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The modern ecological situation in the world leaves much to be desired. First of all, it concerns large megacities with a multimillion population and developed industry. In the article we will tell you about the cleanest cities in the world. However, we warn you: after reading this material, you will probably want to change the place of your permanent residence.

The ideal city: what should it be?

Beauty will save the world - says the famous saying. But purity will make it even more beautiful. To live in the cleanest city in the world is both pleasant and honorable. After all, walking on well-groomed green streets is much better than inhaling tons of exhaust gases and dust. In addition, the health of the citizens themselves depends on the cleanliness of the air and the quality of the water.

It is important to note that a clean city is not just a settlement with greenery, a well-established street cleaning system and well-kept building facades.Indeed, nowadays the factor of environmental protection comes to the fore, namely, atmospheric air, soil and water.

the cleanest city in the world

On this basis, an environmentally friendly city is a settlement where, first of all, they monitor emissions into the atmosphere, clean up industrial and municipal waste water, introduce the latest technologies for recycling, etc. Let's list the most significant criteria of such a city. It:

  • Availability and quality of drinking water.
  • Focus on renewable energy.
  • The presence of a clear mechanism for sorting and recycling garbage and household waste.
  • Clean air and soil cover.
  • State and reliability of sewer systems.
  • The smooth operation of urban transport.
  • The level of development of cycling infrastructure.

The title of the “cleanest” is most often claimed by American, Canadian, Australian and, of course, European cities. What kind of settlements - read on.

Environmentally Friendly Cities: Top 10

In early 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the cleanest cities in the world.It was published in the famous British newspaper The Telegraph. In the first ten of this rating were six European cities. During its formation, specialists were based on indicators of air pollution.

"Top" list of clean cities in the world is as follows:

  1. Stockholm, Sweden).
  2. Wellington (New Zealand).
  3. Canberra (Australia).
  4. Ottawa, Canada.
  5. Edinburgh (Scotland).
  6. Montevideo (Uruguay).
  7. Tallinn (Estonia).
  8. Helsinki (Finland).
  9. Monaco (Principality of Monaco).
  10. Madrid, Spain).

According to the WHO rating, the largest Asian capitals were recognized as the dirtiest cities of the world: New Delhi, Doha and Riyadh.

Stockholm is the cleanest city in the world.

The Swedish capital is considered one of the "greenest" in Europe. Approximately one third of the urban area is occupied by green spaces - parks, squares, gardens and other tree plantations. In addition, Stockholm is famous for its system of recycling of household waste. In particular, they produce biofuel.

environmentally friendly city

The city annually reduces emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (since 1990, total emissions were reduced by a quarter). Local authorities in Stockholm care not only about the purity of the air. The city has a well-established public transport system.Plus, Stockholm boasts a great bike infrastructure. There are about one hundred bicycle rental stations in the city.

Next, we will acquaint our readers with some other cities that also boast their exceptional ecological purity.


Wellington is the second in the list of the cleanest cities according to the World Health Organization. The capital of New Zealand, due to its ideal cleanliness, favorable ecological situation, beautiful natural landscapes and abundance of architectural attractions, attracts a huge number of tourists (about 3.5 million per year).

ecological situation in the world

In terms of air quality, energy savings, comprehensive waste recycling, Wellington is one of the first positions in the world. Well-groomed streets, an abundance of green areas and beaches make this city one of the most attractive people to live.


Not to mention in our article and the Danish capital. Copenhagen is the most favorable city for cyclists in Europe. Every second of its inhabitants regularly travels on a two-wheeled vehicle.Thanks to this, Copenhagen is famous for its unusually low carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

net cities list

Another “trick” of this city is the construction of energy-efficient residential buildings. Local authorities strongly encourage residents to install high-quality windows and modern heating systems. Much attention is also paid to the development of wind power. In addition, Copenhagen is leading in Europe in the number of so-called "green" (environmentally friendly) hotels.


