The best beard shaver: a review, models, types and reviews

Owners of a beard and mustache are often faced with the problem of choosing a razor. Recently, the use of electric razors has become more popular, rather than the usual (for wet shaving). Manufacturers practically every month throw out all new models on shop windows. Varieties of electric razors and trimmers for beard and mustache we discussed in this article. Also offered to potential buyers a rating of the most popular models of different price categories and reviews about them.

Criteria for choosing an electric razor

Many believe that all electric shavers are exactly the same, differing only in price. This is not true. To choose the right appliance for yourself, it is worth starting from what you need:

  • shaver for cutting a beard or shaving it completely;
  • shaving quality;
  • sensitive skin shaver;
  • durability and reliability;
  • the price of the product;
  • battery or battery;
  • economical power consumption;
  • additional functions.

This and more consider today in the ranking of razors.

Rotary beard shaver

beard shaver

Such razors consist of two or three heads, inside of which there are rotating knives, covered with discs with slots.

The beard and mustache razor has one main advantage: a better and smoother shave even for unevenly grown bristles.

For the most part, they are suitable for people with coarse hair, in their model range are rarely found razors for owners of sensitive skin.

The minus of such a device is not suitable for teenagers with only visible bristles and people with sensitive skin. Use is fraught with irritation.

Top best rotary razors

beard and mustache shaver

According to reviews on the Internet, the leader was determined - this is Philips S5110.

Men who use such a model are completely satisfied, they write that it is reliable, they have enough battery power for a long time, shave clean and are inexpensive - about six thousand rubles.

We also reviewed this model and highlighted its advantages:

  1. This beard shaver works both from the mains and from the battery.
  2. Heads move regardless of the direction of each other, thereby ensuring a smooth shave.
  3. Shaving comfort is provided by special heads.They lift hairs and cut them at the root, which allows you to avoid re-shaving.
  4. There is a removable trimmer for adjusting the beard and mustache.
  5. Cleaning or replacement head indicator.
  6. Affordable price.
  7. Heads can be washed with water.

And disadvantages:

  1. Only dry shave.
  2. The kit does not include a station to charge the battery.

There are also many positive reviews about the Philips S9151 electric shaver. This manufacturer is called the best in the field of electric razors. The only thing they write bad about this model is the high price, about nineteen thousand. The rest of the reviews are very positive.

Advantages of this model:

  1. Suitable for both dry and wet shaving with foam or gel.
  2. Comfortable grip.
  3. Long battery charge.
  4. Silent work.
  5. Soft and comfortable shave.
  6. Beautiful design.


  1. Expensive electric beard shaver.

Grid electric shavers

beard trimmer razor

The principle of the razor is to vibrate the knives. Knives are covered with a metal grid, where the hairs fall. Beard razor is ideal for teenagers and men with sensitive skin.

Grid shaver can easily remove even weekly bristles.The main disadvantages of such razors - loud work and difficulty in shaving the neck.

Rating electric razors

beard shaver

According to reviews from the Internet, we have identified two leaders. This is Panasonic and Braun. Men leave reviews about these manufacturers good, advise net razors to purchase models such as the Braun 3020s Series 3 and Panasonic ES-RF31. Consider them.

Pros "Brown 3020s" (series 3):

  1. It works continuously for about forty minutes after an hour of charging the battery.
  2. High-quality and smooth shaving.
  3. Movable heads.
  4. The case does not pass water.
  5. Reasonable price - around six thousand rubles.


  1. Loud work.

Advantages of the model "Panasonic EU-RF31":

  1. Shave fast and clean.
  2. Comfortable design.
  3. Beard shaver for dry and wet shaving.
  4. The battery charge lasts a long time.
  5. Affordable price - about seven thousand rubles.


  1. There is no system for self-cleaning.
  2. Trimmer inconvenient to use.

Consumers also noted another model. It is much more expensive in price, unlike the previous ones, but it has preferential reviews. Users of the Braun 9240s Series 3 electric shaver noted the following advantages:

  1. The titanium case protects the shaver from corrosion and damage.
  2. The razor itself recognizes the contours of the face and the stiffness of the bristles, adjusting engine power during shaving.
  3. Shaving mitigation technology available.
  4. Shave smooth and comfortable.
  5. Does not pass water.
  6. Shaving is possible both dry and wet.

Cons of the model:

  1. The high price is about twenty five thousand.

Beard razor trimmer

If you do not need to shave off your mustache and beard, but you want to have this decoration in a well-groomed form, then you need to have a trimmer in the bathroom. With this device, you can simply cut the beard and mustache, but you can also make a stylish haircut. To remain fashionable and well-groomed, it is not necessary to go to the salons of professional barber, and you can only buy a professional trimmer for home use.

Beard and mustache trimmer rating

electric beard shaver

Now more and more not only mature men, but also young men began to "wear" a beard. Brutal macho left their reviews on the Internet about trimmers. When making a rating, we were repelled only by their opinion, because the main thing is reviews of proven products, not advertising.

Most of the positive reviews scored the trimmer company Philips and its model NorelcoBeardTrimmer 9000.

First, consider the advantages:

  1. This is a laser trimmer that cuts beard and mustache with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.
  2. Seventeen parameters haircuts.
  3. The shape of the bristles is set in advance, and the trimmer itself cuts.
  4. There is a laser pointer that indicates that it is time to finish the haircut.


  1. This is an expensive trimmer. Those who want to buy it will have to spend up to thirty thousand rubles.

And again the company Braun. From more budget options trimmers men choose the model Cruzer Beard & Head.

Advantages of trimmer, marked by men:

  1. There are two interchangeable tips to adjust the beard trimming of different lengths.
  2. Comfortable floating head, which allows you to quite clearly outline the contours.
  3. Convenient and easy to use.
  4. Reasonable price - around seven thousand rubles.

What consumers did not like:

  1. Low power. They write that you have to trim the same place several times in the same place to achieve the perfect result.

At last

The high cost of the device is not always an indicator of quality. The price in most cases includes a large number of different nets and nozzles, brushes for cleaning.If you do not need additional functions, then there is also no point in spending more.

Low-cost models will last as long as their more expensive counterparts. We have provided a rating of models, but this does not mean that it is worth choosing only from them.

What kind of beard shaver or trimmer suits you personally, many people are interested. If you leave your feedback, it will be just great!

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