Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features

Explay recently released a newa Vega smartphone with a 4.7 inch screen, a quad-core processor and an IPS matrix. Such characteristics are more inherent in expensive models of communicators. However, Explay Vega is released in the budget version, which can be purchased for 5000 rubles.

explay vega reviews

Manufacturers have manufactured a smartphone in severalcolor solutions, so that each user could pick up a gadget in accordance with their own preferences. Business people are suitable communicators in black and white, and for fans of youth and glamor style, you can recommend looking at green, orange, blue, red and yellow models.

If you compare this mobile device withbudget models of other manufacturers, then by technical characteristics it will look very profitable against their background. In addition, there are many low-quality models on the market that are only released as a replica of expensive smartphones, they are very inconvenient to use, and the functionality leaves much to be desired. The Explay Vega phone, user reviews and features we will now consider, has all the necessary modern technologies and chips that have become the norm for mobile devices and are simply necessary for users in the 21st century.

Ease of use

Budget mobile devices in the mainare made of plastic, but the quality of this material can be very different. Smartphone Explay Vega in appearance resembles expensive models of famous manufacturers that cost 15-20 thousand rubles more than this device.

phone explay vega reviews

The back of the gadget is made ofquality plastic. As for the sensations from touching the Explay Vega, the testimonials indicate that it is very pleasant to the touch. Under the display smartphone is familiar for devices on the "Android" are 3 touch buttons. It is convenient to operate the phone with one hand. This is facilitated by the successful location of the power button and the lock, as well as the keys to adjust the volume.

The upper side panel has connectors forconnect the micro-USB cable and headset. During the use of the smartphone, the thumb can easily reach any corner of the mobile device, you do not need to hold the communicator with the second hand all the time and constantly intercept it.

Explay Vega phone: reviews about the quality of the display

Budget models often useTN-matrices, they make the image faded, but at the cost of this technical specification the cost is very low. Explay manufacturers have put in the smartphone IPS, which is inherent in expensive mobile devices, while the price of the smartphone remained acceptable.

explay vega 4 7 reviews

The resolution of the screen is 480x800 pixels, this,of course, not the highest rates. For the most part, this parameter has little effect on the sharpness of the image. Some budget phones have a much larger screen resolution, but the picture looks less clear. As for the Explay Vega screen (4.7), the reviews mention several positive characteristics: high color rendering, good viewing angles and good contrast. When testing the smartphone, the screen made a very good impression, there are no special claims to it.


Under the back cover is a removable batteryand slots for two SIM cards. There is only one GSM module in the mobile device. This means that only one SIM card can receive calls, and the second one will be inactive at this time. In the rest of the time, both SIM cards will function simultaneously. They are able to receive messages and calls. To transfer data, you can use one card, you yourself can choose which one to connect.

Some smartphones use the Internetcan only be with one SIM card. In some cases, only a specific card can support 3G. For the user it is possible to connect in the settings the main SIM, which will by default accept messages and calls. If the master number is not selected, the device will each time select a request. Manufacturers are very convenient to identify both Sims using color identification. The first map is displayed in blue, and the second is in orange. Now the user will not be confused as to which of the sims is active at a given time.

Explay Vega: reviews about the software

explay vega black reviews

Smartphone Explay Vega works with the operating roomsystem "Android 4.2.2". Paying attention to the features of the Explay Vega Black software, user reviews delightfully emphasize that instead of Google, Yandex services were placed in the device, which makes it easier to work with the Internet. However, this state of affairs is not to everyone's liking.

If you like Google more, you canindependently install Play on your mobile. After downloading it is easy to use the rest of the services. The smartphone loaded applications, some free, and some if necessary have to buy. As for the Explay Vega Yellow interface, the reviews reacted favorably to it. After all, everything is standard here, like all mobile devices on "Android", only the desktop background and some icons are branded.


explay vega yellow reviews

The smartphone camera allows you to make high-qualitypictures. Speaking about this side of the work of the smartphone Explay Vega, user reviews and expert opinions converge in the fact that the photos are much better than in other budget devices. At least, they are suitable for use in social networks. The device has a front camera of 2 MP, which can be useful in case of using video chats. When the battery is active, the battery lasts about 6 hours, and in standby mode, the smartphone will last for several days without recharging.


Such is the communicator Explay Vega, reviews andthe characteristics of which we considered today, and now we will sum up. Just 5000 rubles you can get a smartphone with a high-quality matrix, good design, high performance, a large screen and the ability to use two SIM cards. The new model is really capable of making a competition in the market of budget communicators.

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Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features Smartphone Explay Vega: reviews and features