SOGU: faculties and passing points

In North Ossetia, the North Ossetian State University named after KL Khetagurov (SOGU) is the largest and most well-known educational organization among them. He appeared a long time ago. The story goes that they founded it in the 1920s. Even at that time, the university occupied a significant place. He was the first in the North Caucasus. Later, other universities began to appear, but they could not catch up with the development of the university, which in the past bore the status of an institute. Today this educational institution is a rapidly developing university, and this means that the faculties of SOGU deserve the attention of applicants.

Organizational structure

North Ossetian State University is a multidisciplinary institution. Specialists for different spheres of life are prepared by existing faculties. There are 18 of them. The divisions in the university are quite diverse. This allows applicants with different interests and talents to enter SOGU.

Unfortunately, not all faculties of North Ossetian State University are popular. In 2017, applicants showed interest in the following divisions:

  • to legal;
  • economic;
  • dentistry and pharmacy;
  • historical.

Faculty of Law

Perhaps the most in-demand structural unit at North Ossetian State University is the Faculty of Law. It is in demand because people want to be educated in the field of law. The demand is also explained by the fact that the faculty of SOGU is modernly equipped. There are interactive and computer classes, a courtroom, in which students develop the first practical skills.

A good material and technical base and highly qualified teaching staff allow the unit to produce excellent specialists. Employers know about quality training. That is why from the 4th year students are invited to law enforcement agencies for an internship with further employment.

North Ossetian State University

Faculty statistics and proposed programs

The demand for the unit causes the applicants to be both worried and interested. They ask whether it is difficult to enter the law faculty, how many people apply. The answers to these questions gives statistics.In 2017, 372 applications were received at 16 full-time budget places. In the paid department, those wishing to receive a law degree were slightly less - 342 people.

And now about the programs. At the Bachelor of Law Faculty of SOGU, one direction is “jurisprudence”. It is offered at the master's program, but at this stage there is an opportunity to choose a specific program - “criminal law and criminology”, “civil law”, “constitutional law; municipal law.

Passing score of 2017 in SOGU

Faculty of Economics

Since 1969, the Faculty of Economics has been working in the structure of the North Ossetian State University. From the very beginning of his activity, he trained specialists for various branches of the national economy. The education offered by the faculty at the present time also opens up wide opportunities for graduates. With a diploma obtained at SOGU through training at the Faculty of Economics, people are employed in tax authorities, banking institutions, various companies as accountants, economists, etc.

The undergraduate degree in economics with the profiles of taxes and taxation, finance and credit, accounting and auditing is offered at the undergraduate department.There is also a specialty at the economic faculty of SOGU in the direction of “economic security”. For those who want to get a master's degree, there are 4 programs - “taxes and tax consulting”, “economics and law”, “economics of a firm and industry markets”, “banks and banking”.

The number of applications filed in SOGU

Number of applicants choosing the Faculty of Economics

In the North Ossetian State University, the Faculty of Economics is slightly inferior to the legal structural unit in terms of the number of applications received annually by the admissions office during the admission campaign. In 2017, only 15 budget places were available on the “economy” in full-time education. Applications were filed for them from 324 people.

From a paid form of education at the Faculty of Economics applicants do not refuse. Statistics show that more than 190 people chose the "economy" and 109 people - "economic security."

Faculties of SOGU

Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy

It is believed that workers for the health sector are prepared only by specialized educational organizations - medical colleges and universities. In fact, this is not always the case.North Ossetian State University also produces such specialists, because in its structure there is a faculty of dentistry and pharmacy. He implements training in 2 specialties - “pharmacy” and “dentistry”.

In 2017, 341 applications for the budget and 273 applications for the paid department were submitted to this faculty of SOGU. Applicants are attracted not only by the nobility of the professions, but also by the power of the structural unit. The Faculty of Dentistry has modern teaching and laboratory, research and development audiences, its own dental clinic, which has the status of the Innovation Center of the Dental Association of Russia.

History department

In the North Ossetian State University one of the oldest divisions is the Faculty of History. It appeared in 1920, that is, at the time when the university had just opened. At the beginning of the activity, the divisions changed their names. It was both socio-economic and natural-historical. Since 1932, the faculty is called historical.

Although the story is a rather difficult subject, it is still interesting to applicants.Faculty of History SOGU offers the same direction of training. Every year during the introductory campaign it receives several dozen applications. In 2017, 174 people applied for a “history” on the budget, and 71 people applied for paid places.

Preparatory courses SOGU

Other departments of the university

Other faculties of SOGU are less popular among applicants. Take, for example, the physical-technical division. One of his areas of training is “pedagogical education (with two profiles)”. It prepares future teachers of physics and mathematics. Modern youth does not seek to replenish the teaching staff. A total of 35 applications in 2017 came to the budget and paid separation from applicants who have chosen this direction.

An interesting structural unit - the faculty of journalism. It has existed since 2002. It is a professional training center for modern media. Master classes are held here, and a young journalist school has been created for schoolchildren. However, this does not attract applicants. In 2017, a total of 49 applications were received from applicants.

Material and technical base of the faculties of SOGU

Passing points on the faculties of SOGU in 2017

Among all educational programs, we can highlight the TOP-5 areas of training with the lowest passing scores recorded in 2017:

  • "Philology" in the profile "Ossetian language and literature" - 111;
  • "Mathematics" - 116;
  • "Computer science and computing" - 127;
  • "Physics" - 129;
  • “Pedagogical education” in the “primary education” profile (Ossetian branch) - 133.

Of the specialties with high passing scores, one can distinguish “economy” in the “world economy” profile (246), “jurisprudence” (235), “management” (220), “economics” (211), and “linguistics” (208). Interesting for applicants and faculty of psychology SOGU. On the program that he offers, the passing score is 181.

These figures are rather big. In order to achieve such high results, applicants are ready to assist the pre-university training center of the North Ossetian State University. This unit organizes courses in Russian language, literature, mathematics, history, biology, foreign languages, etc. Specially designed programs for applicants are aimed at systematizing all the information in memory, eliminating gaps.The knowledge gained in the courses allows you to eventually reach the passing points when entering the faculties of SOGU.

SOGU students

Divisions of the North Ossetian State University are worthy. They are modernly equipped, renowned for highly qualified teachers who daily provide their students with deep knowledge and excellent practical skills. You can safely enter any department of the North Ossetian State University. Each division produces well-trained specialists who are ready to solve practical problems and find effective solutions to work issues.

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