Smartphone "Lenovo A7000": description, specifications, reviews

A smartphone is not a luxury, but an objective necessity for a modern person. I want the device to have good technical characteristics, original design, but it was affordable. These requirements are fully consistent with the smartphone "Lenovo A7000". This budget phablet fully meets the needs of users.

Smartphone "Lenovo A7000": characteristics

Before buying a smartphone, it is worth exploring the technical aspects. Speaking of such a device as "Lenovo A7000", the characteristics can be identified as follows:

  • The device works on the MediaTek platform;
  • operating system version - Android 5.0;
  • the display diagonal is 5.5 inches, and the resolution is 1280 × 720;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • 8 GB internal memory (less than 4 GB available to the user);
  • the device supports 2 micro-sim;
  • main and front cameras, respectively, at 8 megapixels and 5 megapixels;
  • The battery capacity is 2900 mAh.

lenovo a7000


Phone "Lenovo A7000" boasts a good bundle.The device comes in a small cardboard box, on the front of which is depicted the gadget itself. Opening the package, you will find the following items:

  • the device in one of the available colors;
  • Charger;
  • Micro USB cable, which serves both to charge the battery and to connect to a computer;
  • plastic headphones;
  • protective cover on "Lenovo A7000", made of transparent plastic;
  • screen protector;
  • instruction and other paper documentation.

lenovo a7000 Price

Design and ergonomics

Looking at the design of the Lenovo A700, we can conclude that this is a complete copy of the K3 Note model, which is not certified in the domestic market. The design is quite simple, it cannot be called original or elegant, however, the device looks very attractive.
The smartphone does not have any frames or borders. Its back and side faces are closed by a monolithic removable cover. This design causes the presence of squeak when the machine is squeezed. Plastic body matte, and therefore fingerprints on it almost does not remain. Still, it slips in his hands.
By removing the cover, you may find that the metal lock and volume buttons are attached to it, rather than built into the case.Under the panel is a removable battery, as well as slots for a memory card and a pair of SIM cards.
The back side of the device looks quite succinctly. In the upper left corner there is a camera eye and a flash. Quite unexpected was the location of the lattice dynamics. It is located near the right side above the corporate logo. If you put the device on the table with the screen facing up, the sound of the bell will overlap the surface. If you want to wear a decorative case, the speaker slot will spoil its appearance.
The front panel of the device is covered with protective glass. At the edges there are barely noticeable bumpers that protect it from contact with the surface. A conversational speaker, a camera eye, and an event indicator are located above the screen. Below are the touch buttons, the backlight is not provided.
On the top there are connectors for headphones and USB-cable. On the right side - the lock and volume buttons. All other faces are free. The device is available in three colors (black, yellow and white). The front panel in all versions is black.
Phone "Lenovo A700" has a sufficiently large size - 153 × 76 × 8 mm.Nevertheless, given the small thickness and light weight, it does not look bulky. It fits comfortably in your hand and fits easily in your pocket.

lenovo a7000 characteristics

Screen features

As mentioned earlier, the device is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen, which is covered with a protective glass, which showed good scratch resistance. With physical dimensions of 68 × 121 mm, the resolution is rather small (1280 × 720 pixels). Around the display there is a frame of rather impressive size. On the sides, it is 4 mm, and on the top and bottom, respectively, 14 mm and 18 mm.
Given the presence of the light sensor, the brightness can be adjusted automatically. When you bring the device to your ear, the screen goes out, which saves battery power. Viewing angles are good even with a significant deviation of the screen from the axis.

cover for lenovo a7000


The Lenovo A7000 and K3 Note smartphones work in 2G and 3G networks. For the main SIM card, access to LTE is provided. External devices can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. GPS and Glonass work without complaints. It is especially worth noting the presence of a magnetic sensor that provides the electronic compass.
Comfortable work in the telephone mode is provided thanks to the Smart Dial. During dialing, an automatic search by contact is performed.Also worth noting is the possibility of typing by sliding on the keyboard. For one-handed operation, the keys are automatically shifted when the device is tilted.
As for the work of SIM cards, it is carried out alternately. So, in standby mode, both remain active. But in the talk mode or sending messages, the second card is deactivated, since the device is equipped with only one radio module. Any Simka can be assigned as the main one.

