Smartphone Doogee Shoot 1: customer reviews

When buying a smartphone, we often meetunknown manufacturers, but we try to choose models of popular companies. On the one hand, this is correct, on the other, we often overlook some manufacturers who produce good technology. The same thing happened with Doogee Shoot 1. There are very few reviews about this phone, because this manufacturer is not known to the Russian consumer.

But in due course, Meizu did not inspire trust.


We know a huge number of Chinese companies,which produce phones. But even more for us remain unknown. Nevertheless, they produce good budget devices that may appeal to the non-demanding consumer.doogee shoot 1 reviews

Doogee is a small Chinese factory that has already released several smartphones. It can not be said that they received a weighty response in the CIS countries, but they did not become worse from this.

Of course, this company does not have such opportunities asfrom world famous companies. Therefore, developers have to sacrifice something. Most often this is the "stuffing" of the phone. Hence, it turns out that cheap models with some drawbacks fall into the market.

DooGee Shoot 1 has received the responses, so, aboutsomeone knows him. The model was a double camera. As a marketing move, this is a winning option. Externally, the novelty is not inferior to all newfangled models. With performance, everything is somewhat worse, but looking at the price tag, you realize that this is not so significant.


The packaging came up creatively. It looks decent, although the features of the budget segment are noticeable. We have a black matte box with a nice soft-touch coating. A phone is displayed in front, a model is indicated above it, and the manufacturer's logo modestly fits in the left-hand corner.

Inside the box, we are waiting for a small surprise,who collected positive feedback. The smartphone Doogee Shoot 1 came with an expanded bundle. He was placed on a plaque, under which there is a compartment with other accessories.

The Chinese manufacturer introduced a charger, to it a USB cable. There is all the necessary documentation and a clip for extracting the tray of "simok".

To such a standard set it was decided to addSilicone Case. It is soft, but high-quality. For many it was just a godsend. The screen already has a protective film - another plus. And also there is a "cloth" for wiping the phone doogee shoot 1 reviews


The design was noticeably adopted from Huawei. There are some features of the already forgotten HTC. The Chinese factory did not become "bother" and original. We have a copy of all modern devices.

Since this is a budget segment, nometal housings. The back cover is made of plastic, with the traditional inserts under the antenna. Probably everyone has already got used to them, so Doogee decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to go along the beaten path.

The shape of the hull is all the same round. There are rounded edges of the screen. Elements all settled on already familiar places. Front there is a mechanical button, like Meizu, and on the sides of it small indicators are lit, these are touch control buttons.

The model is produced in black, gray and, of course,gold color. The black version is the most interesting and bought, although it has acquired a more dark gray shade. Golden, by the way, the same is far from this color. It is more beige-pink.

Essential elements

So, the front panel is almost completelytakes up the screen. It is covered with a protective glass 2.5D. A film is glued on top. Not the fact that it will last you a long time. As usual, such accessories quickly collect damage and scratches. Can get dirty. In any case, you can order from China a couple more spare.

The cover is also useful, of course, if you neednormal protection of the back cover from scratches, it will go perfectly. The rest can choose for themselves "bumpers" more cheerful. Silicone case firmly seated on the body, there are additional plugs for the headset connectors and charging. If they interfere, they can be cut off.doogee shoot 1 black reviews

Under the screen is a mechanical ovalbutton with silver border. It is also responsible for the fingerprint scanner. In this regard, the phone Doogee Shoot 1 reviews got good. Such a sensor is now in fashion, and many users want it to move quickly to the budget segment.

On the sides of the button there are touch keys. They can be customized to install more familiar commands.

Above the screen is the front camera, next to it - a talking speaker. Immediately placed a pair of sensors.

The main surprise was located on the lid. Here, one can hardly overlook two "eyes" of the camera, between which there is a flash. In the middle of the case - the manufacturer's logo. Above and below there is a black edging. Usually this is used in metal cases to hide the antennas underneath. The manufacturer decided to add this element to its devices.

The phone's dimensions are standard. To say that it is large, it is impossible. It is 15 cm high, 7 cm wide and 8 mm thick. The weight of it is up to 170 grams. In the hands of the model lies well. Due to the fact that the body is made of plastic, it is light.


Good reviews Doogee Shoot 1 Black received and foraccount of the location of parts on the body. The right end is occupied by the power button. Above it is a combined tray for two microSIM or one memory card. Despite the fact that such an arrangement seemed unusual for many, the majority of owners accepted it doogee shoot 1 reviews

On the left side, the "kachelka"volume control. The bottom side got a connector for the charger. On each side of it there are two identical lattices. Under one of them is an external speaker. The second is usually a microphone. But in this model everything turned out somehow strange. The microphone took its place next to the grate. As a result, the latter plays the role of scenery.

