The film "On the edge": actors and roles

Eduard Topol's works were screened more than once. But the writer is not always satisfied with the changes that the directors made in the process of creative work. And, probably, that's why he created his own production center. Under the close supervision of the prose writer, the film "On the Edge of the Stairs" was filmed. Actors, according to the author of the book, managed to embody on the screen the images of heroes created by him on paper.

on the edge I stand actors

Main character

The main character is fearlessborder guard Andrei Stakhov. Honestly carrying out his work, he is on the brink of a precipice. The state can not protect those whose activities are related to the disclosure of crimes on the sale of narcotic drugs. Huge money, tenacious ties can cripple the fate of anyone who blocks the road to wealth.

A simple soldier called to serve in the army, notknows about the future and can not assume the consequences of his actions. He believes that the Motherland, for the sake of which he will have to stand to death, always in a difficult moment will intercede and present a reliable barrier in return for loyalty and loyalty. Stakhov does not doubt this. This is the image of the main character in the film "On the edge".

On the actor Arthur Smolyaninov different opinions. Someone considers him one of the most talented figures in contemporary Russian cinema. For some, he is only a mediocre performer who has gained popularity due to roles in the promoted films. But most viewers believe that Smolyaninov excellently played in the film "At the edge of the scene."

the film's actors on the edge of the stage

Actor: main role

Artur Smolyaninov was born in 1983. He graduated from GITIS. He made his debut in cinema at the age of sixteen, played a major role in the film "Who, if not we". Then there were paintings "Triumph", "Secret Sign", "Law", "Papa", "Mars" and others. The real glory to the actor was brought by Bondarchuk's film "9th company".

Smolyaninov has a characteristic appearance. At the same time he manages to create completely different images on the screen: from a brave simple soldier to a cruel and cynical bandit. Honest, devoid of all greed hero Smolyaninov played in the film "On the edge".

Actor in the role of a character opposite Stakhov,also a sign of the viewer. So, he created on the screen a colorful image of the power-hungry Butz in the thriller "The Eight". But back to the plot of the picture of the book Poplar.

Events in the film "At the edge of the scene"

Actors Mirazbek Azizov, Furkat Fayziev played drug dealers. The collision of them with the hero of the picture is the plot in the plot.

Unrestrained and impudent helps Stakhov makethe right choice between duty and personal interests. He does not doubt anything and acts at the behest of the heart. Often, remembering the young spouse left at home, the faithful son of the Fatherland dreams of having a happy day with the family. Nevertheless, he does not seek security and comfort.

Drug dealers, hiding dangerous goods in zinccoffins, laid a safe path for cargo transportation. To check the caravan, called "Cargo 200", none of the border guards have yet dared. The lost bandits continued the dirty business and did not think about the moral principles.

It was Andrew who discovered drugs intended for sale. As a reward for excellent service, the brave man received an extraordinary leave for several days.
However, on the way home, he was overtaken by angry bandits. For the broken deal they mutilated Stakhov.

on the edge are actors and roles

Other actors

Arthur Smolyaninov, who perfectly conveyed the characterhis character, and Svetlana Ustinova (in the role of wife) showed on the screen a life drama and a struggle for survival. At the festival "Golden Phoenix" they were awarded awards for the best duet.

According to Eduard Topol, the real events liethe basis of the film "On the edge". Actors who played other characters in this film - Fatykh Jalalov, Ravshan Kurkova, Seydulla Moldakhanov, Daria Charusha, Marat Basharov.

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