The most famous triumphal arches of the world

Arc de Triomphe isarchitectural monumental structure, which is essentially a monument in the form of an arch, erected in honor of important events or winners at the entrance to the city, at the end of the streets, avenues, bridges. What is the origin of these structures? Where are the most ancient arch of the world?

Triumphal arches of the world

Types of arches

Arches can be temporary (often installed wooden arches) and permanent (concrete, brick, stone). Triumphal arches have several spans covered with arches. Usually these buildings are completed and entablature and an attic decorated with various commemorative inscriptions, bas-reliefs and statues.

History of the origin of the term

The word "arch" in Latin means "to bow, bend, arc." The Romans were very fond of all the victorious and triumphant, borrowed the idea of ​​arch triumphal gate at the Etruscans, they gave the name of this architectural structure - "Arch." Where for the first time there was this building - a very complex issue.

History of

Arches, arched vaults have always been. The entrance to the cave, most likely, was also arched, from that time everything went well ... The arched architecture was also in Mesopotamia, and in the Ancient East, and in Ancient Greece. For example, the famous Hanging Gardens of Semiramis were arched.

The arch always symbolized something more than a passage between two pillars, it meant a process of rebirth. To pass through the arch meant to be born again. That sacral meaning was given to her in ancient times.

For example, some tribes in Africa built an arch from the branches of trees near the forest, young men passed through such a passage and fell into a dense forest, where they spent several days and returned to the village by men. The arches were used to dedicate young men to men.

On the Trinity in Russia, two tops of young birch trees were tied in the form of an arch. The girls walked through it, holding hands, they were dedicated to the gossips, after which they never quarreled.

In ancient Rome, the winners were held under the arch of coniferous branches. Then the Romans of this triumphal procession turned out to be small, and they began to erect monumental buildings, first temporary (after the ceremonial passing of the winners they were dismantled), and then permanent.

Approximately from the century before our era and the ΙΙ century of our era in ancient Rome, the triumphal arches became a widespread memorial structure, which was built in honor of victories, significant historical events, a significant and great man.

Images of ancient triumphal arches are preserved on medals in honor of Nero and Augustus and many others. So, what are the most ancient arches in the world?

The most ancient arches

The ancient Romans borrowed for themselves this amazing structure from the Etruscans, but it was Ancient Rome that immortalized the structure and exalted it, they began to build this monumental building in all countries of the world. Currently, the triumphal arches in the world are vast, both modern and ancient. But the most ancient of them are, of course, in Italy. The Triumphal Arch of Augustus, built in 28 BC, in honor of Augustus Caesar. It was through her all fell into Rimini. It has been standing for over 2000 years and is considered the main attraction of the city.

In Rome there are not less famous and ancient triumphal arches: Septimius Severus, Titus, Constantine.

How many triumphal arches in the world

European arches

European civilization experienced the influence of ancient Roman culture,therefore, the arches have become an integral feature of medieval European architecture. For example, the Cologne Cathedral. In the Middle Ages, even on chairs and cabinets depicted arches. And of course, the arch has not lost its value in the days of the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicism.

How many triumphal arches in the world, in Europe? Their number is very difficult to count, since these buildings adorn the cities of many countries of the world, perpetuating the memory of historical events of the state. In addition, they continue to be built in our time. For example, the Parisian arch of La Defense, built in 1989. It is a marble-glass cube with an opening cut out inside.

The most visited tourist triumphal arches of the world

A list of them can be presented as follows:

- in Paris: on the Place Carrousel, the arch of La Défense, the arch on the Place de la Zvezda, Montpellier, in the Sempione Park, the Gate of Saint-Martin, the Gate of Saint-Denis;

- in St. Petersburg - Moscow Gate;

- in Rome: the arches of Constantine, Titus, Septimius Severus, Galerius;

- in Athens - the arch of Hadrian;

- in Moscow - the triumphal arch of the General Staff;

- in Berlin - Brandenburg Gate;

triumphal arches of the world list

- in Innsbruck;

- in London - the arch of Wellington;

- in Barcelona;

- in Lecce - Gate of Naples;

- in Lisbon - the arch on the Praça do Comercio and the newt;

- in Antalya - Hadrian's Gate;

- in Vladimir - the Golden Gate;

- in New Delhi - India Gate;

- in Grozny;

- in Baghdad - Swords of Kadisii;

- in Bucharest.

