Smoky quartz stone: properties

The beauty of smoky quartz is inspiring, and its healing and magical properties are unique! This is a difficult stone. He has such a powerful energy that it can be worn only by people who are well-wielded and able to resist various temptations. Smoky quartz is closely intertwined with the world of illusions and dreams due to which it is better for overly impressionable natures to stay away from him in order to maintain a connection with reality.

smoky quartz

Description of rauchtopaz

It belongs to quartzite, therefore smoky quartz is its second name. In nature, stone is quite common, it is highly valued by buyers and jewelers. This mineral is formed in quartz empty conductors under hydrothermal conditions with the participation of iron or aluminum.

The colors of smoky quartz: gray-brown, all shades of brown, golden brown, brown, almost black, dark brown. Transparency: matte or translucent. The mineral after treatment with high temperatures loses its original color and begins to resemble rock crystal. Colorless rauchtopazes do not occur under natural conditions.

smoky quartz properties

origin of name

The term “rauchtopaz” is generally incorrect, since this stone has nothing to do with topaz. Previously, he was called “raukhkvarts”, which corresponded to reality much more. But then the name given above was attached to it, which made smoky quartz more popular among consumers.

Also, rauchtopaz is sometimes called “smoky crystal”, which is also far from the truth, because rock crystal is absolutely transparent, without any impurities, a mineral that can contain only white internal stripes. But if small crystals of tourmaline, goethite, rutile or actinolite appear in it, then it is called a "hair-dye."smoky quartz stone

But such names as "Scottish stone" and "kerngorm" are justified. This is due to the fact that since ancient times smoky quartz has been mined in large quantities from the Cairngorm mountain in Scotland, from which its fame began. Even today its deposits are located there, but not as extensive as it was originally.

Suppliers rauchtopaza

The main supplier of smoky quartz today is Brazil. Also excellent samples are mined in Madagascar, in the USA, in the Alps.In general, as mentioned earlier, rauchtopaz is a fairly common stone, in other words, it is found on almost all continents.

The use of rauchtopaz

Smoky variety of quartz, which has inexpressive color and the least transparency, belongs to semi-precious stones. It is used for the manufacture of souvenirs, bowls and figurines.

Transparent stones of beautiful shades are considered semi-precious, therefore, they find their main use in the manufacture of jewelry. Rauchtopaz usually straightened in various alloys, gold and silver, from it perform all kinds of jewelry for women and cufflinks. Sometimes this stone itself is a frame for rubies and emeralds (mostly, these are unique works of authorship, the cost of which is very high).

Smoky quartz in ancient times had a sacred significance. They were decorated with ancestral clothing, objects of worship, harness for horses, which were used in church processions and mysteries. In bottles from it stored various useful liquids. Skulls carved from this mineral were used to conduct ceremonies in magical orders, while masters wore smoky quartz rings.

smoky quartz stone properties

Smoky Quartz: magical properties

The mineral helps to penetrate to other levels of consciousness and contributes to the discovery of various magical abilities. In addition, smoky quartz contributes to the collection of internal energy, as well as the exacerbation of telepathy and intuition. If you put it under your pillow, you can see a prophetic dream at night, after which you can interpret it correctly. Smoky quartz is a stone whose properties have not yet been fully studied. But we can say one thing: he gives his owner inspiration and enhances his feelings.

Smoky quartz is a talisman of healers, philosophers, astrologers, mystics, but if a person cannot cope with his inner strength, then the stone destroys it, causing a regression, and not personal development. The darker the mineral, the worse it is. Therefore, if you are not exactly sure about self-control, then choose the best golden brown color - there will be no great harm from it.

But for people with an adequate assessment of what is happening and with pure thoughts, rauchtopaz helps to meditate, relieves stress and gives inner peace. He can free a person from negative accumulated energy, resentment and irritation.This mineral teaches its owner to look at the world with the right, inner view, to improve spiritual development and read the signs of Destiny.

smoky variety of quartz

Smoky quartz: healing properties

Lithotherapists believe that rauchtopaz has a beneficial effect on all reproductive organs - girls “help” them to become pregnant, and young people to restore potency. The stone for this must be worn so that it is in close contact with the skin.

This mineral has a beneficial effect on the pancreas, adrenal glands, liver and nervous system. But for his healing magic to work, it is not enough just to wear jewelry. In this case, natural large crystals have the most curative effect. They need to be held daily for 10 minutes in both hands. Emotional overexcitement and pain relieve in the same way.

It is also believed that smoky quartz stone normalizes sleep and relieves insomnia. But if you are not ready for diverse and colorful dreams, use other methods of attracting Morpheus.smoky quartz stone properties

This is quite a spectacular mineral, with which modern jewelers have learned how to perform real miracles.Therefore, if you really like jewelry with him, then you don’t need to give up wearing them. Just do not wear them every day, and alternate with other "benevolent" and neutral stones.

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