Snow-scooter "Bars": description, features and reviews

The Russian manufacturer Bars has in its range a rich product line that includes snow scooters of various modifications for all age categories. The brand is constantly updated not only with new models, but also expands the color gamut of its products. The snow leopard "Bars" can be with a different print, but it is always of high quality.

snow scooter leopard

General specifications

In the manufacture of steering used only plastic with high shock-resistant properties. The frame of almost all models is made of durable aluminum alloy. Seats can vary significantly in shape, but mostly they are made of PVC and many have a thematic pattern.

Due to the different designs and form, you can choose both the classic snow leopard "Bars" and the sports version. There are models made specifically for girls. In addition to the bright "girly" color, these snow scooters are lighter and have the original shape of the seat.

Existing modifications

Types of snow scooters brand "Bars" is divided into categories by type of shock-absorbing device, which is installed on the front axle. However, there are models that have a fairly high cost, where depreciation is built into the seat.

Depending on the model, the composition of the frame may vary. As a rule, it is aluminum, but there are samples of steel. However, this option is much harder, but is suitable for use by adults on steep slopes due to increased strength.

snow scooter Leopard with back

The snow leopard "Bars" comes with a regular saddle, but there are also models with a back on the market. This modification, together with the aluminum construction, is available for children under 8 years old. It has a light weight not exceeding 6 kg.

Reviews about the model "Comfort"

The snow leopard "Bars Comfort" is a comfortable and reliable companion on a snow slide for children of all ages. Its design features allow you to withstand the most severe frost. Therefore, consumers from the northern regions note that the steel frame and skis do not crack even at temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Particularly distinguish the steering wheel, similar in appearance to the steering wheel of the liner, which, according to consumers, significantly helps maneuver on mountain slopes. For security, you can also not worry.On the steering mechanism is a reinforced shock absorber that absorbs shocks and allows you to overcome the bumps and pits without sharp jolts. The Bars snow-scooter with a folding back is found only in the Comfort series.

Reviews also indicate a unique brake, which consists of two metal plates with sharp teeth. Thanks to him, a dangerous situation is easily prevented with one touch of the feet

Snow Scooter Bars Comfort

The snow leopard "Bars Comfort" is suitable for family holidays and can withstand a load of 100 kg. Therefore, one of the parents can ride with the child if it is too small for independent descents.

The advantages of the modification "Comfort"

A distinctive feature of the model "Comfort" young parents consider the presence of the backrest. Thanks to this element, the child sits quietly and does not fall back. The Bars snow-scooter with a back is suitable for little travelers over 4 years old.

Unlike most other types of winter machinery, it slides well even on asphalt areas. The extended seat allows you to use the model for joint riding of two children or a child and an adult.

The snow leopard "Leopard" with a back is convenient when using.If necessary, the stand under the back folds up, and the fastening mechanism withstands repeated repetition of this action, as evidenced by the Bars brand quality guarantee. Comfort - a snow scooter for family leisure, but it can be used by a child independently.

snow scooter leopard reviews

Among the positive reviews should be noted bright colors, an attractive print based on popular animated scenes, and the ability to replace skis.

Bright new Russian Winter

The manufacturer constantly adds to the model range. So, in 2010, a new snow leopard "Bars" went on sale. Russian winter - a series with a sonorous name and relevant characteristics. The model has two main advantages: reasonable price and excellent quality.

snow leopard comfort snow scooter

Judging by consumer demand, this model is one of the most popular. The snow-scooter is not only a reliable companion for winter fun and Russian winter, but also a beautiful-looking vehicle thanks to its harmonious pattern on the seat. The case frame is available in six different colors.

Features of the series "Russian Winter"

Judging by the reviews, buyers when choosing a snow scooter are concerned with the parameters of quality and durability of skis, as well as safety of operation.The snow leopard "Bars" from the Russian Winter series is made of steel, which guarantees its durability. Skis are made of frost-resistant plastic, which withstands the harsh Russian frosts.

