The best analogue of "Mastodinona": comparison and reviews

Unfortunately, not all women are accustomed to regularly visit the doctor-mammologist at least once a year. Usually, the call for a mammologist becoming more and more often appearing and not passing painful sensations. Then for many women, the diagnosis of "mastopathy," heard at the doctor's office, sounds like a sentence.

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But this disease does not mean the presence of malignant neoplasms or one hundred percent prediction of the further development of cancer. Nevertheless, a woman should approach the treatment of mastopathy with full responsibility. This ailment, indeed, does not give the opportunity to live fully. Chest, burning sensation, pain - constant companions of the disease. In this article we will discuss the drug "Mastodinon": price, reviews, analogues - all this will be discussed in detail below.

Doctors-mammologists note that hormonal disorders in a woman’s body (often associated with the hormone estrogen) often cause mastopathy.Therefore, treatment should be aimed primarily at restoring the normal hormonal background of the body. If the disease is in the initial (unstressed) stage, doctors usually resort to the treatment of mastopathy with homeopathic non-hormonal preparations.

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"Mastodinon": instructions, reviews, analogues. The best drug in the fight against mastopathy

Tablets and drops under this trade name are often a salvation for women who experience PMS symptoms, cycle disorders and chest pain due to mastopathy. The homeopathic preparation made in Germany contains natural components of flowers and herbs as a part. The tool reduces the production of prolactin in the blood, thereby preventing the development of fibrocystic mastopathy or alleviates its symptoms. The instructions indicate that "Mastodinon", affecting sex hormones, contributes to the onset of pregnancy, if problems with conception are due to the insufficiency of the corpus luteum. Manufacturers guarantee a tangible effect after 6 weeks.

The main principle of action reveals the instruction attached to the preparation "Mastodinon".Analogues means may have a similar algorithm of influence on the human body. Like all drugs, Mastodinon requires careful familiarization with contraindications to its use. It should be noted that some components of the drug can in rare cases cause allergic reactions, dizziness, nausea and the appearance of acne. Prutniak - the main component of the drug, affecting the production of the pituitary hormone prolactin, can cause hallucinations and confusion.

Currently, the average cost of the drug in Russian pharmacies ranges from 1000 rubles - the price for the Mastodinon is in this price range. Analogues of the drug may be cheaper or more expensive. For those to whom the price seems to be too high, or for those who for some other reason are interested in finding alternative drugs, this article offers to get acquainted with a list of possible analogues and reviews about them. The principle of action and indications for use in all the following drugs are similar. All of them are non-hormonal homeopathic remedies (with the exception of the drug "Utrogestan").The description will include: cost, country of origin and general comments based on consumer feedback.

10 possible analogues

mastodinone analogues cheap

Currently, the drug "Mastodinon" is very common in the treatment of mastopathy. Analogues and drug substitutes are also not inferior in effectiveness. The following are the main drugs that are similar in action to Mastodinone.

  • "Mastofit Evalar";
  • "Tazalok";
  • "Utrozhestan";
  • "Mastogran";
  • "Mamoklam";
  • "Mastoclin";
  • "Lakzenova";
  • Indole;
  • Femikaps Easy Life;
  • "Stella".

Consider in more detail analogues. "Mastodinon" (instructions for use do not contain these data) can be replaced by another drug without loss in the effectiveness of treatment.

"Mastofit Evalar"

Price: from 264 rubles.

Manufacturing country: Russia.

At the heart of the drug extract of broccoli and fucus. In addition to the release in tablets, this drug is made in the form of a cream. According to reviews, the effect of the use comes already at 3 weeks of use. Many patients claim that chest pains go away, and PMS is not so painful.

However, the number of negative reviews exceeds the number of positive ones.Among them are mentioned: the occurrence of recurrence of pain (despite the short-term help of the drug), the assumption of its hormonal origin, allergic reactions (urticaria), and even the ability to provoke the growth of breast tumors.

In general, according to most reviews, the drug is not capable of correcting hormonal changes in the body.


Price: from 900 rubles.

Manufacturing country: Ukraine.

Unlike the previous drug, "Tazalok" in the instructions includes the item "In case of overdose," which says that if the recommended doses are exceeded, damage to the cardiovascular system may follow. Also, according to some reviews, the drug can cause bleeding and allergies. This tool replaces the "Mastodinon" (drops). Analogs of other forms (for example, tablets) also exist.

But there are a number of positive reviews about the regulation of the menstrual cycle with the help of these drops. Some write that "Tazalok" helps to cope with the poor condition during menopause.

For the most part, those who have tried a drug talk about the effect after a long time of use.

mastodinon instruction reviews analogs


Price: from 400 rubles.

Manufacturing country: France.

The basis of the drug acting hormone progesterone. But unlike previous analogues of non-hormonal origin, it is allowed to be taken by pregnant women. The instructions indicate that the optimal time of use of "Utrozhestan" is before bedtime, since drowsiness and dizziness are indicated among the side effects. For the same reason, it has low compatibility with driving. An embarrassing factor for many is the high price of the drug.

