The best divination for love at home

What girl does not want to know about who is destined to become her husband? Some of the young ladies in this matter go so far as to resort to the help of fortune-tellers and psychics. But there are more simple ways to find out your destiny, including yourself right at home. The main thing is to choose the right time and day for the ritual. The best ways of guessing at home are presented in our article. For their implementation, you can use items that are always on hand: candles, mirrors, a wedding ring, a thread with a needle and others. It remains only to tune in the right way - and you can proceed to the ritual.

Rules divination for love at home

Rules divination for love at home

The presence of certain items necessary for the ritual, and the desire to quickly find out their fate is not a guarantee that the results will be correct. There are a number of rules that are important to follow when doing divination for love at home:

  1. Ritual time In the old days fortune telling was held on Christmas Eve (on the night of January 6-7).All days from January 6 to January 19 (the so-called Christmas markets) were also considered favorable. It was during this period among unmarried girls it was decided to guess at the betrothed.
  2. Day of the week. It is not recommended to guess on Friday or Saturday, but only if Christmas Eve does not fall on these days.
  3. With whom to guess. In Russia, the rituals were carried out in the noisy company of unmarried girls, with the exception of those ceremonies when the betrothed was to appear in a dream.
  4. Times of Day. The optimal time for divination is after sunset or after 7 pm. Many girls prefer to conduct ceremonies at midnight.
  5. Environment. To divination is necessary to properly prepare. To do this, turn off all communications, TV and computer, close the doors and curtain windows with curtains. Well and most importantly, this is the right attitude and faith in what is happening.

Divination for a dream in a dream

Divination for love in a dream

The presented method is one of the easiest. The ideal period for divination for future love at home is Christmas time. But many girls perform it at other times during the year.

The essence of fortune telling is as follows.An unmarried girl before bedtime should put a glass of water on the bedside table and put a piece of bread or a bun on it and light a candle next to it. It is only important to take care in advance so that it does not overturn in the middle of the night. In order for a future husband to dream, she must say the words before going to bed:

"Suicide-mummers, come to dine with me."

In a dream, a young lady should see her future love.

Wax read

Wax candlestick

The following ritual is performed using a candle. This method of divination is associated with calling in the apartment of the brownie, who must point the unmarried girl to her betrothed. Before its implementation in a water bath, you need to melt the wax. At the same time on the threshold of the house should put a small saucer with milk. After that, the girl says the following words:

"Brownie, my master, come under the threshold to drink milk and eat wax."

After this phrase, melted wax should be added to the milk. The shape of the figure, resulting from the ritual, you can judge your future. If the wax resembles a flower, this means that the girl this year will be able to meet her soul mate and even get married.The figure, similar to the silhouette of a man, symbolizes great love. If the wax will resemble a star, it means that the girl will have success in all her endeavors, including her studies.

The presented method can be attributed to one of the best divinations for love, despite the fact that it is rather difficult to interpret its results.

How to learn to guess on the cards?

Divination on the cards

Ways of determining one’s fate by playing cards are considered to be among the simplest and most popular. Such independent divination of love at home allows you to get answers to many questions of interest, including what happened in the past and what awaits a person in the future. For the ritual, in addition to the deck, consisting of 36 cards, you will need a special interpreter of their values. It can be purchased at the bookstore.

The essence of the simplest fortune telling is as follows. A deck of cards should be well shuffled, not forgetting to formulate an interesting question. Further, with the left hand, the upper part of the deck is removed and shifted to the bottom. After that, you need to take nine cards and fan them face down.Then the cards can be reversed and interpreted the value according to the interpreter.

The next method of divination is to determine your past, present, near and far future, as well as learn about those things that interfere with the fulfillment of desires. In the process of performing the ritual, 5 playing cards are removed from the deck. On the table they are laid out in the following sequence: №1 - in the center, №2 - on top, №3 - on the left, №4 - on the bottom, № 5 - on the right. The results should be interpreted as follows: the first map shows the present time, the second - the near future, the third - the distant future, the fourth - the past, the fifth - things that prevent the fulfillment of desires.

How to find out the name of the betrothed?

This method of divination for love at home is very simple. To find out the name of your betrothed, it is enough to perform a series of simple actions. To begin with, you need to prepare several identical sized pieces of paper using ordinary scissors. After that, each of them should write the male names (familiar or unfamiliar guys). Further prepared leaves curl. And in such a way that it was impossible to read the written name on them.

When conducting divination, the leaves with the names are dropped into a bowl of water.Having closed his eyes, with his left hand one of the leaves is removed from the water. The name that will be written on it, and should be the future elect.

A way of guessing on the mirror

Divination by a mirror

The effectiveness of this method was proven many years ago. In Russia, a mirror and a candle were used as one of the main means for performing strong divination for love at home. The step-by-step ritual is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare two absolutely identical mirrors. One of them should be put on the table.
  2. Next you need to light two candles. Put them in front of a mirror on a table so that it reflects fire.
  3. The girl picks up the second mirror and becomes her back to the first. It is advisable to prepare both large items in advance. It is important that in the second mirror she could see the first and burning candles.
  4. After that, the girl says the words with which she invites the husband to appear before her. In this case, in the mirror behind her, she should see a reflection of her future husband.

Guessing the book

Divination by the book at home

This way of determining the fate is considered one of the most romantic. For divination of love at home with the use of the book is best suited popular female novels.

In order to find the answer to a pre-posed question, it is enough to name the page number and line (above or below). Then you just need to read the phrase out loud and try to find the answer to the question.

Divination by a ring on a string

The method of divination with the help of a ring on a string

This method allows you to get an answer to the question and learn about what will happen in the future. For fortune telling you will need an engagement ring, which you can borrow for a while from your mother, sister or grandmother, as well as a strong thread. To clear an object from the energy of its owner, it is lowered into ice water for 5-10 seconds.

The rite is held over the photograph, in the event that the girl is familiar with a young man, or over a glass of water, if a divination is performed on the betrothed, who is a stranger. The ring is threaded through and lowered over a glass or photo. Next you need to follow how the object will move. If the ring rotates in a circle, it means that the answer of divination will be positive. The girl will soon meet her soul mate or get married. If the ring rotates like a pendulum, it means that the answer will be negative.

Modern divination

The above ways to predict their fate were more popular in Russia. Today, girls in divination for the betrayed are increasingly resorting to modern technology, namely, a mobile phone.

To carry out the ritual, you only need to think about your loved one and immediately dial the phone number that first came to mind. Divination is interpreted depending on what will happen at the other end of the wire:

  • no one answers - a loved one does not think about the girl at all;
  • the number is not available - you have to make a difficult decision;
  • the answer "Hello" says that you will develop a serious relationship;
  • if the answer in the tube sounded like "Yes", then the girl's life will change dramatically for the better;
  • the answer "Speak" promises a declaration of love soon;
  • If you answered “Where are you calling?” it means that very soon you will face a serious scandal.

Other simple ways of home divination

There are still a number of rituals by which each unmarried girl can predict their fate. Below we present the following simple divinations for love at home:

  1. In one of the halves of the walnut shell, you must put a short candle and put it in a bowl of water. After that, you need to wait until it burns out. If this happens quickly, then you can prepare for the wedding, and vice versa.
  2. On the floor in the room should be scattered in a chaotic manner a lot of coniferous branches. Then, closing your eyes, you should choose one of them and examine it closely. If the bark on a branch is rough - the young man will be financially secure, and vice versa.
  3. The next fortune-telling was held on Christmas Eve or at Christmas Time. At midnight, the girl ran out into the street and shouted "Ay." From the side where the echo was coming from, and she should have expected the appearance of the groom.

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