What cities of the world have triumphal arches? These architectural structures adorn very many cities of the world - St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir, Grozny, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Bucharest, London, Delhi, Baghdad and many other cities.

Most famous

The most famous triumphal arches of the world are:

1. The Triumphal Gate of Septimius Severus in Rome, their height is 21 meters, built in 205 AD of white marble, erected in honor of the victory of Severus over the Parthians.

2. The Triumphal Arch of Constantine in Rome, built in 315 AD near the Colosseum, is dedicated to the victory of Emperor Constantine over Maxenoy in 312. There is a legend connected with this victory, supposedly God bristled at Konstantin in a dream, who promised him a long-awaited victory if a cross was painted on the shields of his soldiers.

3. The triumphal arched gate of Titus in Rome, built in the year 82 and is the prototype of models of arches built in the 16th century in Europe, including the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

4. Arc de Triomphe on the Place Carrousel in Paris.Built by order of Napoleon, in honor of his victories of 1806-1808. The quadriga of St. Mark, which was removed from Venice, crowned the triumphal structure.

5. Triumphal Arch in Bucharest. This arch is a symbol of Romanian traditions. It was built in honor of those who fought in 1877 for the Romanian independence. Its height is 27 meters. The arch contains the words of the Romanian historian Jorg Nicolaje and the list of settlements where the fighting took place.

The most famous triumphal arches of the world

6. Brandenburg Gate. The arch is located on the famous Berlin Unter den Linden street and is a symbol of Berlin. The construction of the building lasted from 1788 to 1791 and was intended as a symbol of peace. In 1989, they became a symbol of the unity of the city (the Berlin Wall fell).

7. Arc de Triomphe on the Place de l'Etoile in Paris. In honor of his victories, Napoleon decided to build two arched monumental buildings: on the Place Carrousel and on Rue Saint-Antoine. But the second place was unsuccessful and impeded the traffic, the construction was moved to the Place de la Zvezda (since 1970, the Place Charles de Gaulle). The construction of the building lasted 30 years and was discovered after the death of Napoleon, in 1836. The height of the complex is 50 meters.

8.Swords of Qadisy in Baghdad. The construction was built in the late 80s of the twentieth century, symbolizing the victory of Iraq in the war with Iran. Currently, the arch is one of the main attractions of the city of Baghdad.

9. India Gate to New Delhi. The arch was built in 1911, in honor of the Indian soldiers who fought and died during the First World War. At the foot of the monument eternal flame burns. The structure was built in Hindu and Arabic styles.

which cities in the world have a triumphal arch

World triumphal arches are the most visited places of tourist excursions.

Arches of Russia

Fashion on the Triumphal Gate in the Russian state was introduced by Peter the Great. In Moscow, in honor of the victory over the Turks, 3 arches were built, in honor of the Poltava victory - 7. Elizaveta Petrovna continued this tradition, which was then picked up by Catherine the Great. In those days, arched complexes were built of wood and many of them did not survive to this day. Many triumphal arches befell the tragic fate of the Soviet era, they were destroyed and destroyed as a symbol of the royal era.

The most famous triumphal arches of Russia:

- The Triumphal Arch of the General Staff is a memorial dedicated to the victory of Russia over Napoleon in 1812. The arch is part of the General Staff.It was built in 1829 by the architect Rossi. It is crowned with a chariot, which carries the goddess of Victory.

- The Golden Gate in Vladimir, built in the XII century. Prince Bogolyubsky Andrew thought as the central gates of Vladimir. The arch structure combines several architectural structures: a triumphal arch, a tower and a church built above the gate.

world triumphal arches

- Moscow gates in the northern capital, built in honor of the exploits of Russian soldiers in the battles in Turkey, Percy and Poland. The first stone was laid in 1834.

Triumphal arches were built to perpetuate a significant event in the state or a prominent figure. Centuries later, they continue to amaze with their greatness, grace and power, reminding their descendants of the triumph of their predecessors.

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