On the case there is an auxiliary microphone for noise reduction. It is located above the upper "eye" of the camera. This arrangement is not always convenient, as sometimes it is covered by hand.

The top end is occupied by a single headset connector.


Display Doogee Shoot 1 reviews got good. The display size is 5.5 inches with FullHD resolution. Some budget models from popular manufacturers do not even have such parameters. Before us is a good, quality screen with an IPS matrix.

It has an automatic brightness control, and the team from Sharp worked on it.

The display surprised many. Looking at the price tag of the device, you can expect anything. In the same case it turned out that the manufacturer did not save on the screen. First, a good diagonal, which allows, and read, and movies to watch, and quickly look for something on the Internet.

Secondly, the colors are correct and there are nocensures. Thirdly, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels pleased. The reserve of brightness is enough for use on a sunny day. You can adjust the display differently using the built-in Live Display function. It corrects and calibrates phone doogee shoot 1 black reviews

Autonomy of work

Pleased and battery Doogee Shot 1. The owners' responses were good, since 3300 mAh batteries were enough for a full day. Thanks to the charger for 5V / 2A, the minimum charging time is one and a half hours.

The phone can play up to 6 hours of video files. The problem lies only in the fact that the developers did not optimize the "stuffing" because of the lack of money. Therefore, even if the phone is in the standby mode, it is still discharged. When the screen is on, the device will last 3 hours.

Some owners were upset thatthe battery does not always work according to the rules. Sometimes he can show strange and unexpected "manipulations": lose a lot of percent at night or do not discharge after hours work. All this, of course, is bad for work. Therefore, reviews of smartphone Doogee Shoot 1 Black gets completely different.


There is nothing to boast about here. We have a simple budget phone-a "dialer". Of course, in addition to communication, he can easily withstand the video and listen to music. Also it will be enough for surfing the Internet.

From toys and resource-intensive applications will have to be abandoned. The system is not optimized and does not always work correctly.

Inside is the quad-core MediaTek chipset6737T with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Accelerator also comes from China - Mali T720 MP2. 2 GB of RAM is a boundary value. Someone will have enough, but someone is not enough. Still, most modern models try to produce with 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

The internal memory is also modest - 16 GB, of which only 10 GB is available. But if this is not enough, remember that you can always donate one SIM card and install a memory card.doogee shoot 1 customer reviews

In performance, productivity is short of a head. "Heavy" games will not work as you would like, but you can even try to run them.


In terms of various modules and all technologies,which are needed for communication, everything is fine. The model supports LTE in five bands. It does not give out aggregation of frequencies, the speed is the minimum possible, but everything works stably.

There is support for OTG, although most owners did not need it at all. The rest do not even understand what it is. Wi-Fi works stably, without failures. Bluetooth is also good at it.


As it is clear from the responses of the buyers Doogee Shoot1, many attracted the camera. First, this "chip" is not in all even expensive models, and secondly, it looks promising. In fact, as you know, everything is somewhat different. After all, if it produced such an amazing quality, then the device would cost several times more.

We have two modules. One works at a resolution of 13 megapixels. This lens was created by Samsung, and there are no questions to it. The second module is 8 megapixels. It is needed in order to analyze the depth of the image and create a beautiful bokeh.

It sounds good, but in fact it turned outdeceptively. If you cover the 8-megapixel module, a message will appear on the screen that the lens is closed. If you ignore it and take a picture, and after repeating the action with an already open module, you will notice that there is no difference.

On the one hand, it was clear that thismarketing move. On the other hand, did the manufacturer spend money on a regular model. It turned out that there is a difference in the photographs, and it lies in the resolution of the picture. Images are superimposed, thereby improving the resulting image.doogee shot 1 owner reviews

Like many and the front camera Doogee Shoot 1. Reviews it got good due to its permission for 8 megapixels and the possibility of portrait processing.


That's such a budget and unusual turned outmediocre smartphone. Users noted that there is no problem with regard to communication and communications. In this regard, it is difficult to spoil anything. The connection is good, the sound of the microphone and the conversational speaker is also normal.

Many liked the exterior. Yes, let it be typical for a modern device, but fashionable. There were complaints about the placement of parts on the case. Someone got used to the fact that the power and volume buttons are always there. But these are all subjective moments that are quickly forgotten.

Reviews of Doogee Shoot 1 Gray touched himhardware part. With this, the phone really has a problem. Due to the non-optimized system, we get some problems with the battery and in general with the performance. But if you do not need resource-intensive work with "heavy" applications, then "hardware" will be enough for you.

We have a good budget phone for 9 thousandrubles. It is not bad, both externally and internally. The device is not suitable for every modern user. Therefore, it is important to understand what is important to you in your smartphone. For those who are looking for a fashionable "dialer", Doogee Shoot 1 is an excellent choice.

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