The best ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature

Autumn has come - the most beautiful time for lovers to dream and catch moments. Get your cameras, gadgets, or contact the professionals in order to get beautiful pictures. Those that would not be ashamed to put in a frame or put in social networks! And besides, urgently generate ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature, because the riot of colors and warm sunny days can not leave anyone indifferent.

ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature

Which is better to choose the time and place for shooting?

The most successful time for photography in the fall is the sunset or dawn, because it is during these moments that the autumn sun plays with the leaves and gives off freakish glare, flooding everything around with its mysterious light. As for the location of the shooting, it is best to choose parks, woods, squares, embankments, where you can see the colored veil of trees and bright leafy carpets on the ground. Ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature usually appear after a well-chosen place. You can beat him so that the pictures will be special and unique.

And what about the theme and idea for an autumn photo shoot in nature?

It is useless to argue with the professionals about what kind of personnel is best. After all, almost everyone who works with families and non-professional models is sure that the best photos are live, reportage photos taken in motion, or by chance. But, nevertheless, each photographer brings to the process of shooting some interesting ideas. In order to work with the models it was more comfortable and the shooting turned out more lively and more interesting. It is professionals and amateurs who find in their minds unusual ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature after meeting the characters of the shooting and the place where it will take place. It is necessary. When you take a picture, ask the person making the photo in one location from several angles: right, left, side, slightly below. Do not be afraid to experiment. This will help you to understand which angles are most beneficial for you, and how it will be better for you to become in the frame.

autumn photo shoot on nature ideas with children

Simple and easy to implement ideas.

No matter how trite it may sound, lie in the foliage, collect a bouquet of leaves, arrange leaf fall, and be sure to do it, sincerely laughing and rejoicing - such live frames will not leave indifferent those whom you show them after shooting.What other ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature? The frame looks quite interesting when a girl looks out from behind one of the trees - here you can experiment with emotions, eyes and even the attributes of shooting: apples, wild berries, a bunch of leaves. It will be interesting to look at a romantic image: you can read a book (or at least pretend to read), sitting on a bench in the alley, on the shore of a lake, and even leaning on a tree. You can create an image of a music lover - put on headphones and climb onto a tree, closing your eyes melancholically. Or, on the contrary, dance in the foliage, holding the player in your hand - the frame will turn out to be lively and filled with the energy of joy. Such photo shoots will be appropriate for single shots, and for family, and even for children.

Add a little tale!

In addition to the usual reportage photos, you can try to become fairy tale characters, for example, by dressing up with Little Red Riding Hood, and go on a visit to your grandmother through the autumn forest. You can reincarnate in Forest Mavka, Mermaid, Leshego, Fairy, and in whom your heart desires! Such photos stylized as a fairy tale will not leave anyone indifferent.In addition, autumn photo shoots in nature are quite popular. Ideas with children usually appear in the process of shooting. Even if the general concept was originally thought out and agreed with the kids. These fidgets will surely come up with something of their own that the photographer will simply have to capture forever!

autumn photo shoot on nature ideas for a girl

How to organize a family shooting?

You can spread a blanket under a tree and put a basket with apples, and sit your kids next to it - and you’ll have a wonderful autumn photo session of children in nature! Photo ideas for tots are all the same reportage shots in parks, squares, in the alleys. But the crumbs look different than adults. Therefore, even if the baby completely repeats your position, it will look more fun than you.

autumn photo session of children on nature photo ideas

A good time will be the autumn photo session. Ideas for a family in nature, of course, are similar to those described above. Only the result is more interesting. In the autumn, you just need to triple a family photo session where you will play hide and seek behind trees, throw leaves, jump, run, roll in foliage, throw kids into the air or, for example, carelessly walk along the avenue, holding hands.In creating beautiful frames, you can attract your pets (cat, dog, ferret) or, for example, rent a horse for an hour.

Choosing clothes and attributes for shooting

Any bright clothes combined with foliage will look spectacular - a yellow coat, a red beret, an orange scarf. You can toss a scarf or take it into the air, bouncing after them, or you can do nothing with them, and still look pretty impressive, not turning gray on the background of insanely bright nature. These are single frames. You can also hold an autumn family photo shoot in nature. Ideas, in turn, can appear from identical scarves, for example, for all family members, or similar colors of karapuz clothes and parents.

Umbrella is better to take a transparent or red, always with a long stick-stick that will look bright and rich. If your umbrella is red, you should take care that the clothes are calm colors - a beige or gray sweater, black coat. If the umbrella is transparent, diversify your image with bright clothes.

autumn photo shoot ideas for a family in nature

Many professionals are convinced that for a beautiful autumn photo shoot you can take books, musical instruments, an easel with paints and brushes. And then the pictures will be especially melancholic.Such attributes are popular in such a theme as autumn photo shoots in nature. Ideas for girls with these attributes can be varied. You can sit with an old book under a tree, reading it enthusiastically; you can arrange the colors in the tubes on the foliage and selflessly paint the landscape opening in front of you; You can play the guitar or violin - your imagination and acting in this case is unlimited.

In addition to such melancholic attributes, you can take an old camera (the older the better!) And pretend that you are photographing a photographer or something in the sky. Be sure to try to have a picnic with a beautiful blanket and goodies, attract the whole family to the shoot - the photos will be warm and cozy.

autumn family photo shoot on nature ideas

Use nature to your advantage

If you want to get mystical photos, be sure to wake up as early as possible in the day, which according to forecasts promises to be cool, around 5-6 in the morning, find a place by the reservoir and wait until the first rays of the sun and fog appear. Photos will be even more mystical if you add the image of a witch or a mawka. Fog can be used not only to create mystical photos, but if you want to add a little mystery to the picture, where, for example, the girl is in a dress and is shrouded in fog.And if after shooting you also work in photo editors and take a picture in black and white, it will have some special zest, and you will want to look at it again and again.

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