Throat spray: how to choose a medicine for sore throat?

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Infectious diseases occur most often in the offseason (autumn, spring), but at any time a person is not immune from them. Most often, at the first sign of illness, people go to a pharmacy for pills and purchase drugs on the recommendation of a pharmacist. But if we are talking about the health of the child, you can consider other dosage forms. For example, a spray for the throat, which will provide invaluable assistance for angina, as well as other infectious and allergic diseases. Before purchasing a drug, be sure to get a doctor's recommendation. This applies even to non-prescription drugs.

Medications for angina

Acute infectious disease is dangerous for its complications. The main symptoms are sore throat, fever. To combat it, doctors recommend to observe bed rest and take antibiotics, antibacterial drugs. Often, along with syrups and tablets are advised to apply sprays.They are intended for the treatment of tonsils.

Sprays - what is it?

Medicinal products produced with a dispenser-nozzle, in a can. It is convenient to inject them. Depending on what a throat spray is needed, a prescription is issued by a doctor. The means of composition differ and have different properties. There are drugs related to the combined type, their spectrum of influence is wider.

Doctor's advice

Spray for the throat

Experts recommend taking medications in the form of sprays as follows. They should be consumed after meals. Before using them, rinse the throat. When spraying the drug, the balloon should be held so that the drug falls on the tonsils (right and left). It is impossible for the medication stream to fall on the back wall of the pharynx. Otherwise, an emetic reflex, a spasm when swallowing, a cough may occur. After the mouth is irrigated with the drug, it is necessary to refrain from eating and drinking for a half to two hours. After the procedure, it is necessary to remove and wash the nozzle. Suitable running water or cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. After processing, replaceable valves must be dried.These actions are necessary to decontaminate the nozzles and prevent them from clogging.

Description of drugs


Of the most affordable, you can call the spray "Ingalipt". It has antimicrobial effects. Its composition includes components such as sulfonamides, eucalyptus oil and peppermint, thymol. Due to its components, the drug provides protection from the fungus, reduces inflammation and pain. Another throat spray is Hexoral. It is used not only for angina, but also for other inflammatory diseases of the throat. Hexethidine is included. It helps to fight bacteria and has a weak analgesic effect. According to the instructions, its administration is recommended twice a day. Also worth mentioning is the Hexasprey tool. It has not only an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, but has an anesthetic effect. It must be taken three times a day. Of the drugs with the most pronounced therapeutic effects, can be called sprays "Tantum Verde", "Kameton", "Stop Angin."

Effective drugs

antibiotic throat spray

The most effective spray for the throat with the antibiotic "Bioparox".Its active substance is fusafungin. The drug is available in a cylinder with three nozzles. They are intended for inhalation in the mouth and nose, and there is a special dispenser for children. The drug itself is a yellow solution, it has a specific smell. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract infectious-inflammatory nature: tonsillitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis. The instruction recommends taking the medicine four times a day, 4 inhalations in the mouth or two in each nostril. Moreover, it is necessary to spray the medicine while inhaling. Children are recommended to do two to four injections into the mouth or one to two in the nasal entrance four times a day.


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The drug "Bioparox" - a spray for the throat, which can not be taken if there is hypersensitivity to its components. It is also prohibited for the treatment of children under the age of thirty months. In this case, there is a danger of occurrence and development of such a phenomenon as laryngospasm. With care, it should be taken in patients who have a predisposition to allergic diseases.Bronchospasm may occur. Side effects, most often of an allergic nature (sneezing, redness of the eyes, hives, itching), occur very rarely. Such reactions as nausea, vomiting, cough are often noted. But the symptoms go away quickly. Since there are no clinical data on the dangers of the drug during pregnancy, it is recommended for women who are expecting a child to take it with caution.

Preparations for children

sore throat

If a child is ill, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. He will advise which medicine is suitable for your particular case and corresponds to the age of the young patient. But, choosing a spray for the throat (for children), it is necessary to remember the following things. You can not use these drugs in the treatment of children under the age of three years. They are also contraindicated if there is an individual intolerance to the components in the drug and allergic reactions. Be sure to read the instructions to the drug and get advice from a doctor. Both for adults and children, Lugol Spray will be suitable. It has a very fast therapeutic effect.Its price is quite affordable for everyone, and iodine is included in its composition. One of the main drawbacks of the drug is its unpleasant taste. For this reason, children may refuse to take it. But he can quickly cure a sore throat. Pediatricians recommend parents to purchase the drug Tantum Verde for children. This spray has a pleasant taste (it is sweetish), very effective. For this reason, he can even be forgiven for the high price. After all, the drug is worth it! It is necessary to inject the medicine while inhaling. The drug relieves inflammation, pain in the throat disappears, unpleasant sensations disappear when swallowing. It is necessary to take the medicine three times a day. Parents recommend this tool to their friends and acquaintances.

Consumer reviews

Many drugs that show high efficacy in the treatment of angina and other infectious diseases of the respiratory tract receive good responses. For example, the medicine "Orasept". This spray is very effective, improvement comes immediately after application. Do not overdry the back of the throat. Of the shortcomings called only the specific taste and smell. The Ingalipt Spray is worthy of positive feedback.It is the most popular and very common. According to consumers, it is able to relieve pain, inflammation, returns the voice. In angina, it is indispensable, as it helps with acute illness. Very effective is called the spray "Aqualore". The preparation includes aloe vera and roman chamomile. He easily and quickly copes with any problem. There is a sore throat and serious diseases. The main disadvantage of this drug is its high cost. But for your own health is not worth the money to spare. Also good sprays "Propasol", "Yoks", "Strepsils Plus", "Theraflu".

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