Slavic Goddess Makosh

Makosh was revered by the Slavs almost more than all other Goddesses. In Kiev, on the temple, built by Prince Vladimir, her sculpture was next to the images of the male gods.goddess makoshIn this case, you can draw an analogy with the revered Christians Mary Magdalene, the only woman considered equal to the apostles.

The goddess Makosh is the eldest of the three reveredonce in Russia the Goddesses-spins of fate. Often she is portrayed with a ball in her hands. The other two goddesses are spins - her daughters Share and Nedolya. According to the views of the ancient Slavs, depending on the righteousness of man, Makosh sends one of them to him. To the good people comes the share, to the bad - Nedolya.

The goddess Makosh is considered the patroness of allwomen, fertility and needlework. Young girls once asked her to send a groom. Married were asked about the husband's keeping, light childbirth and children's health. In addition, it was Makoshi who prayed for the sending of a good harvest. She also patronized the wealth in the house.

Until now, researchers of the ancient Slavicthe cultures did not agree on how the name of this goddess actually sounds. It is called in different ways: Makosh, Mokosh, Mokusha, Mokesh, Mokushka, etc. According to some scientists, it is she who owes her name to the current capital of our state - Moscow.legacy of the goddess makosh

The goddess Makosh was often portrayed in sculptures. For their production, women's wood was used. Most often it was aspen. At the same time, the Goddess appeared in front of the audience as an ordinary woman with long arms, who held a spindle in her hands. It was believed that with the help of this tool it weaves human destinies.

The legacy of the Goddess Makosh is not forgotten even today. For example, there are 12 laws on which she commanded people to live. Here are some of them: do not make excuses, do not envy, do not shift your responsibility to other people, do not do someone else's work, do not be afraid of defeats, etc.

At the moment,magazines or relevant forums, you can even purchase an interesting book containing a description of the ancient Slavic rites. It is believed that she can fulfill the desire. The book "The Legacy of the Goddess Makosh" costs about 500 rubles, and anyone can buy it, interested in the culture and history of its country.

book legacy of the goddess makoshWith the adoption of Christianity, the ancient Slavic Godswere forgotten. Including the Goddess Makosh. However, the Orthodox Christian teaching very strongly traces the influence of ancient pagan ideas about the Universe. Many Gods and Goddesses have some analogies in the new doctrine. So, the goddess Lada-rozhanitsu can be compared with the Virgin. Sam Makosh, as mentioned above - with Magdalene, etc. In this regard, one can not, of course, not notice the strong influence of paganism on the formation of Christianity in our country.

Many qualities of the Goddess Makoshi can be considered evenin something masculine: strength and changeability of character, courage, endurance, ability to fight for your happiness (remember Magdalene, the only disciple of Christ who did not abandon him during the crucifixion). However, all this is beautifully balanced in her purely feminine features - economic, love of order, ability to prepare well and hard work.

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