The best beaches of Spain: photos and reviews of tourists

Spain is one of the sunniest and warmest European countries, so crowds of tourists flock to it all year round. The structure of the country, except the mainland, includes the Balearic archipelago and the Canary Islands. It is the beaches of Spain that serve as its main tourist attraction. It is no coincidence that the country bears the title of the beach capital of the world.

Las catedrales

It is from Las Catedrales that I want to start listing the best beaches in Spain. Photos of this paradise decorate many tourist booklets. The beach is located on the Atlantic coast in the northwestern part of the country, in the province of Lugo, near the city of Ribadeo. Translated from the Spanish name means "beach cathedrals." Indeed, the ancient rocks, adorned with elegant stone arches and intricate caves, rise here, as if left by another civilization, magnificent cathedrals.spain beaches for families with children

Reviews of las Catedrales

Judging by the reviews of tourists, the beach is loved by fans of unusual scenery for photos, lovers of natural beauty and just those who love everything extraordinary.Travelers who cannot live without modern civilizational goods in the form of umbrellas and deck chairs, beach bars and other things remain disappointed, as there is nothing like this in the vicinity of Las Catedrales.

Those who are looking for the best beaches in Spain for swimming, this place is also not suitable, it is too wild, but for those who like thrill here will be just right. But keep in mind that all the beauty of the beach at high tide is completely hidden by the sea, but at the same time the ebb here is rather short.


On its coast every year thousands of tourists are attracted by Spain. Rest, beaches, natural beauty attract travelers from all over the world. And many choose the beach of Ses Illetas, located in the Mediterranean Sea on the small island of Formentera, near Ibiza, as a place for sunbathing and swimming. People who first came to the island note that they literally take their breath away at the sight of soft, as if fluff, white as sugar, sand, in harmony with the emerald, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Formentera in some places is so small that the sea is surrounded on all sides, only increasing the effect of the magical interplay of the colors of water, sand and sky.

Holidaymakers opinion about Ses Illetes

Tourists of this and other white beaches of Spain are compared to paradise and they say that everyone should visit such picturesque places at least once in their life. The sea is shallow around the island, and therefore ideal for children, which is not true of swimming lovers in the depths, which have to go far enough.

sandy beaches of spain

Most holidaymakers, who positively rated this place, visited it in spring or autumn, that is, in the low season. Those who were here at the height of the tourist season complained of crowded people. Thousands of holidaymakers, hundreds of boats and inevitable mountains of garbage in such cases contribute to the impression that you are not on the beach of a small paradise island, but on the muddy embankment of a densely populated city. Therefore, if you dare to go to the island in the high season, be prepared for a clash with crowds of people and competing with them for places in the water and on the sand.

In this situation, use the recommendations of experienced tourists who advise to come to the beach early in the morning, and in the afternoon to go for a walk around the island. You can rent a scooter or a bicycle and explore Formentera, inspecting all her secluded places.

La Concha (San Sebastian)

This piece of paradise is invariably included in the "Best beaches of Spain" rating and is one of the most famous places to relax. La Concha is located in the northern part of the country, near the border with France, on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. When you look around the beach from the top of a nearby cliff, it seems as if the crescent came down from the sky and nestled on the coast of the picturesque harbor, giving people their sandy, yellow-gold sides. However, one has only to descend and a different landscape opens up: a quiet harbor with clear azure water, perfectly protected from the waves, is a very soothing view, which is relaxing and relaxing.

Traveler Reviews for la concha

Hundreds of people are unanimous in their opinion that La Concha is the best place for those who choose the sandy beaches of Spain to relax. The territory is quite large in size and can accommodate a lot of tourists. The beach is located close to the center and is equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of tourists: fine as flour, sand; clean and calm sea; toilets and showers. In the immediate vicinity there are beautiful old houses and there are many restaurants with amazing views of the bay.

Bad reviews about the beach almost never occur. People can only complain about the lack of sun loungers, as a result of which one has to be content either with his towel or with a rented chair. Sun beds here, most likely, are not placed because they will significantly spoil the appearance of the harbor, depriving it of its original beauty.

