Summer cabins warmed with stove, veranda and shower

Summer cottage warmed can become necessaryaddition for summer holidays. However, before its construction it is necessary to take into account some features of the work. It is important to determine whether there will be a veranda, a shower, and an oven in the structure.

Features of erection of the veranda

country house insulated

Even before the commencement of construction,determine whether a veranda will be built immediately or after. The dwelling of the cottage is insulated, it must have a veranda to protect the kitchen from the wind, it is possible to keep inventory or rest in the space of this component of the construction. If you do not have enough experience in carrying out construction work, it is better to install the veranda after the construction of the main building. It will be easier to erect a box, and a veranda that does not have a binding to the construction, after.

Warming of the shed

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Summer cottage warmed can be useduntil the fall. It does not have to spend energy on heating. It will be sufficient to produce a thermal insulation of the space under the floor, otherwise the elements of the system will damp and become unusable before the time. To solve the problem, the openings between the foundation supports need to be filled with something, it can be rubble stone, paving slabs or brick bricks.

Features of the arrangement of the cabins with a shower

cabins for summer residence insulated with a stove

Summer cabins insulated must be equippedshower, it will require hot water. Do not resort to a solution when installing a boiler or stove that has a water heating system, it's not only not comfortable, but also unsafe. In summer, you can use a solar battery to warm up the water. Today, such equipment can be purchased at a fairly affordable price.

Arrangement of sewage system

country house insulated with a shower

Residential shelters must have a systemsewage, if there is a shower in the building, because the water will have to be diverted. According to the requirements of sanitation, from a cesspool or a septic tank to a water supply system, as well as residential buildings, as for those that are in the possession of neighbors, the maximum distance should be maintained. Among other things, it is necessary to provide a certain place for the entrance of the sanitary barrel. If possible, during the construction of the cabins it is possible to cooperate with neighbors so that 4 adjacent sites can use one septic tank. If the cottage dwellings insulated with a shower will be built according to the technology that assumes the construction of a septic of the type described, there will not be a need to lay a sewage system underground, which is accompanied by high costs.

Features of the construction of a paneled summer cottage

cabins for summer cottages warmed with veranda

Warming cabins warmed lined up prettyoften with the help of conventional shields. This method is the simplest. The frame should be assembled on the ground, which will be more convenient, only after that it will need to be brought down into a single structure, which should look like a box. Inside, it is necessary to lay the floor, and walls to sew with chipboard, OSB or sheet plywood. After that, you need to install doors, windows and mount the roofing system with lightweight materials. On this we can assume that the cabins are ready. Such designs, as a rule, are used only for one season, as they are very short-lived. The cottage is heated with a stove can be built using SIP panels. If inside you need to install the oven, the floor should be protected with a steel sheet, the dimensions of which should be larger than the design of the oven itself by 20 cm on each side. In addition, it will be necessary to protect before the installation of the furnace and close-lying walls, which should be covered with refractory material. It is necessary to choose the model of the furnace from the calculation that it should not have an excessively large weight, so that it does not need to equip the foundation. In addition, the structure should not exert excessive pressure on the floor of the cab.

Construction of logs and timber

Such constructions look veryit is representative, but it is necessary to take into account that you will have to pay a fairly large sum in the construction. If in the future you want to convert such a structure to a bath, then this option is just right.

Use of metal for construction

The cottage with a stove can be heatedis built of metal. This option is suitable for those masters who have the skills of working with a welding machine. When constructing such structures it will not be necessary to erect a foundation, the structure will need to be installed on concrete blocks. If after the construction of the cabins after a while the need disappears, the structure can easily be dismantled and removed. As a basis in this case, you should use the power circuit of the container. On the frames and corner posts will go profiled pipes 80 x 80 x 4 millimeters. The upper and lower battens must be made of connected corners 60 x 60 millimeters. You can use brands of the appropriate size. The walls will need to install wooden frames that have openings for windows and doors.

Features of the construction of a foundation for the installation of wood

Module buildings heated with a veranda are built fromtree for a long time, this will take about 1 month. All elements before use must be treated with antiseptics and water-repellent mixtures. Lay under the structure can not bottomed columnar base. On the surface it will be necessary to assemble a support frame made of a bar of 150 x 150 mm. It will be the bottom crown. On it it will be necessary to establish the bottom frame of a skeleton. The foundation pit should be dug with a 1.5 m capture along the perimeter. The pit should be laid with geotextile and pour a pillow of sand into 10 centimeters. After the pillars are delivered, the pillow should be poured to the surface of the soil. As a rule, cabins are built on the territory of our country for long-term use, which is why the process needs to be given due attention.

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