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The cinema about robots, cyborgs (fiction) has become popular among audience audiences thanks in large part to such successful franchises like Terminator and Robocop. Since the release of these paintings on wide screens many years have passed. To date, not one interesting film about space, robots, artificial intelligence has been shot. Let's consider the best films of the presented subjects, according to film fans.

Blade Runner (1982)

So, let's start to review the best movie about robots. The fantasy of this subject, which has the status of a cult one, is primarily a painting of the famous director Ridley Scott “Blade Runner”. Difficult to understand the tape is based on the story of the American writer Philip Dick. The atmosphere of the film is completely saturated with paranoia and darkness. However, this is what gives the film a special charm.

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Presented a movie about robots tells about the adventures of a detective story from the future. The last task is to find the runaway androids. In order to avoid danger, the investigator will have to learn to distinguish who is in front of him: a living person or a robot without prejudice.

“Robot named Chappi” (2015)

What happens if the perfect artificial intelligence, capable of learning, learning the world and giving in to the senses, is in the hands of criminals? That is what you have to learn by viewing the next movie about robots.

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The film “Robot by the name of Chappy” is not just a dynamic action, but also a picture filled with dramatic, soulful, sweet and fun moments. The leading roles here were performed by members of the famous South African band Die Antwoord, whose music is just beginning to gain popularity in the domestic spaces. Perhaps the actors are useless. However, thanks to their vivid types, the musicians still managed to organically fit into the story of the exciting adventures of a teenage robot named Chappi.

“Heavenly Captain and the World of the Future” (2004)

This amazing film is worth paying attention to all viewers who love movies about robots. The picture, made in the style of steampunk fantasy, gives its original look at what happens if artificial intelligence gets out of control of a person.

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Despite the star cast, the impressive budget,excellent scenery and director's attention to the smallest details, the film "Heavenly Captain and the World of the Future" is considered a failure, because it did not have impressive box office. Nevertheless, this movie about robots to this day remains one of the most beautiful films presented subjects.

“I, Robot” (2004)

The fantastic tape “I, Robot” is a free interpretation of Isaac Asimov’s cult story. The film tells about the world of the future, in which humanity can no longer imagine life without intelligent machines. In the center of the plot is a story about the investigation of a mysterious crime, which involved a rather unusual copy of the android. Amazingly beautiful tape, in which the main role was played by the inimitable Will Smith, presents a look at what will happen if the notorious laws of robotics are violated.

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"The Adventures of Electronics" (1979)

Surveying the best movie about robots, I also wanted to pay attention to the films of domestic directors. In 1997, Konstantin Bromberg’s film “The Adventures of Electronics” was released on wide screens, which enjoyed tremendous success throughout the USSR. A three-part tape tells about the adventures of an ordinary schoolboy Syroezhkin and his robotic clone. It is difficult to say that the audience saw the unusual in this film.Probably played a role competent production of the picture, the selection of talented actors, excellent musical accompaniment. The main premise of the director was an attempt to prove that robots can have a soul.

"Out of the car" (2014)

Presented film reveals the sensual side of the relationship between man and robot. It would seem that such an idea is not new. However, in view of the modern achievements of mankind in cybernetics, it looks quite fresh.

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“Out of the Car” is an inexpensive, “corridor” film, devoid of dizzying special effects. But the great atmosphere of this thriller, thoughtful plot and talented acting allowed the film to become one of the best tapes about robots in recent years.

“Artificial Intelligence” (2001)

This uneasy picture of a boy-android named David makes the viewer think about whose actions can be considered more humane: artificial, soulless robots or people endowed with consciousness and feelings from nature. The central character of the film temporarily replaces the family of a son who is in a coma. However, after the child recovers, the replicant is useless. Android David is endowed with emotions.Therefore, he wants to remain loved and needed.

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