One of the friendliest, safest and cleanest capitals in the world is Helsinki. It is the most important scientific, cultural and educational center in Northern Europe. The city of Helsinki itself is located on more than 300 islands. Its inhabitants, as true representatives of Scandinavia, also love to travel by bicycle or on foot.

The city of Helsinki has an effective program for the protection of the natural environment and natural resources. Recycling is organized here at the highest level. The plans of the local authorities include the construction of a complex of wind power stations that could fully meet the electricity needs of the Finnish capital.


Canadians are world-famous guardians of purity and fighters for a healthy lifestyle. The ecological situation in this country is closely monitored in all cities. We should also talk about Calgary and Vancouver.

Calgary is located in the southwestern part of Canada, within the province of Alberta. He was incredibly lucky with landscapes: right behind his line were the grasslands and foothills of the picturesque Rocky Mountains. There are many green areas in Calgary, in particular, Nous Hill - the largest urban park in Canada.

European cities

In 2010, Calgary was awarded the title of the cleanest city in the world (according to the Mercer Human service). In particular, it was noted the almost complete absence of transport problems in the metropolis with a population of about 1.2 million people. The most amazing thing is that in the city of Calgary a large number of "dirty" enterprises for the extraction and processing of natural gas are concentrated. But thanks to an effective environmental program, the authorities managed to protect its inhabitants from harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In Calgary, there are very high fines for pollution. So, the stub thrown out on a lawn can cost the offender one thousand dollars.


Vancouver is another Canadian city that cares for the environment. It satisfies over 90% of its electricity needs at the expense of hydroelectric power plants. Vancouver set an ambitious goal - to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. To accomplish this noble goal, a special structure GCAT was even created. Every year the number of electric vehicles in the city increases, the quality of drinking water improves, a huge number of young trees are planted.


The Japanese approach every question with all seriousness and scrupulousness. Including the problems of ecology. Kobe City is a major industrial center and an important commercial port in Japan. Here one of the most efficient sewage treatment systems in the world functions successfully. City authorities are investing huge amounts of money in the development of public transport, encouraging the purchase of hybrid cars. The result of all these actions - clean water and clean air, despite the abundance of industrial enterprises located in Kobe.

kobe ​​city


Next in line is the American city of Minneapolis, the largest in the state of Minnesota.It is located on the banks of the sacred Mississippi River for all Americans. Minneapolis is famous for its large number of waste treatment plants. Almost everything is recycled here - from plastic bottles to batteries and lamps. The city regularly implements various environmental programs, develops and popularizes bicycle transport.


And again we are returning to Europe, or rather to Latvia. Here in the vicinity of Cēsis there is a unique town of 300 hectares. It was founded by one Latvian millionaire, obsessed with ideas of a clean ecological environment.

On the territory of Amatciems there are three hundred houses built of wood. For each household there is a small plot of land with a lake and a forest. Each of the houses is heated with a special geothermal pump, which converts the internal energy of the Earth into heat.

city ​​of Helsinki

The town was built in hilly terrain, so that from the windows of one house you can see absolutely nothing except the greenery of the surrounding meadows and forests. There are no fences or fences here. Therefore, roe deer and other forest animals often enter the city.By the way, many architects have already called Amatciems a city of the future.

The cleanest and dirtiest cities in Russia

The Ministry of Environment and the All-Russian Popular Front determined the cleanest cities in Russia (based on the environmental situation). The rating was compiled in November 2017. Three cities became its leaders: Naberezhnye Chelny (first place), Kazan and Voronezh.

The evaluation was carried out on several indicators. In particular, they took into account the quality of drinking water, energy consumption, as well as work in the field of environmental protection. A total of 103 settlements were estimated with a population of over 100 thousand inhabitants.

Moscow in this rating took only 16th place, St. Petersburg - 26th. Blagoveshchensk, Kaliningrad, Cherepovets, Ivanovo and Magnitogorsk were among the dirtiest cities of Russia. By the way, the local authorities of these localities did not fully provide the department with the necessary information. In this regard, the ministry experts suggest that the real environmental situation in the above cities may be even worse.

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