The most powerful computers in the world. The most powerful gaming computer

Every year more and more efficient electronic computers come out, capable of processing huge amounts of data. A decade ago, the most powerful computers were equipped with dual-core processors, but now you won't be surprised by 8 cores. Thanks to the current generation of graphics cards, you can enjoy a great picture in your favorite games at the maximum settings or watch videos in 4K resolution. Computer technologies are not standing still, and every year more and more powerful components for PC come out. And the technique that was considered top-end a few years ago is now far from this status. But which PC is the most productive today?
most powerful computers

What is the most powerful computer in the world?

The most productive electronic computer was created by Chinese developers in 2013.It was named Tianhe-2 and currently occupies the honorable first line in the list of the 500 most productive computer systems in the world, with a computing power of 33.86 petaflops. The characteristic of the most powerful computer is amazing. It consists of 16,000 computing nodes! Each of them is provided with three twelve-core Xeon Phi E5-2692 processors along with two Intel Xeon IvyBridge processors. Equipped with a supercomputer 1024 TB of RAM. This machine is used in biological research, as well as for modeling nuclear explosions.

Probably every gamer would dream of having such a technique as a home PC, so as not to worry about upgrading his system all his life. True, the cost of this computer exceeds $ 390 million, and its dimensions are not inferior to the size of a large gym. We do not think that ordinary users have enough money to buy such a machine. Yes, they do not need it. After all, today you can buy the most powerful home computer for a fairly reasonable price. All you have to do is calculate your budget and go to the store.the most powerful gaming computer

Buying a personal computer in the collection or under the order

If you doubt your ability or simply do not have enough time to assemble, then it is better to get a fully equipped PC or contact a specialist for help.

In the first case, the buyer must come to the store and find the right option. Everything is quite simple here: the higher the price of a PC, the more productive it will be. To further simplify the task to their customers, on many products, sellers post labels with such advertising: “The most powerful gaming computer” or “The best choice of 2015”. But you should not especially rely on these bright inscriptions, it is better to study all the characteristics of a PC before making a purchase.

If the buyer is not interested in any of the models presented in the store, then you can purchase a computer under the order. First of all, you should carefully consider the choice of the company engaged in their assembly. Never tell the amount of the estimated cost of a future purchase. All that should be of interest to a specialist: for what purposes the equipment will be used and what are the client's wishes regarding the components. After that, the buyer should announce the cost of this assembly, and he will decide for himself whether it is a lot or a much is the most powerful computer

Build a computer personally

If you have certain knowledge in terms of PC structure and relevant experience in fixing it, you can assemble a computer of the required configuration yourself. Moreover, this procedure is not very complicated, and the whole process will take no more than an hour. If the user wants to build the most productive system, then you need to study the characteristics of the most powerful gaming computer to date. All the necessary information can be easily found on the specialized resources of the relevant subject. After that, you should purchase all the necessary components and you can start working. Who does not know, the PC consists of the following components: processor, motherboard, video card, power supply, RAM, system unit, memory drives and cooling systems. Next, consider in detail the model components that are needed to create the most powerful gaming computer. It is worth saying that you do not need to look for the most expensive products, you need to focus on the selection of parts that as a result will ensure the highest performance of your PC.


The most powerful computers are equipped with at least quad-core processors.But if the budget allows, then you can use 6- or 8-core devices. As for the manufacturer, namely Intel or AMD, there are certain
There are disadvantages and advantages in the products of both some and others. At a relatively low cost, AMD processors have proven themselves well and have shown good results on tests. Still, they can not compete with more productive devices of the Intel family. True, and pay for them will have much more.

If there are no restrictions in finance, and there is a desire to assemble the most powerful home computer, then the Intel Core i7-5960X should be used as the “heart” of your future machine. This masterpiece has as many as 8 physical cores, each of which has a clock frequency of 3 GHz with overclocking capability up to 3.5 GHz. The cache of this "monster" is 20 MB, which allows you to cope with any task assigned to it. what is the most powerful computer


Among a large number of motherboards, the goods from Asus and Gigabyte are the most popular and demanded by consumers. 100% reliability of devices from these manufacturers cannot be guaranteed, but they strictly monitor the quality of their products, which reduces the risk of purchasing low-quality goods that will quickly fail.It must be remembered that the motherboard is the basis of the system, which ensures the performance of all components of the PC, so you need to seriously approach its choice.