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Firmware "Lenovo A7000"

The operation of the smartphone is provided by the Android operating system. Over it, a proprietary shell Vibe UI is installed. The interface is almost the same as other devices of this manufacturer. Most users find it coarse. Thus, the shell of the device can not be called stylish. But it will certainly appeal to those who like to experiment with a large number of settings.
The first time you turn on the smartphone, you will find a large number of pre-installed programs. Unfortunately, nothing supernatural or unique you will not find. Most applications can be found in the Play Store absolutely free.But the pleasant moment can be considered the ability to control gestures. So, by drawing a letter of the Latin alphabet with your finger, you can call this or that application.

Device operation

If you do not take into account the small built-in memory (8 GB, of which only 3.55 GB is available to users), then the filling of the device deserves attention. The device works quickly and smoothly when performing basic tasks, and in the case of "hard" games. However, under heavy load, the device may overheat.
The main camera has no outstanding features. Autofocus works well. Though there are few settings, but with their help you can create quite high-quality frames. The front camera allows you to make good selfie, and also provides high-quality video.
Despite the fact that the battery capacity is not the largest, the device is quite tenacious. So, if you have a long trip, then from a single charge, you can watch the video for more than 8 hours in the "Flight" mode. And this is at maximum brightness. In normal mode (calls, Internet surfing, etc.), about 40-50% of the charge is spent per day.
firmware lenovo a7000

Positive reviews

Buying a smartphone is a crucial moment. It is important to choose a device that meets all user requests. At the same time, I want its price not to be transcendental. One of these devices is the "Lenovo A7000". Customer reviews contain such positive information about him:

  • large and colorful screen;
  • tenacious battery;
  • despite the impressive size, the smartphone is very comfortable in the hands;
  • responsive sensor, which is characterized by smart and smooth work;
  • the case is collapsible, the battery is removable, which greatly facilitates repairs and extends the life of the device;
  • good screen with excellent color reproduction;
  • regular updating of the operating system;
  • good quality audio playback;
  • phone menu is simple, intuitive;
  • there is a function of automatic brightness control;
  • despite its large size, the phone is very light;
  • navigation system works well;
  • Included is a good plastic case that will be useful, given the fragile plastic casing;
  • excellent viewing angles;
  • nice design;
  • it is possible to store under the password all confidential information;
  • LTE is supported (though for only one SIM card);
  • powerful vibration mechanism;
  • There is a light indicator of events.

phone lenovo a7000

Negative reviews

Even an ideal, at first glance, smartphone may not meet all the expectations of the user. So that some of the shortcomings do not become an unpleasant surprise for you, read the reviews in advance. They contain such negative comments:

  • internal memory is too small;
  • If you compare with similar devices "Lenovo A7000", the price is too high;
  • metal buttons are removed along with the cover;
  • the microphone is rather weak, which is why the interlocutor may not hear you well during a conversation;
  • The case material is very delicate and prone to damage, and therefore it is almost impossible to wear it without a case;
  • the interface of the device is overloaded with unnecessary elements;
  • front camera does not the best quality photos;
  • periodically, the device stops responding to the charging connection (the problem is solved by removing and reinstalling the battery);
  • Included are very cheap and low-quality headphones, which should be replaced immediately with the purchase;
  • quiet speaker, which is why it is not very convenient to make calls in vehicles or on the street;
  • sometimes the alarm does not work;
  • after a few months of use, the phone starts to hang, and therefore it has to be rebooted;
  • modest range of adjustment of screen brightness;
  • the screen is very labeled, quickly collects fingerprints;
  • With a large number of simultaneously open tabs, the phone starts to slow down;
  • the protective film, which is included in the kit, not only distorts the picture, but also reduces the sensitivity of the sensor;
  • touch buttons lack backlight.


Having just appeared on the market, such a device as the "Lenovo A7000" won the love of users. The price of a smartphone varies from 12,000 rubles. up to 16 000 rubles, depending on the point of sale. The phone is a great combination of a productive filling and a stylish shell. Its cost is much lower than the flagship models. Nevertheless, there is no sensation of a budget apparatus. And if we talk about battery power, this device can give odds to many expensive models.

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