath is recommended for at least 20 minutes. After the procedure, the anus should be lubricated with sea buckthorn oil. Such treatment of hemorrhoids during exacerbation will help heal cracks and wounds faster.

For tempering the anus, it is useful to carry out contrasting baths, sitting alternately in cold and warm decoction of medicinal herbs or plain water. Contrasting procedures strengthen blood vessels and improve blood flow.


Treatment of hemorrhoids in the acute stage at home will be effective if you act on hemorrhoids from both the inside and the outside. Revise your food and take healthy teas and infusions. They help improve intestinal motility, therefore, eliminate constipation.In addition, blood circulation is improved, which is important for inflammation of hemorrhoids.

Broth from the mountaineer of kidney: pour two tablespoons of grass with two glasses of boiling water. Insist leave for six hours, and better all night. It is necessary to accept means three times a day on the third part of a glass, the volume of a glass will be enough for a day.

Good at home helps broth hips. The active substances contained in the fruit heal wounds and strengthen the walls of the veins. Cooking broth: half a liter of boiling water pour one spoonful of dried rosehips, you can knead them in advance with a spoon. Insist on the hour. Drink before meals for half a cup.

hemorrhoids treatment during exacerbation

Garlic candles

If hemorrhoids have worsened, home treatment can be done using garlic candles. Already at the first application, they give results, disinfect the affected area, relieve painful sensations. A clove of garlic must be cleaned and cut in half, then you need to dip it in the interior fat or vegetable oil. To insert a garlic candle in the anus is best at night before bedtime.

You can also make a garlic variant in the following way: chop up 2-3 cloves using a blender or meat grinder, add a little softened butter.Foil need to make cone-shaped molds and fill them with composition. Freeze in the freezer. Ready to use.

Useful products at home

Reviews of exacerbation of hemorrhoids and treatment at home confirm that some symptoms can be completely removed at home, resorting to unconventional methods, traditional medicine. Excellent helps aloe juice, which is applied to the anus. It must be freshly pressed. When using it, you need to cancel the use of chemicals containing aloe.

Also, patients respond well to a plant like a butcher's broom. It helps to improve blood circulation and increase the tone of the veins. Brew one spoon with a glass of boiling water. It is used as a compress, as well as for washing out the anus.

Fresh beets help to cope with hemorrhoids. Grate it, apply gruel to the affected area, cover with a napkin. Compress need to withstand 20-30 minutes, rinse the anus thoroughly and lubricate with sea buckthorn oil.

To stop bleeding and heal cracks at home, apple cider vinegar is used. Compress incubated for 10 minutes and washed off.Initially, you may feel a burning sensation, which then passes.

 exacerbation of hemorrhoids home treatment reviews

Drug treatment

Special ointments and suppositories help to get rid of the loss and inflammation of the nodes. Treatment of hemorrhoids with Vishnevsky ointment passes through the exacerbation of the disease, the tool allows you to remove the inflammation of hemorrhoids. Without consulting a doctor, you can also use "Barney", "Levomekol", Fleming ointment. All of them relieve external manifestations of hemorrhoids.

For internal hemorrhoids, rectal suppositories, such as sea buckthorn, with propolis, ichthyol, Posterized, are recommended for use. Contraindications can only be individual reactions to some components.

Local anticoagulants

Also used anticoagulants - drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids during exacerbation. This group includes heparin and troksevazinovu ointment, "Gepatrombin G". All of them help with thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

Most often, thrombosis is complicated by inflammation and transition to the perianal region and subcutaneous tissue. These drugs should be combined with anti-inflammatory ointment "Levasin", "Mafinid."

If the bleeding does not stop within an hour, then this is an acute process. To stop it, you need to use candles with adrenaline. Hemostatic materials are also used: Adrokson, Tachycombe, Beriplast, Spongostan, they consist of thrombin and fibrinogen. Inside the anal canal, they form a fibrin film upon resorption.

Minimally invasive methods

If the conservative method has not brought results, doctors resort to the elimination of hemorrhoids. Modern medicine has painless minimally invasive methods that do not require anesthesia and even the patient's stay in the hospital. These methods include:

  • Doping with latex rings.
  • Sclerosing
  • Cryodestruction
  • Infrared photocoagulation.

 treatment of hemorrhoids in the acute stage

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

A special word needs to be said about hemorrhoids during pregnancy. In this position, it is important to alleviate the condition of the woman and not to harm the fetus. Self-treatment is excluded here, all actions must be coordinated with the doctor. Preference is given to local remedies so as not to interfere with the bloodstream, which is one for two in the mother and child.You can use the ointment "Hepotrombin G", "Relief." It is possible to use candles. Tablets in most cases are excluded.

From folk remedies at home, you can take rowan juice, viburnum decoction, decoction of carrots.

Baths are not recommended for pregnant women, since infection in the genital tract from the rectum can be very dangerous.

For acute hemorrhoids, you should immediately contact a gynecologist to eliminate the threat to the development of the fetus.

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