Clearly positive properties include the ability of a drug to regulate hormones. Some girls he helped keep the pregnancy.


Price: from 130 rubles (cheap analogue of "Mastodinon").

Manufacturing country: Ukraine.

As well as the previous drug, it is allowed during pregnancy, but it is not hormonal, but homeopathic. A sedative effect (a kind of herbal antidepressant in the fight against anxiety states) is indicated as an additional property of the “Mastograna”. Helps to cope with hormonal discoordination. The main active ingredients of the drug are: hemlock spotted, lacunosa, red asterias, and calcium fluoricum.

The affordable price and the absence of contraindications make Mastogran attractive in the eyes of the Russian buyer. The drug has helped many people. Among the users there is an extremely small number of reviews in which Mastogran is suspected of the placebo effect and is called a useless nipple.

mastodinone analogues price instruction


Price: from 600 rubles.

Manufacturing country: Russia.

The drug is intended for the treatment of mastopathy. This is the only indication for the use of the agent in its instructions. The main component in the "Mamoclama" are brown algae. As a herbal remedy, “Mamoklam” inspires confidence in most women, unlike hormonal drugs, which can lead to weight gain.

According to statistics reviews: the drug really helped many women to overcome their illness (in whole or in part). And despite the fact that among the side effects are indicated a rash or disorders of the digestive system, no reviews mentioning such problems were found.


Price: from 130 rubles (low-cost analogue of "Mastodinon").

Manufacturing country: Ukraine.

The basis of the drug is the extract of the rhizome of the Dioscorea, and its constituent components are the progenitors of the hormone progesterone.There are not a lot of reviews about the drug, but those that exist confirm the Mastoklin property to normalize the hormones in the body and eliminate chest pain. The only disadvantage noted by patients in some cases is the short-term effect of the drug.


Price: from 500 rubles (analogue of "Mastodinon" of the average price category).

Manufacturing country: Italy.

In addition to the direct purpose of the herbal medicine (anti-mastopathy), it helps to reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. The composition contains royal jelly, flower extracts and various essential oils. Many who have already tried the “Lakzenov” product, noted a positive trend during the first month. However, women are confused by the high price of imported medicine.

mastodinon drops analogues


Price: from 1,800 rubles (the most expensive analogue of "Mastodinon").

Manufacturing country: Germany.

According to the instructions, the main purpose of the drug is to prevent the occurrence of carcinogenic processes in the body. The active component - Indol-3 carbinol, in combination with an extract from cruciferous vegetables (all types of cabbage, turnips, radishes) - is quite a powerful tool in the fight against female illnesses.As is the case with other preparations containing plant elements, it can cause allergies.

The degree of trust in Indola is quite high, since in the West this miracle tool has been known for more than twenty years. Plus, according to reviews, side effects were not observed.

"Femikaps izy life"

Price: from 1700 rubles.

Manufacturing country: Finland.

Complex, corrective hormones, a dietary supplement based on plant extracts and vitamins. It is noted that in addition to reducing the symptoms of mastitis, the tablets help to more easily carry anxiety caused by vegetative-vascular dystonia. It is indicated for use in the case of gynecological diseases.

But there are negative comments. Some patients relate the deterioration in the condition of the nails with the use of the drug, as they assume that Femicaps removes calcium from the body. But these are isolated cases. And, of course, the consumer is confused by the price. The rest of the positive reviews prevail.


Price: from 700 rubles.

Manufacturing country: Russia.

Completes the list of Russian dietary supplement "Stella", similar in composition to "Indol" the drug.Again, the opinions of the patients were divided: someone talks about the absence of improvements, and someone about the miraculous cure in a month. And some lucky women associate their long-awaited pregnancy with the use of Stella as a supplement to the diet.

We looked at drugs that replace Mastodinone. Analogs are cheap - it is "Mastoklin" and "Mastogran", their price is a little more than 130 rubles per bottle. To expensive can be attributed "femikaps izi life" and "Indole." The rest - the average price category.

Final thought

mastodinon instruction analogues

Thus, the main drug in the treatment of mastopathy is Mastodinon. Analogues means can replace him, but choosing a particular type of medicine, you need to build on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. The systematic use of the above-mentioned supplements, although not a panacea, but in a complex application with essential drugs can speed recovery and consolidate the result.

Summarizing, we can say that there are many tools that can be regarded as the preparation "Mastodinon" analogues. The price, the instruction of each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages in the eyes of patients. And in each case, the percentage ratio of negative feedback to positive is approximately 40 to 60.All homeopathic remedies do not have medicinal properties, but they are definitely not cheap. Despite the failure to prove the effect of the application, patients often feel better, and the joy of life returns. So, probably, it is still worth trying and be sure to listen to the recommendations of your doctor.

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