The best proverbs for help

Proverbs about help are designed to remind people how to act in trouble. It is necessary to look at popular wisdom and not make mistakes. In this article we have collected the best proverbs that everyone should know.

If you do not scream, the neighbor will not help

proverbs about helping each otherProverbs about help are always very true. This popular wisdom teaches that if a person is in trouble, he should notify his neighbor. After all, in no other way can he learn about the trouble that has befallen you. A person may assume that his plight is obvious, but it is not. Many people are guided by the rule that says: do not help, if you do not ask. And we must admit that this wisdom is true.

Stupid son does not help inheritance

proverbs about helpThis popular wisdom tells that money does not always benefit. After all, if you do not know how to dispose of them, then even a solid state can be squandered. People do not value money that is not earned. So you need from childhood to instill in your child the respect for the family budget.You should not spoil the child, because otherwise, when he grows up, he will not know the price of money.

Named a friend - help in trouble

Our loved ones need love and support. Proverbs about helping each other tell us that you need to be able to be close and in joy and in trouble. It is always nice to know that you can rely on a friend. It makes no sense to keep a number of people who do not come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

Pig mates do not walk

This proverb says that one should not expect support from a person who is simply incapable of sympathy. After all, not all people are perfect, each has its drawbacks. But some of them have so many that a person becomes an avid egoist. And this term can no longer be interpreted in a positive way. If a person can not help anyone, then except as a pig, it can not be called.

Baba tears trouble helps

This proverb tells a lot about female nature. The fair sex often can not quickly make decisions. And all they can do in a critical situation is cry. Tears relieve suffering, but the cause does not help. You can not sit idle and cry. The problem will not be solved.

Counseling is easier than helping

Some people like to tell how to act. But to advise and help are two different things. In a critical situation, one should not set the person on the right path, but make efforts to solve the problem. Why blame mistakes if they have already been committed? A person is so bad, you need to support him, and even sympathy will be more appropriate than advice.

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