The secret is what is it? Meaning, synonyms and interpretation

Each person has secrets, riddles, secrets, it is obvious. We were all small, clumsy. No one was born a winner right away. On the contrary, those who have learned to lose more often win in the end than those who do not have such experience. Today we talk about the meaning of the word "secret".


One girl tells another secret

Of course, to understand the essence of the word in question, we do not need a dictionary. Children without any clever book know what mystery is, because boys and girls hide the most secret first of all from adults. Adults also have secrets, but they are not as interesting as children. In addition, adult secrets are no longer innocuous. But sometimes you need not just a general idea, but a chased formulation. And we will find it if we look in the explanatory dictionary. It contains three words with such a set of letters. Consider all the values:

  1. That which is kept secret is hidden from others. For example: "The fact that I will have a car is our secret with you."
  2. The secret way.For example: “The secret of a good article is to collect material and how you should think about how to build it.”
  3. The hidden reason, the secret. For example: “Perhaps the secret to the success of some trainers is that they addressed sorcerers?”
  4. The secret device in the mechanism. For example: "Careful, because this lock can be a secret."

Yes, the secret is a mysterious and wonderful noun. But in the dictionary there are definitions homonymous with it. Consider their values ​​briefly:

  1. Military observant guard post, guard patrol.
  2. Substance produced and secreted by glandular cells. For example: "The secret of the prostate gland."

Of course, the focus will be on the commonly used meaning of the word "secret."


Frame from the film "The Illusionist"

When a simple definition got into the zone of attention, semantic analogs serve rather to enrich the vocabulary of the reader, rather than to explain the meaning. But synonyms are still needed. So, the list is as follows:

  • secret;
  • riddle;
  • cunning;
  • focus;
  • lowdown;
  • zest;
  • compromising.

There is one word among the synonyms of the meaning of “secret”, which we often use, but do not think about how terrible the story is behind it.There is a phraseological unit "to find out the whole underworld," which should be understood as "penetrate the mystery" or "find out the whole truth." The fact is that in ancient Russia there was torture, when the victim was driven under the nails of the needle. It is clear that after such a confess to everything. By the way, this kind of craftsmen existed in the Holy Inquisition. But there they did things worse. We will not tell them, it is too scary. Sometimes, in order to get information, resort to very cruel methods, if this secret is worth it, of course.


Frame from the film "The Godfather", the second part

And about one synonym to the object of study you need to talk separately. Sometimes closed personal information falls into the wrong hands and turns into compromising information. The last noun is the abbreviation of the phrase “compromising materials”, which hurt the honor and discredit the dignity of the person against whom they are going.

Russian TV is actually living this kind of plot. But still it seems that personal secrets, petty sins of idols, their secrets - all this does not pull on genuine compromising evidence. When celebrities repent of having dependencies, this, on the contrary, adds points to them in the eyes of others.Even when the press digs out the poor relatives of some millionaire, whom he, the bastard, does not help, then the matter is limited only to moral condemnation. There are no real consequences from such information. This compromising - it is different.

Recall the second film of the saga The Godfather (1974). In it, Michael Corleone testified before the committee and in every way denied his participation in the shadow business. The hero also denied all accusations that he killed and gave orders to kill people. But the government had a trump card - Frank Ptentendzheli and his testimony. True, the state did not manage to get close to Corleone. But on the other hand, it can serve as an excellent example of this compromising evidence.

The riddle must be

One girl tells another secret

Each of us has information not for everyone, bad memories that we hardly share with anyone. But here I want to say something else. There is a widespread belief that there must be some kind of mystery in a woman, and this is true. The only difference is that a personal secret is necessary for every person. Being a shirt-guy is not that not fashionable, but rather boring. If a person hides or hides some information about himself, then they are drawn to him in order to find out what the catch is. In other words, a simple, no-frills, man to be unprofitable.Yes, artlessness is captivating, but then you get tired of it quickly, and you want a change of pictures and sensations. Therefore, it is so important not to stop developing, but to constantly move forward.

We examined the meaning of the word "secret". Ozhegov and his dictionary, as always, have provided us with invaluable help. It should more often refer to informed sources when difficulties arise with the content or meaning of the word.

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