Some complain about a large number of people. But, having chosen the beaches of Spain for a holiday (see photo la Concha below), this should be treated philosophically, considering this “pleasure” to be part of the journey. Indeed, in the summer on a fine day, you will not find a good, but at the same time deserted beach in any corner of the country.where are the best beaches in spain


This coastline, stretching for half a kilometer, is located in the center of Lloret de Mar. Comparing the beaches of Spain, we can conclude that Lloret is the most extensive in territory. At the same time he can take a large number of tourists. During the season there are a lot of people here, but thanks to the large territory each tourist finds a cozy corner for a pleasant stay.

Here, as on any other city beach, tourists are offered various entertainments. Those who love outdoor activities can visit the sports fields and go water skiing.Fans of a more relaxing holiday can go on a boat trip on a boat or catamaran, admire the beautiful sea and local views. Not far from the beach there are low picturesque rocks, densely covered with forest.majorca spain beaches


In the town of Puerto de la Cruz there is another large beach. Martianes is a favorite place for lovers of surfing and active youth. Surfers are especially numerous in the southern part of the beach, covered with black volcanic sand. This area is not suitable for swimming, but if you like water sports, it will be the best choice.

Those who are interested in the beaches of Spain, designed for a relaxing holiday, can go to the northern part of Martiánez, equipped with breakwaters. Here the sea is calmer and cleaner, always warm near the coast. The entrance to the water is shallow.

Do not want to swim in the sea? Then you can go to the pools with sea water, surrounded by gardens of local vegetation. There are also several artificial lakes here. There are sun loungers and umbrellas near the pools, there are toilets, changing rooms and showers.

An alley leads to the beach along which vacationers enjoy walking in the heat and in the evenings.Here you can buy souvenirs, tasty meal in one of the cafes. Snack bars offer an extensive selection of local dishes and drinks.beautiful beaches of spain

Menorca and Mallorca (Spain). Beaches

The islands of Mallorca and Menorca belong to the Balearic archipelago. Here you will see many kilometers of sand spit. According to reviews of tourists, in Mallorca, the beaches are crowded, unlike Menorca, where it is much calmer and at the same time no less picturesque. Those who still decided to rest in Mallorca, we advise you to go to the north of the island, where long sandy beaches prevail and there are small bays where you can go snorkeling.

Barcelona beaches

This city will justify any hopes: there are plenty of clubs, museums, architectural sights, restaurants, and, of course, beaches. One of the most popular is Barceloneta. In high season there is a significant revival. This place is suitable for those who are attracted to the beaches of Spain, where you can play sports. Barceloneta offers vacationers tennis, volleyball and football grounds, so lovers of sports games constantly flock beaches of spain

Barcelona’s largest beach, adored by the locals, is Sant Sebastia. It is located near the port territory. However, the best place to rest it can be called with a great stretch, because due to the accumulation of tourists recently the environment has seriously deteriorated.

Barcelona residents like another beach - Nova Ikaria, where they come together with their whole families. The main advantages of this place - a gentle descent, golden sand, cleanliness. Nearby is a landscaped park.

Spain beaches for families with children

If you go on holidays with children, then when choosing a place you should be guided by the principle: the older your child, the closer you should go to the south of the country.

Would you like to show your daughters the beautiful beaches of Spain? Then go to La Pineda. This beach belongs to the Costa Dorada, covered with golden sand, and is a good choice for people who prefer a quiet family holiday. Speaking about what La Pineda is attractive to kids, it is necessary to note a smooth descent into the water, shallow sea, an abundance of entertainment infrastructure and children's pools.spain vacation beaches

Another beach deserving attention is Fuerteventura.It is located in the Canary Islands and is considered an ideal place for family holidays. There are gentle shores, and the depth is so small that you can safely let the child go swimming. On this beach is always calm and uncrowded. There are days when there is not a single living soul.

In Lloret de Mar there is the cleanest beach of Santa Cristina. It is also very calm here. The choice of this place is supported by the absence of crowds of tourists, gentle descent, clean pine air and soft sand. The only drawback is the close location of the Sa Bodea nudist beach. Therefore, the main thing - do not confuse them.


From the article you learned about where in Spain the best beaches. This country has been and remains unique, there will be places for recreation for every taste, even the most demanding. Tourists say that the best Spanish beaches in Europe is not found. And this is without exaggeration so!

Have a good rest and the most vivid impressions!

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