The heart of Zimbabwe - the capital of Harare

What is the capital of Zimbabwe called? What do we know about her, the inhabitants of another continent? That's right, almost nothing. The material of this article will correct this annoying misunderstanding a little and tell you about what it is, the heart of Zimbabwe is the capital of Harare.

General information

Harare is the capital of the small South African state of Zimbabwe. It is the largest city of the republic, its cultural, political and economic center.

Zimbabwe capital

Dutch style prevails in architecture, and this is not surprising, because for a long time the country was in a colonial dependence. The abundance of modern skyscrapers is combined here with low buildings of the beginning of the last century.

Harare is often called the “city of flowering trees”, and for good reason. Acacia, jacaranda and bougainvillea adorn its streets all year round, which delights the guests of the capital.

Africa Harare

By the way, this is one of the safest cities in Africa in terms of crime situation, unlike many other megalopolises where it’s scary to go out after sunset.

Harare story

In the relatively young Republic of Zimbabwe, the capital is also a fairly new city. It was founded in 1890 as the English military base of Salisbury. He has been carrying his current name since 1982.

There are two interesting versions about the origin of the name. According to the first, Harare is named after the leader of the African tribe Shona (Ne-harawa), he often climbed the hill, later named after him. According to another version, he never closed his eyes and watched a possible invasion of enemies from the mountain. They talked about him "Haarari", which means "He is not sleeping."

Harare population

Western capital of Zimbabwe is not a particularly large metropolis. But the population has recently passed the mark of 2 million people, and this figure is growing every day.

harare zimbabwe

The average life expectancy here is 51.82 years, which is quite a lot for the continent as a whole. AIDS, from which Africa has suffered the most, has also not bypassed Harare, but the situation has been brought under control. Residents receive free antiretroviral therapy courses, receive condoms and a lot of information about this.

What else can Zimbabwe boast? The capital Harare is the most reading and literate city in the country. The level of education is the highest on the continent.

Western media opinion

Many residents of EU countries and the USA consider Harare to be a terrible and unsightly place. This proposition is quite common, although most Europeans and Americans have never seen him in the eyes, as in the whole of Zimbabwe. The capital of this African country on purpose appears in a black light, and all because of the political views of the state leader - Robert Mugabe.

Harare population

The President of Zimbabwe sharply criticizes the actions of the West on a number of issues, for which his country is not described in most sources from the best side. To form an objective opinion about the city, you should listen to the reviews of travelers who have visited Harare. Zimbabwe in their reviews - a country with amazing nature and friendly people.

Sights of Harare

What is interesting city? For most tourists coming to Zimbabwe, the capital is a kind of starting point. However, if you stay here for at least a couple of days, you can see a lot of interesting things.


Art lovers should definitely visit the National Gallery, where the works of local artists and crafts are collected. In addition to the permanent exhibition, exhibitions are regularly held where one can get acquainted with the works of young authors and purchase an exclusive souvenir.

Queen Victoria National Museum is another popular tourist destination in Harare. His collections in colors tell about the history of the country, its indigenous population, the colonial era and the struggle for independence. The museum exhibits many exhibits related to zoology: stuffed endangered species of animals and birds, dinosaur skeletons. The village of the people of Shona is recreated on the territory, where you can get acquainted with the colorful life of an ancient African tribe.

National Herbarium and Botanical Gardens of Zimbabwe - Mecca for lovers of various plants. Visiting this fragrant place full of exotic plants, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe in the fresh air, but also learn a lot about the diversity of African flora.

nature of Zimbabwe

On the western outskirts of Harare are bird gardens “Larvon”, where you can observe the life of many beautiful birds representing the African fauna. Nearby is a park of snakes, which contain such dangerous reptiles as Indian cobra, black mamba and Gabon viper.

Interesting places to visit and such places:

  • Park of lions and cheetahs;
  • Chinhoy Caves National Park;
  • Robert McIlwein Park;
  • Granite Hill Spear;
  • Mukivisi Gardens;
  • market mbare musika.

Night life

Harare has a lot of fun. Restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs are scattered throughout the city. The landmark is Eastgate Mall - a seven-story shopping and entertainment center in the most lively area of ​​the capital.

sights of harare

For culinary delights it is worth visiting Ramambo Lodge, where they cook unique national dishes from warthog, crocodile and zebra. During the meal, the artists perform the traditional dance of the war with spears and shields in front of the guests. And lovers of live music will like the jazz club Mannenburg, performances in which take place every day, except Sunday.

To understand what Harare is, you need to see it with your own eyes. As in any large city, there is something interesting for everyone in it.

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