The best hair product for volume

Many women believe that styling with giving the volume they go much more than smooth hairstyles. Modern fashion dictates the rules of good tone: the hair should be a lot, the curls should be well-groomed.

How to achieve the best results with the eternal lack of time? How to breathe life into loose strands that lie on your head with no signs of life? These and other questions will shed light on this publication, which contains the best products for the volume of hair, even for girls with a very thin hair structure.

hair products for volume


So, opens the rating of the first hair product for volume - a crimped curling iron. It looks like straightening irons, but the device has a wavy surface. Sold "ironing" with removable panels, changing the nozzles, you can both create smooth hairstyles, and give your hair an insane amount.

When using in the morning (before work), or in the evening after washing the head, you need to stab the upper part of the hair, it is not necessary to touch it. Clamp the forceps to the hair in those parts of the head where I would like to add volume.Strands become ribbed like waffles, this structure allows them to rise at the roots.

agent for basal hair volume

How much does the volume hold?

How long will the gang hold up after this miracle curling? As much as you need, that is, until you wash your hair. Hair styling product can hardly boast of such properties. You can go to bed, and in the morning look so good that you don’t even need to comb it, your hair usually lies, strand to a strand.


  • the longest volume effect of all currently known funds;
  • no additional chemical industry;
  • it works even on the longest hair;
  • easy to achieve the effect yourself
  • hair stays clean longer;
  • hairstyle looks natural;
  • hair remains soft;
  • fast;
  • cheap.


  • you can burn strands;
  • it is desirable (but not necessary) to use thermal protection;
  • this flaws ended.

How to use the corrugated curling iron

To avoid damage to the precious curls, you just need not to hold the hot device on the hair. It is enough to close the forceps at the roots of the hair just for a few seconds, so that the necessary waviness appears.

It is possible to use the curling iron only on completely dry hair, otherwise the heated surface will pull out all the moisture from the curls, and the hair will no longer look healthy and well-groomed.

The tool is more than affordable, once you buy a device for styling and no longer need to spend on any aids. Other means for basal hair volume can never keep your hair so high.

Homemade volume mask

It is necessary not only to tame the hair with all kinds of stylers and curling hair, but also to maintain their health and beauty, home-made hair masks will certainly help with this. Want to get a thick, fluffy, voluminous hair? Then it is necessary to make new hair begin to grow, while in old the structure becomes denser and thicker.

The mask for curls with mustard, made with the hands of products from our kitchen, perfectly adds root volume, drying the scalp, allows you to wash hair less often. Burning components will help the new hairs "come out."

best products for hair volume

Mask recipe

The bowl mixes the following ingredients:

  • a teaspoon of sugar;
  • two spoons of water (table);
  • two tablespoons of castor oil (burdock);
  • a big spoon with a mountain of dry mustard.

A mask is made before washing the head, aged from seven minutes to a quarter of an hour (it should not burn very strongly). After thoroughly washing off everything with shampoo, do not forget to put a purchased balm or mask on the length of your hair.

Mask advantages:

  • available components;
  • accelerated growth rate;
  • lasting result for 1 month;
  • the awakening of sleeping follicles;
  • only 10-15 minutes of exposure before washing;


  • after three months of the replay;
  • possible thermal burn (if overexposed);
  • Can not be applied to the entire length, suitable only for the roots;
  • may not be suitable for too sensitive scalp.

The frequency of the procedure - before each wash, and in a month you will not recognize the beauty in the mirror. Hair will become voluminous, will shine brightly, even dry ends will come to life.

hair extender

Not everyone likes to carry out mechanical manipulations with hair, bother with the preparation of masks. Professional tools for the volume of hair now enjoy tremendous success. What just has not invented today, the vaunted chemical beauty industry, now we will examine in more detail.

Got 2b powder from Schwarzkopf

Progress has already reached the point that they invented powder for hair! And with the help of this tool for basal volume of hair, you can easily create the desired hairstyle.

The effect of the product is felt instantly, just starting to "powder" the head, as if the hair seemed to move and jump upward. Slightly move in the pile with your hands whipping movements and haircut is ready finally.


  • instant effect;
  • ease of execution;
  • dry shampoo function;
  • mobility (you can always carry with you in a small purse).


  • bonding sensation;
  • electrification is possible;
  • will not lift long hair.

The powder exactly models the hairstyle, stubbornly lifting the roots, but it is subject to means only on the hair to the shoulders, maybe a little lower. Visually, the gluing effect will not be visible, just by touch. Taking off his hat or getting up from the pillow, in the place of contact the hairstyle will flatten, but it is enough to move the strands at the roots and everything falls into place! Miracles!

professional hair products

Serum Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Body Me

Professionals did their best work for our hair and created another “mast”. The serum is invented as a means for hair for volume and Hollywood brilliance at the same time, you will not definitely achieve this effect from powder and foam.

The unusual design of the tube catches the eye, it is round. In addition to a good volume, it also increases the density of the hair. In the application, everything is simple, you only need to smear the wet curls with serum and put your hair on with a hair dryer.


  • shine;
  • smooth hair;
  • long enough;
  • volume, volume, volume;
  • nice to touch her hair;
  • Serum protects from hot hair dryer.


  • expensive
  • effect until evening;
  • the smell of styling products.

Serum, it's not onlyhair product for volume, it also prolongs the freshness of the hair, which is always welcomed by girls.


Whatever means of hair for the volume you choose, there are a few tricky tricks that will help in the fight for the dizzying pomp of hair. Here are some techniques:

  • Do not smear hair roots with balms;
  • make homemade masks to stimulate the growth of new hair;
  • “No” caps, “yes” hoods;
  • give preference to transparent shampoos, rather than creamy;
  • fight hair oily hair (salt peeling, peppermint oil, etc.);
  • eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it will help your hair to stay in excellent shape, not fall out, grow back.

hair styling product

It can be said that these are no longer techniques, but rather useful habits, rooted in which you can finally be completely pleased with your hair.

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