The use of potato flowers in traditional medicine

Since ancient times, potatoes have been eaten and have always been considered the most high-calorie product. It is widely available, it is easy to prepare a tasty and rich breakfast, lunch or dinner from it. However, few people know that such a product not only has high nutritional properties, but is also very useful for the human body.

In addition, potatoes can also cause health damage. For a very long time, it has been considered poisonous, and therefore in Europe they could not figure out how to use this vegetable correctly. In order to prepare a remedy, not the potatoes are taken, but its tubers or flowers. If you follow the rules of manufacture, you can achieve the desired result. We will talk in this article about how flowers of potato are used in traditional medicine, what diseases they help to fight successfully, and how to prepare products based on them.

Potato flowers in folk medicine

Potato flowers and their use in traditional medicine

The flowers of potatoes for many years used for the preparation of medicines according to popular recipes. Their use during dangerous diseases everywhere gets confirmation. Folk remedies based on the inflorescences of this vegetable are popular today. The recipes are very simple, but do not lose their effectiveness.

Useful components of potato flowers

Most often, people use potatoes to cook delicious food. However, few people think that together with food, various useful microelements enter the human body, without which human life would be impossible. Of course, this primarily refers to the starch contained in the potato in large quantities. It is very well absorbed, and also contribute to the saturation of the body. Treatment with potato flowers is also very popular.

In addition, there is quite a lot of vitamin C in potatoes. By consuming about three or four boiled tubers per day, a person receives the required amount of this substance.

gum disease

The composition of the potato also contains vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and various salts.It also contains vitamin A (or keratin), which is actively involved in the vital processes of all internal organs. In large quantities, it is present in the tubers, which are due to this yellowish color, which is the cause of unwanted consumption of crumbly white potatoes.

In addition, this product is also rich in various amino acids and contains protein. These substances are required to maintain good health. Why exactly flowers of potato are used in traditional medicine? We will understand.

Medicinal properties of potatoes

Potatoes are released in a number of other vegetables, because they contain as many nutrients as are necessary to combat fairly severe ills. Potato flowers are used to block inflammatory processes. However, the benefits are contained not only in them. Tubers, the richest in starch, also have a healing effect. Great benefit for the stomach brings boiled potatoes, because it envelops it and thus protects against the influence of various bacteria and pathogens. In addition, starch in large quantities makes it possible to block the development of ulcers and the pathologies associated with the work of the pancreas.

Contained solanine in potatoes has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system in general and the myocardium in particular. The juice obtained from the tubers serves as a remedy for those who suffer from stomach problems and frequent constipation. It acts as an effective and mild laxative drug. In addition, potato juice promotes the healing of ulcers in the stomach and does not prevent the emergence of new ones.

Starch, present in the composition of the potato, can be used for baby powders and talcs. Often it is added to powders and various medical preparations.

How exactly flowers of potato in traditional medicine are applied? Let's figure it out.

Use in cosmetology and medicine

Potatoes are an integral part of a large number of masks that help make the skin softer and more elastic, eliminating inflammatory processes. Cosmetics containing this product is also used for sunburn. Raw potatoes are used to combat skin diseases such as pyoderma and eczema. Gum disease perfectly treats this vegetable.

tincture of potato flowers

Masks based on potatoes make the skin more healthy and well-groomed.And to prepare them is quite capable of every person. For this they will need potatoes, eggs and milk. Tubers need to be cooked, then knead and mix with the other ingredients. After the resulting mass has cooled, it can be applied to the face and hold for twenty minutes to half an hour, and then wash off with warm water. Flowers of papillomas from potatoes help.


In order to eliminate burns or roughness on the hands as quickly as possible, you can make a mask according to the recipe described above. In the case of applying it to moisturize the skin of the hands, you need to apply it and hold no more than ten to fifteen minutes. In the presence of burns, potato gruel should be put on a napkin and applied to the affected area of ​​skin. It is recommended to keep it for about an hour or two, after which the compresses need to be changed. The properties of potato flowers are very diverse.

What do potato flowers treat?

Potato flowers in everyday life are used by man not too often. However, their use brings significant health benefits.

In folk medicine, potato inflorescences are used to treat eye diseases. In the dried form, they are used to treat malignant tumors.If you collect the pollen correctly, then its use will help to improve the metabolic processes in the human body.

potato flower treatment

Potato flowers also help fight tonsillitis and gum disease. In this case, you must take a tablespoon of raw materials in dried form, pour boiling water and let it brew for several hours. When the decoction has cooled, they need to gargle three times a day. The course of treatment is approximately ten days. Then you need to take a monthly break, and then repeat the course again.

In addition to the above, potato inflorescences also treat diseases such as osteochondrosis, gastric ulcer, disorders of the liver, polyarthritis, tuberculosis, diabetes, fungal inflammation, blood pressure, acne and various kinds of rash. For these purposes, you need to take infusion and tinctures based on flowers. They help cleanse the body and treat these diseases.

use of potato flowers

The use of tinctures of potato flowers in oncology

Potato flowers are used in the fight against even such serious diseases as cancer. Their healing properties allow you to effectively deal with very serious pathologies.However, in this case, you should be especially careful because the situation is dangerous. Before using traditional methods of treatment, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

To make a medicine, you need to make a real tea out of the inflorescences. To this end, you need to brew one tablespoon of raw materials with boiling water, insist on a steam bath for about three hours. In this case, you can also use a thermos. This tea should be drunk no less than three times a day. It is best to do this for half an hour before meals. On average, four liters of infusion should be drunk all day. What else is the use of potato flowers?

potato flowers properties

Potato tincture for joint pain

For pain in the joints, tincture based on potato inflorescences is quite effective, not only helping to relieve pain, but also improves the general well-being of a person. It is done quite simply: in one liter of purified water add a tablespoon of coarse salt and 100 milliliters of ammonia. All ingredients need to be mixed well. White flakes will begin to appear at this time, so the jar of liquid must be shaken until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After that, the tincture is ready.To reduce the pain of the joints, you should apply a gauze compress to the inflamed area, and then cover it with a polyethylene or a warm blanket so that it warms up. This procedure is advisable to carry out two or three times a day.

Arthritis and Arthrosis

People with arthritis and arthritis may find this recipe useful: put potato branches in a glass jar and carefully tamp them. Leave the container open for about two weeks on the windowsill, then add the alcohol in it, close the jar tightly and keep it in a dark place. Tincture will be ready in a month. It needs to be rubbed into those places that are particularly disturbing, for three weeks. After that, you need to navigate according to your well-being.

From the pain in the joints very well help potato compresses. To cook them, you need to take an unripe vegetable and grate on a small grater. The resulting mass should be put in water and heated to thirty-eight degrees, then pull out and put in a special bag. It will need to be applied to the places of concern. Keep such a compress need not less than half an hour.This procedure is preferably carried out at bedtime. As soon as the pain no longer bother, you need to stop the imposition of compresses.

With radiculitis

papillomas potato flowers

If the potato flowers to insist on vodka, then they will help with radiculitis. If the pain intensifies, then this infusion needs to wipe the limbs. In principle, such a tool has a positive effect on the body, normalizes pressure, helps to get rid of shortness of breath and improves breathing. If you drink this tincture for a month, you can evaluate its effect.

So, we talked about the use of potato flowers in traditional medicine.

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