The most interesting exhibitions in Moscow: what is worth seeing?

with St. Petersburg, is the cultural center of Russia. Here are constantly held important events for the world of art. The most interesting exhibitions in Moscow are regularly held, which attract the attention of not only locals, but also many visitors. Here everyone can find entertainment according to their own taste - art galleries, opening days, historical collections and much more. There are a lot of offers, so it’s not always possible to visit the most interesting events, but to try, of course, is necessary.

Tretyakov Gallery

Exhibition Vereshchagin

One of the main museums not only of the capital, but of the whole of Russia is the Tretyakov Gallery. The list of the most interesting exhibitions in Moscow almost never goes without it. And now the Tretyakov Gallery has something to surprise their visitors.

On March 7, an exhibition of Vereshchagin opened in Moscow. The famous domestic painter, philosopher, researcher, ethnographer, officer and adventure traveler.The Tretyakov Gallery presents a retrospective of his best paintings and graphic works.

The organizers of this exhibition in Moscow admit that they sought to uncover as far as possible the visitor’s identity of the artist, in which the pacifist and warrior, a keen researcher of human souls and distant countries, got along. The artist, who managed to radically change the idea of ​​modern battle painting. On the example of his work today we can talk about the limits of realism.

This exhibition in Moscow presents about 500 exhibits, including archival documents, works of decorative and applied art. There is something to admire. It is worth noting that the exhibition will run until July 15.

Cup "Valencia"

Cat show

If you want to spend time with pleasure, enjoying the beauty and grace of our smaller brothers, then you are strongly advised to visit the exhibition of cats in Moscow. Such events are regularly held in many large cities of the country, but it is in the Russian capital that the most exquisite representatives of exotic breeds gather.

The nearest cat show will open on April 7 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center.The Valencia Cup has an international standard. The exhibition presents a wide variety of feline of various breeds. These are British, Siberian, Bengal, Persian, Sphynx, Abyssinian, Maine Coonies. Shorthair, curly and other rare members of the cat family.

"Crocus Expo"

Exhibitions in Moscow at Crocus Expo always collect a large number of people, because this is one of the most famous exhibition venues in the capital. Simultaneously, there are several dozens of the most diverse events, it remains only to choose what you like.

For example, these days the festival works franchises. This is an international exhibition on opening a business, which aims to increase the number of partnership deals and franchise agreements among its participants. It also organizes discussion platforms, in which guests, together with experts, discuss current market trends.

At this exhibition, waiting for those who seek to open their own business under the already well-known and popular brand,and find reliable business partners.

Photoforum at Crocus Expo

Photoforum in Crocus

Another exciting event at Crocus Expo is a photo forum. This is the XVIII international exhibition of photo and video equipment, accessories and printing technology.

It is here, which is already a year in a row, famous domestic and foreign photographers come together. They reveal the secrets of shooting a wedding photo shoot, demonstrate working with a model in motion, explain the features of advertising photography, the legal aspects of the work of a professional master and the subtleties of photojournalism.

This year among the speakers of this forum are Sergey Maksimishin, Roman Khlyustov, Slava Grebenkin, Anton Martynov, Dmitry Zverev, Jean Gasparyan, Elena Petrova.

Exhibitions in the "Expocentre"

Firebird Exhibition

Another large and popular exhibition ground in Moscow is Expocentre. It is located in the Central Exhibition Complex on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. As in the Crocus Expo, here in one day you can visit a huge number of completely diverse events.

For example, from April 18, the 13th exhibition-fair of folk artists and craftsmen of Russia called “The Firebird” starts its work here.In its program "Folk art crafts". Here anyone can not only get acquainted with the peculiarities of unique domestic crafts, but also acquire the unique author’s designs of modern designers and craftsmen.

The “City of Masters” is organized annually, in which professionals of old Russian crafts are ready to teach everyone to special wisdom and subtleties of craftsmanship. There are also regular competitions of creative works, fashion shows, fashion shows, ethnic and folklore groups perform. Presentations of national cuisine, folk fun and games are held.

Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials

The capital regularly hosts a large number of various professional events aimed at business development. For example, these days you can visit the construction exhibition in Moscow WorldBuild Moskow. It presents the latest construction and finishing materials, as well as technologies in this area.

Here you can find, perhaps, the widest range in Russia. Paints and decorative plasters, moldings, ceramic tiles and plumbing, materials for facades, roofs, lighting and electrical products, curtains, blinds and fabrics - this is what you can see at such an event.

It is believed that this is the largest exhibition of finishing and building materials in Russia, which occupies a well-deserved place in the top five largest interior and construction exhibitions in the world.

"The Incomprehensibility of Being"

Incomprehensibility of being

It is under this title that an exhibition of Vladimir Yankilevsky opened at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on March 2. It is noted that she was specially prepared for the 80th anniversary of the master, to which he, unfortunately, did not live.

The exhibition presents about two hundred works from domestic and foreign collections, both private and public. It is noteworthy that some works will be shown for the first time. These are albums, triptychs, the so-called “automatic drawings” of Yankylevsky, which will help to understand and decipher what the author himself, who is a prominent representative of Soviet and Russian non-conformism, wanted to say.

The name of the exhibition reflects the main theme of the artist's work, he was constantly looking for the existential foundations of the world, knowing at the same time that he would never be able to comprehend them to the end.

The exhibition will run until April 29.


Banksy Exhibition

In the Central House of Artists, the opening of one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the season is preparing for the summer. She will acquaint the Moscow audience with the works of the most popular graffiti artist in the world of Banksy.

Today it is the most mysterious and intriguing author who is famous for the most acute social and political statements on the problems of our time. It is assumed that in the summer of 2018 in the Central House of Artists a whole floor will be dedicated to the exhibition of his works.

Surprisingly, no one really knows who Banksy is. Under this pseudonym, everybody knows the English artist of street art and the director, who began to work on graffiti in the late 90s, ever since making it the most famous street art.

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