The uniform travel card "Plantain" in St. Petersburg: reviews

For several years, since 2011, in the Norththe capital has a convenient contactless smart card (BSK) "Podorozhnik" - a single ticket, designed to pay for travel in all known types of public transport in the city of St. Petersburg. How and for what use this high-tech "analogue" of banknotes and coins, and most importantly, what is the feature and advantages of this payment facility?

Universal and convenient ticket in St. Petersburg

To have BSK "Podorozhnik" is advantageous and convenient. You can use this payment method as an electronic wallet, paying for a trip in a city transport within a certain fixed amount. Also on the traveler's "Plantain" you can write down any ticket without benefits, acting for a fixed period.

The only requirement for the owner of a smart card -regularly replenish the balance in cash. BSC is valid for three years from the last refill of the smart card account. Using a single traveler "Plantain" allows, through the accumulation system of discounts, to save on the payment of travel costs from 1 to 7 rubles at a time.

Externally, the map "Plantain" is a plasticstandard size with the image of green leaves of plantain and ladybug. Since recently, the travel card is also issued in the form of an electronic carrier - a key fob. The cost of a smart card is currently 60 rubles, excluding money for travel. The keyring will cost 100 rubles.

travel plantain

Where can I buy a smart card? In St. Petersburg there is the main office of the SCU "Organizer of transportation", where you can purchase, restore in case of damage or loss and activate the traveler "Podorozhnik": St. Petersburg, st. Rubinstein, 32. In addition, the BSC can be purchased at the ticket offices of the city's metro.

Types of public transport in which you can pay for the travel by the card "Podorozhnik"

Universal travel card "Plantain"is intended for payment in St. Petersburg not only underground and land, but even water transport - the individual features of passenger transportation, without which it is difficult to imagine the Northern Capital. Using this contactless means of payment, you can pay for travel in the aqua bus, the St. Petersburg subway, buses, trams and trolley buses of the city.

Quite often tourists planning to usea single pass during a visit to the city on the Neva, ask the following question: "Does it accept the" Podorozhnik "(travel card) for a fare?" It can be said that the private "minibuses" really took this technical innovation somewhat later. But at the moment for the convenience of passengers terminals-validators have already equipped many fixed-route taxis of St. Petersburg. In the near future it is planned to provide passengers with the opportunity to pay for travel in suburban trains - trains.

fare ticket psyllium

Where to attach the "Plantain": we pay for the travel with a smart card

To debit the money from the travel carda ground or in-ground vehicle must be equipped with a special terminal - an electronic device called a "validator". This is either a stationary device, that is installed directly on the rail in the passenger compartment, or portable - in this case it is located at the conductor. In the metro, the fare is charged using a special zone integrated in the turnstile.

travel psyllium spb

To pay for travel in any kind of urbantransport of St. Petersburg, you only need to effortlessly attach the traveler "Plantain" to the validator (or terminal, if payment is made in the "subway") at any end of the card.

At the same time, the "green arrow" should light up on the scoreboard of the validator, which means that payment has been accepted. In the event that the payment transaction has not occurred, a red cross appears on the scoreboard.

How to recharge your account on a smart card

You can replenish the balance of a smart card in the following ways:

  • Special terminal for the travel tickets of the JSPPB, that is, automatic refilling of travel tickets. The device of the JSPP is available in the sales offices of the GKU "Transport Organizer".
  • In the terminal or in the ticket office at the metro station Spb.

plantain travel check

  • By sending SMS from your personal mobilephone with the number of the smart card and the amount of money to be paid. A short number for SMS can be specified from the operator of the mobile network used by the passenger. Important! With this method of replenishment, a commission is always charged.
  • With the help of electronic purses ("Yandex.Money" or WebMoney).
  • Transfer from a bank card via the Internet.

Activation of funds on the map "Plantain"

The next step after the replenishment of the BSK account -activation of funds on the travel card. This is necessary because the money remotely transferred to a smart card will be available for use only after the activation.

You can activate the money resource of the card in any of two ways:

  1. APPB. To activate the device menu is selected section "replenishment of electronic wallet", after which the BSK is inserted (applied) in the reader of the APPB. After the appearance on the screen of the inscription: "Card is written", the activation process is completely completed, the smart card can be extracted.
  2. "Plantain" can be activated in the lobby of the city metro, attaching a map to the visualizer. The process is completed after the information on the current balance of the smart card appears on the device screen.

plantain uniform travel card

Overview of passengers who use the map "Podorozhnik"

In addition to official information, objectively assessthe utility and the need for a single ticket help the opinions of passengers who have used the "Passer" one-time pass for several years to pay for their travel. In using a smart card, you can note both visible pluses and existing shortcomings, as, indeed, in any consumer service. A careful review of the reviews left on the website of the transport company and in the city forums, makes it possible to highlight the following features of this ticket:

  • One of the significant disadvantages of usinga single travel-pass "Podorozhnik" requires the most careful use. There are complaints that the card can be damaged or demagnetized. This leads to another problem: the remaining money on the damaged travel card can be returned only in one case - when buying a new card "Plantain" the remaining money is transferred within a month. Just return the money, without the restoration of the travel card, it is impossible.
  • Another inconvenience of this smart card is the inability to control the balance of the amount on a single pass "Podorozhnik". Travel can be checked only when paying for the trip.
  • The next negative point in usesmart cards - remote activation of the card, as already mentioned above. This shortage is often noted by people who for whatever reasons do not regularly use the services of the St. Petersburg "subway".
  • It is impossible not to mention the lack of "protection against theft." A stolen or lost smart card is easy to take advantage of an outsider.

But passengers who regularly use the traveler's "Plantain", note and many advantages of this method of payment.

  • Possibility to pay for travel on all types of public transport.
  • Convenience. This is the main plus - paying with one touch is very convenient. No ringing trifles in the pockets, queue for the counter at the ticket office of the underground, there is no danger during the "influenza" season of contact with paper tickets and money surrender,
  • The system of cumulative discounts. Passengers who are forced to travel daily to work and back, at the end of the month receive a small but tangibly pleasant savings in money for travel.
  • The account can be replenished through the Internet - through an electronic wallet or site.
  • Unlike similar "monthly" travel, money not used for a month is automatically transferred to the next period.

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