The ugliest man in the world: biography, history and interesting facts

The modern world is very diverse. It has the beautiful, the frightening, the devilish, and the divine. This applies not only to some landscape sites, but also to people. Some suffer because of serious illnesses that caused deformities, and someone has been the victim of a terrible accident or some other accident. But there are those who have decided to change to this ugliness, just to be happy. Sometimes it is difficult to say who the ugliest person is and, often, it is impossible to determine with accuracy which of the monsters should be in the first place.The ugliest man

Rick Genestus, nicknamed Zombie Boy

Born in 1985 in Canada. He became very popular and acquired the title of the most terrible person because of the tattoos on his face. First of all, the skeleton's jaw, made “in its place” and dark circles under the eyes, a dark nose with rings, attracts attention.All this makes a real zombie out of a guy. To see such a person at night is unlikely to be pleasant.The most terrible people in the world

Elaine Davidson - Woman Piercing

She received the title of the ugliest person on earth Brazilian E. Davidson. This woman has the largest number of piercings: nine thousand punctures with a total weight of almost four kilograms were placed on her body. Surprisingly, her husband Edain does not have a single puncture.

Complement the image of steel 2500 tattoo. A woman has a small aromatherapy shop in Edinburgh.


The first person to make a tongue-like cut of lizards was Eric Sprague. He cut the tip in half and daily stretched both halves in different directions, so that they did not grow together. In addition to the language, Eric has an unusual appearance: his body is decorated with tattoos in the form of lizard scales. The image of the ugliest person is completed by ground teeth.

The vampire

Another extraordinary person - Marie José Cristerna, nicknamed vamp. This Mexican has increased fangs on all teeth, horns implants sewn into her forehead, and her body covered with a tattoo. In addition, she punctured part of the body, including the face. To make a vampire’s image complete, she wears colored lenses: they give expressiveness to herappearanceThe ugliest people on the planet

Female picture

Among the most ugly people of the planet is Julia Gnose or a woman-picture, a woman-illustration. She has the largest number of tattoos on her body. She was forced to make them because of the incurable skin pathology - porphyria. For ten years, Julia has covered her body with a variety of drawings.

The tattoo covers 95% of the skin. Because of this, the girl got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most tattooed woman in the world.

For many years, Julia struggled with the disease, but she did not manage to overcome the illness, and she decided to hide the scars with pictures. In 2016, a woman died at the age of 48.

Lizzy velazquez

Official recognition of the ugliest person received Lizzy Velasquez. She was born in 1989 in the USA. The deformity of a woman is associated with two pathologies - Marfan syndrome and lipodystrophy. Because of them, the body has lost the ability to form subcutaneous fats. Pathologies have caused the loss of vision in one eye. Despite her deformity, the woman leads a normal life, she writes books and travels around the world with seminars.

The girl was advised never to go out, not to look in the mirror.There were “well-wishers” who told her to commit suicide. Fortunately, Lizzy was a strong girl and became an orator.The ugliest people of Russia

Jason shechterly

Among the nominees for the title of the most ugly man - Jason Shechterly. The media has already called him the most terrible man.

Jason is a police officer. Once in the service, he was in a terrible accident. The blow was so strong that the car police immediately caught fire. As a result, the man received fourth-degree burns. To save his life, doctors literally had to remove his face. The officer underwent skin grafts, but there was not a trace of the sweet face.

One of the media published a photo of Jason with a new face, where he hugs his wife. For her, the photographer received a huge amount of money and several awards. Jason himself sued the publication and won the case. Now the media pays for its report, making contributions to the fund for victims of burns. In addition, the court deprived the license of the newspaper employees who published the picture.

Godfrey Baguma

Among the most terrible people in the world is the usual shoemaker from Uganda, Godfrey Baguma. He suffers from an incurable disease, but the man is not discouraged and considers himself very happy.Once he took part in an anti-beauty contest and won, of course, first place.

In 2013, Bagouma married, and the second time. The first wife cheated on him, and he left her. After some time I met the second love and made her an offer. Godfrey understood that native girls would hardly accept him the first time.

During the years of marriage, a man had six children.

Yu Junchang

In the ranking of the most terrible people in the world there is the most hairy Chinese Yu Dzyunchan. He suffers from a rare pathology - atavism, due to which the body is covered with long hair. The man is not particularly upset because of being in the rating of the ugliest people in the world by nature. He gladly allows himself to take photographs, is shot in different shows, gives interviews.

Kala Kawai

Another ugliest person on earth is Kala Kawai. Once he failed to stop his tattoo in his passion and covered 75% of his skin with drawings. However, this seemed to man a little. He decided to supplement the image of silicone cones on his forehead, as well as attach metal horns, made a snake-cut through the tongue.The ugliest man on earth

Man tree

In the list of the ugliest people in the world got Indonesian Dede Kosvar.At ten, he hurt himself in the woods. In all likelihood, some unknown infection got into the wound that caused the development of ulcers on the lower limbs. Gradually, they appeared on the hands. For several years, Dede observed his own transformation into a real monster.

A man can not walk, he lost the opportunity to have a family, live a normal life. In order to somehow feed himself, he began working in a circus freaks.

Doctors were able to remove some of the tree warts, but they soon reappeared. Father lost the belief that he could ever heal.

Donatella Versace

In the top of the ugliest celebrities hit fashion representative Donatella Versace. She was attractive, but after an excessive amount of plastic surgery, the woman fell into the ratings of freaks. The Italian has huge lips, unnatural thinness, hanging skin, a terribly made nose.

Marilyn Manson

Position in the ranking of the ugliest people in the world keeps shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Few could see a rock star without make-up: each exit to the public is scary. It’s not for nothing that this guy is told that if you see him at night on the street, you can die.

The ugliest people in the world from nature

Clint Howard

Another showman, caught in the rating of ugly people of the world. Looking at this man, you realize that in Hollywood it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, the main thing is to have talent.

The actor always gave the role of scared, for which he received decent fees. They brought Clint success and more than one million dollars.

Evgeny Bolotov

In the ranking of the most ugly people in Russia, the first place is given to Evgeny Bolotov. He has dreadlocks on his hair, tattoo instead of eyebrows, and discs on his lips. Perm designer claims that people are not afraid of his appearance, but ask to be photographed with them.

Eugene - a real bodybuilder. It stretches the lips, nose and ears. He likes the Australian duckbill.

There are other representatives in the ranking of the ugliest people in the world: the leopard man, the bull man and other unusual personalities.

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