Appearance of transport perfectly harmonizes with its reliability and comfort of use. Everything that a rider may need during dashing descents from snow-capped mountains is provided for in this model.

Reliable and shaking-resistant shock absorbers on the steering rack allow the rider to calmly overcome the pits and hummocks without too much shaking. A soft seat and rubber inserts at the joints of skis perfectly quenched possible blows. The series has a sport type steering wheel, which is equipped with a mechanism that protects against arbitrary rotation. For emergency braking, there is a brake made of steel with a relief pattern.

This model is designed by the manufacturer for riding an adult up to 100 kg in weight and self-use by a child over 5 years old.

Features of the model "Shustrik"

The model is made from an aluminum frame of frost-resistant plastic. For those who are looking for a children's snow scooter, Bars suggests looking at this option.Its uniqueness in the anatomical design, which is designed specifically for kids.

The manufacturer took into account everything. If you pay attention to the reviews, there is an incredible ease of control, coupled with the maneuverability of the steering system. The sturdy frame, which is designed for loads up to 100 kg, will fully withstand the adult and the child, so the vehicle is suitable for family racing.

snow scooter

The manufacturer indicates the age of 3+, which is deservedly so. Low weight (up to 6 kg), soft seat made of artificial leather with funny patterns and comfortable, wide steps make this snow scooter comfortable for using by the smallest riders.

Snow Party Features

The model has a very high demand and, judging by the reviews, it is suitable for skiing for both children and adults. Many note its convenience in terms of storage, because the snow scooter folds easily.

The steel case and the plastic steering wheel are not subject to frost, and if you look at the reviews, you can see that the model is easy to operate.

Young mothers say that the snow scooter is well designed and there is an opportunity to fasten a small bag into place under the steering wheel.However, it should be remembered that in this series there is no limiter for the steering wheel, so the smallest riders should choose another option, otherwise they will be brought down during descents.

Opinions about the classic model

When in doubt about the choice, many stop looking at the classic model. This version combines convenient design, durability, reliability and speed.

The weight of the snow-scooter is 8 kg, which allows the child to cope with it independently and without the help of his parents to ride downhill. Comfortable seat, designed with the child's anatomy, allows you to conquer the snow peaks.

snow scooter Leopard Russian Winter

Models do not differ bright colors and fascinating patterns. Made in soothing colors, but the price is much lower, and the quality allows you not to worry about the safety of little riders.

Thins series

The snow scooter is designed for children over 5 years old. Suitable for adults because the frame is made of durable steel. Seat of the usual oval shape, made of artificial leather, treated against cracking in the cold and high loads.

The model is light enough, weighs only 6.7 kg, which makes it possible to drive a snow-scooter comfortably over the provided rope.And the large dimensions do not allow transport to roll over even on steep descents. However, this feature is indicated in the reviews and as a disadvantage. Due to the size and the impossibility of folding snowmobile difficult to store.

The skis included in the kit are strong enough, but some consumers point out the need to take care of them. There have been cases when skis cracked. But the manufacturer produces any component parts that can be purchased separately and replace any damaged part.

The series has bright color colors. Any buyer will find an option that will appeal. The seat is also decorated in the general style of transport, but the figure can gradually fade, which, however, does not affect the quality at all.


The entire model range of snow scooters "Bars" has a solid and reliable metal frame, reviews indicate the reliability of the design and ease of use. A big plus is that the company is Russian, so the manufacturer takes into account the winter frosts and for the production of skis uses only the most durable and high-quality plastic that can withstand the vagaries of the weather, and the body is made only from metal.

snow scooter Leopard with a folding back

To the choice of products of this manufacturer, many are pushing his story."Bars" produces sports goods for children and adults, continuing the activities of the organization, which began its work in Soviet times. In those days, adhered to very strict quality parameters. Therefore, using the snow leopard "Bars", positive reviews leave many consumers. This supports the Russian manufacturer and helps to learn more about the advantages of snow scooters.

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