The meaning of the name Lukerya, character and fate

The meaning of the name Lukerya means "sweet" in Greek. This name can be found both in the Orthodox and in the Catholic conventions in a simplified form - Glyceria. Name days fall on May 13, May 26, November 4 and December 16.

Name Lukerya - the origin and meaning

Orthodox celebrate the name of May 26, November 4 and December 16. And May 13th is a catholic celebration.

The name Lukerya was in use by the peasants and in monasticism, as a rule, its full form was used - Glyceria. The name in question is not very common in European countries, but there is a paired name for and men. Namely - Glyceria, Glycerios and Glicherio.

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The meaning of the name Lukerya has nothing to do with the single-masculine male names Luk and Lukyan. Many people believe that the name Lukia is an abbreviated name from Lukerya, but in reality these are completely different names.

You can find a diminutive appeal to Lukerya, which will sound like Lika and Lera.However, these names are also independent and are used as abbreviated references, formed from other female names. For example, Lera is used as an abbreviation of Valeria.

Feature by name

The owner of the name, as a rule, is quite a serious and solid person. She is well versed in life, setting concrete goals and moving towards their implementation. The girl named by this name does not waste her resources, concentrates only on things of interest, without touching on unnecessary and unpleasant things for her.

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The people surrounding Lukerya are drawn to her, feeling that the girl cannot be involved in intrigues, is not able to avenge, envy, or hurt anyone.

Interpretation of the name Lukerya spell

The meaning of the name Lukerya for a better understanding of the human soul can be disassembled by the letters that compose the name. So, in the name Lukerya:

L- indicates the presence of a subtle perception of beauty and artistic talent. The desire to share skills and experience with another person.

U - the owner of the letter "U" in the name, is prone to generous empathy and active imagination.Man has a tendency to rise to a higher spiritual level.

K - a hardy nature, capable of insight and storage of other people's secrets.

E - the letter in the name determines the need for self-expression and the exchange of ideas.

R - refers to the ability to delve into the essence of the issue, and not to be deceived by appearance. Confidence and courage.

B - the presence of the ability to separate and classify the necessary things.

I have a rather developed self-esteem and a strong desire to achieve respect and love from others.

Girl character

According to the character, the name Lukerya means that the woman of the fair sex is quite kind and agreeable with those people who are sympathetic to her. However, a person who has authority in a certain circle will not listen. Lukerya is quite economical and economic, she always needs to have cash reserves. And if the representative of the Greek name did not postpone once again “for a rainy day” a certain amount of money, it means that something extraordinary has happened.

meaning of the name lukerya for a girl

The name of Lukerya (we are now considering the value, character and fate of his owner) predeterminesa girl with principles. As a rule, the female representative is frank and straightforward, she is interested in a lot. She is also stubborn with a persistent character, but with a difficult fate. Such a girl can endure and swallow grievances for a long time, taking painful blows to her ego, but only until a certain time, and then the volcano of anger and indignation will break out.

In the event that the owner of the name will receive support and approval from the person whose opinion she listens to, her self-esteem and lowered bar can increase.

Strong spirit, as an employee - just a treasure. Since it always works with full dedication and high efficiency, it has great potential. Lukerya is quite active and extremely inventive, but at the same time it is inflexible in communication and a bit authoritarian.

Choice of profession

The meaning of the name Lukerya predetermines a peculiar choice of profession. Leading people and being a leader is not characteristic of the owner of a Greek name. The girl feels more comfortable as a simple performer, but she will treat her position extremely conscientiously and with full responsibility.For her, a type of activity is miraculously suitable for her methodical and precise analysis, where she can easily manifest herself as a brilliant employee. Lukerya can be an excellent accountant, librarian, secretary or restorer. In pedagogical activities, as well as in medical practice, a girl will be able to recommend herself in the best way, because she is a big lover of teaching life and giving out various tips.

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She is also close to the occupation of the soil, animals and needlework. Lukerya can achieve success in marketing, become a famous writer, journalist or actress. However, it will never leave the desire to do something wrong, like others, but much better.

Relationship with the opposite sex

The meaning of the name Lukerya for a girl predetermines a not too happy life. Matured Lukerya poorly versed in men. Based on this, often her love relationship ends in disappointment or parting with a partner. The girl, with all her heart striving for constancy, getting married, becomes a faithful and faithful spouse. However, the betrayal of the second half will be very hard to forgive.

name lukerya meaning of name and fate

Marriage is ideal if the spouse is in charge of all financial matters. Lukerya will take care of the rest. The girl is ready to take responsibility for everything. If only it was noticed by others and appreciated.

For the husband and children, as a rule, the girl with the name Lukerya becomes a reliable, loyal, attentive and caring friend, helping to develop and achieve success. Often to the detriment of their own interests, although Lukerya does not feel deprived at all. In addition, supporting others, she believes that she is engaged in good deeds and receives satisfaction from it.

Lukerya meaning name character and fate

Name Lukerya - the meaning of the name and fate

This name indicates that its owner is a rather energetic person, who, as a rule, considers life and those around her in only 2 shades - black and white. The owner of the name is quite strict, but in a friendly team - she is carefree, playful and sociable.

In childhood, a girl named Lukerya is a very disciplined and conscientious child. Teachers and teachers always set an example of her accuracy and sense of purpose to other students.Perhaps in this regard, the girl has such a character as pride and a desire to be better than others. Lusha possesses logical thinking, is a little fussy and pedantic.

She appreciates order always and in everything. Respects traditions and prefers fairness and justice. Free time Lukerya likes to spend in the company of loved ones in the fresh air.

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