Does the drug "Citramon" increase or decrease pressure?

citramon increases or decreases pressure

It would seem that such well-known pills as “Citramon” do not need advertising at all. And yet it would not be superfluous to list their strengths once again, and also to learn as much as possible about the composition. After all, the more we know about the drug that we are going to take, the less side effects we will have to experience. For example, few are familiar with all the warnings about tablets such as Citramon. Does this drug increase or decrease the pressure? Never thought about this issue? After all, if you do not know this kind of nuances, you can drink a pill for a headache and harm yourself even more. To protect yourself and your loved ones from the unreasonable use of medicines, you should start by getting acquainted with their composition.

citramon at elevated pressure

Acquaintance with the drug "Citramon"

Tablets "Citramon" help to easily overcome a severe headache caused by, for example, fatigue, inflammation or a number of other reasons.Since this tool includes the entire specially selected complex for anesthesia, we are accustomed to swallow such pills at any time. But, unfortunately, headaches can be caused by more serious causes, such as sudden increases in pressure. Few people think about how the drug "Citramon" acts in such cases - it increases or decreases the pressure. But we want to remove an unbearable headache, and not, on the contrary, strengthen it. Therefore, do not be lazy to measure blood pressure before using the drug. The whole secret of this action of the drug lies in its composition, namely, in the caffeine used in the manufacture.

whether pressure increases citramon

Drug action

Everyone wants to drink a pill for severe pain, which is not so expensive, and acts as long as possible. The effect of taking the drug "Citramon" is observed for about six hours, and the tablet begins to act after half an hour. These pills are used quite widely in various situations. It happens, you feel that you constantly want to sleep, you feel lethargy, fatigue or simply spleen attacked.In all these cases, the drug "Citramon" will also be a great helper. "Medicine" Citramon "increases or decreases pressure?" - this question can be useful more to those people who have a headache caused by this particular problem. Although basically this category of people is more recommended to take drugs of another action, and "Citramon" will be more useful for those who have a headache caused by, for example, mental stress, various infectious processes in the body or head injuries. The effect will be felt by those who suffer from fever, as well as painful manifestations of neuralgia. As you can see, the drug has a wide range of actions, and therefore there is today in almost every medicine cabinet. It is also clear why many think about the question: "How does the medicine" Citramon "- increases or decreases pressure?"

increases or decreases pressure


People suffering from diseases of the stomach, it is not recommended to resort to often the use of this drug, because long-term use of aspirinosoderzhaschego composition can cause exacerbation of diseases. Apply the drug "Citramon" with increased pressure, too, must be with great care because, as already mentioned, its constituent caffeine.Blood pressure, of course, will increase even more in people suffering from hypertension or prone to it. Having learned the answer to the question: “Does the pressure“ Citramon ”increase?”, Hypotonics, on the contrary, can actively start using this medicine. "Citramon" will not only relieve them of feeling unwell, but also be able to increase pressure and raise their tone. But do not forget: before using any drug, it is important to familiarize yourself with the instructions, knowing the composition and contraindications, and then follow all the necessary recommendations so as not to harm your health even more.

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