If the aforementioned processor is the heart of your computer, then it should be used in conjunction with the Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard. It is one of the best developments from Asus. The device is compatible with processors on the LGA 2011-3 socket. In the presence of it has 8 slots for DDR4 RAM, the maximum value of which can reach 64 GB. Up to 8 SATA III hard drives can be installed on the motherboard. In addition, the device is equipped with a huge number of external ports, including outputs for keyboard and mouse, audio jacks, as well as 10 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0.

Video card

Graphics adapter is the main component of any gaming PC. It lays down the main burden in the processing of graphic images and video playback. The most powerful computers are equipped with the most productive video cards, which provide the highest image quality and smoothness of the picture in any modern games.As in the case of processors, video card manufacturers are two companies, namely nVidia and ATI / AMD. Both one and two products have their advantages and disadvantages, but nVidia video cards outperform their competitors in terms of productivity. This can be understood by comparing the results of tests in games and benchmarks.

Stop your choice on a new creation from nVidia, which is called GeForce GTX Titan X. It embodies the latest developments of engineers. The graphics card is based on graphics processors created on the new Maxwell architecture. It has 12 GB of GDDR5 video memory of 384 bit.most powerful computer price


I would like to note that for the operability of the processor used, you will need to purchase a new DDR4 RAM. It is worth a lot of money, but it justifies itself, because DDR3 is about 40% faster than its predecessor.

We recommend to pay attention to the company Corsair, which specializes in the production of memory modules. Vengeance LPX DDR4 is best suited for the assembled PC, one bar of which is equipped with 16 GB of memory. The clock frequency of the device is 2800 MHz. If you wish, you can equip the system with several more modules, but this will be enough to work with any applications.

Power Supply

The most powerful computers consume a considerable amount of electricity, so their work will require power supplies with a large margin of performance. The choice of this component of the PC should be taken very seriously, because it is the PSU that distributes the load among all the components of the system unit. Among the manufacturers of these devices are the most reliable products from Zalman, FSP, Cooler Master, and Chieftec.characteristic of the most powerful computer

For most computers, power supplies with a power of no more than 400-450 W will be required, and for gaming models - 650 W. But in our case, the selected components will require a sufficiently large amount of electricity, therefore we will take the power supply "with reserve". The choice of such devices is wide, but the special attention is attracted by the Cooler Master V1200. Thanks to the power of 1200 W, it will easily cope with all the tasks assigned to it, even if several video cards are connected.

Memory drives

Now you need to worry about purchasing a hard disk on which all user files will be stored. Leaders in their production are companies such as Hitachi, WD, Seagate, and more recently, Silicon Power has become a gaining popularity. But it’s impossible to give preference to a certain manufacturer,After all, to guarantee the longevity of the goods of any of the represented companies is not possible. In our assembly, we will use a 6 TB WD Red hard drive.

Well, what is the most powerful computer for games without an SSD drive? Thanks to this useful component of the PC, the software works much faster, which allows to significantly reduce the load time of the operating system or video game. In this configuration, we will use the Kingston SSDNow V300 with a capacity of 480 GB.

Chassis and cooling systems

As for the case, it is difficult to single out one manufacturer, because there are a lot of them, and all of them have high-quality goods. Despite all the diversity, in this case we’ll stop at the Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper. It is made in gaming style and is one of the best cases of this brand. The developers worried about the best air circulation and supplied it with a whole system of coolers, the rotation speed of which can be easily adjusted using the appropriate keys.

Since the used case is already equipped with a cooling system, it remains only to worry about ensuring a comfortable temperature for the processor. For these purposes, install DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240.This closed-loop system provides the optimum processor temperature, even at maximum load.the most powerful computer for games

How much is the most powerful computer?

Having dealt with all the technical aspects, let's calculate the cost of this machine. First of all, we indicate the price for every single detail of this assembly:

  1. Intel Core i7-5960X processor - $ 1000.
  2. Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard - $ 620.
  3. Video card GeForce GTX Titan X - $ 1,400.
  4. Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR RAM - $ 430.
  5. Cooler Master V1200 Power Supply - $ 303.
  6. Western Digital Red 6TB Hard Drive - $ 329.
  7. The solid-state drive Kingston SSDNow V300 480GB - $ 210.
  8. Case Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper - $ 210.
  9. Cooling system DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain - $ 110.

As you can see, the expensive pleasure is the most powerful computer. The price of the entire assembly was $ 4,612. This figure can be increased if you equip a PC with several more graphics adapters, but one GTX Titan X is enough for any purpose.

This assembly is the most productive to date. Of course, it can be improved a little more if you add more RAM and overclock the processor, but this will only be a waste of time and money, which will bring only 20-30% increase in power.

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