Signal cartridge 12 caliber: overview, description

The attention of fans of small arms on the shelves of specialized stores presented a wide range of different models and ammunition to them. Judging by the numerous reviews, smooth-bore weapons are very popular with consumers. Shooting from it is carried out by ammunition 12 gauge.

12 gauge chuck

Today, the manufacture of 12 caliber signal cartridges engaged in several companies. Ammunition of different manufacturers differs from each other and is indicated in a specific color. Information about what are 12 gauge signal cartridges and how much they cost is contained in the article.

Meet the signal weapons

In remote areas, when performing military or rescue operations, it may be necessary to give a warning signal. Therefore, the military and rescuers are equipped with special weapons and 12-caliber signal cartridges. These special means can also be used by civilians who sail at sea on private boats.

12 gauge rifle signal cartridges

In order to create a light, smoke and sound signal, 12 gauge signal cartridges are fired. You can manually apply a pyrotechnic signal by launching a reactive and lighting cartridge, or shooting a pyrotechnic cartridge from a special smooth-bore weapon. The result is a flash of red, yellow, white and green fire.

About manufacturers

Among the companies engaged in the manufacture of signal cartridges for a 12-caliber rifle, leading positions are occupied by such companies as Sterling, Kometa, Record, Berling, Geko, Wolf, Sellier and RWS. The cartridges they produce differ from each other in different types of cores. Some models contain obturators. On the ammunition market there are also models with stabilizers. When buying signaling ammunition 12 gauge, in order to prevent the formation of misfires, experts recommend to pay attention to the type of primer. For signaling products, caps of different series are provided.

About capsule model K-12

Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, there is great demand for 12-caliber signal cartridges equipped with K-12 type capsules.The indicator of height of rise when using this production makes 70 m. It is desirable to buy such cartridge taking into account type of its core. The presence of stabilizers is characteristic of most of the signal samples produced by Sterling. The cores in such cartridges are located at the shell. Anyone who wants to save money, can purchase products without anvils. According to the owners, such products are much cheaper and practically do not misfire. One pack worth 1300 rubles contains 10 cartridges each. During firing, muzzle energy of 20 J is formed. The weight of the flat anvils is insignificant. Since there is a stamped type of cartridge for cartridges, there is no dampening of the ammunition, which is highly appreciated by the consumer.

About flat-bottomed cartridges

On the market of signal pyrotechnic products, cartridges containing a flat obturator are rare. The company "Comet" is considered the main manufacturer of such ammunition. In the manufacture of anvils as the material is mainly used steel.

how to make a 12 caliber signal cartridge

According to the owners, shooting a 12-caliber signal cartridge, equipped with a flat obturator, is almost always done without misfire.

ammunition 12 gauge alarm record

For such products, various types of cores are provided.In the range of pyrotechnic products, a cartridge with a wide flange is also rare. According to some owners, during the shooting of these patrons misfire still happen. This fact is explained by the presence of poor-quality obturator. However, such cases are rare. In addition, the disadvantages of this pyrotechnic products can be attributed to its susceptibility to damping and a significant mass. The cartridge weighs 12 g, which, according to experts, is very high for an alarm product. However, unlike the Sterling cartridges, Kometa products are characterized by an increased lift height. Using an ammunition with a flat obturator, the star can be launched at 85 meters.

About steel stabilizers

In an effort to increase the muzzle energy of their pyrotechnic products, manufacturing companies equip cartridges with steel stabilizers. As a result, the rate of signal rise (stars) increases significantly. Products are completed with a wide variety of seed mixtures. The cores of such signal cartridges preferably have machined flanges. Weighs pyrotechnic signal products with steel stabilizers 9 grams.Consumer opinion about the product is ambiguous. According to experts, the characteristics of cartridges differ depending on their value and the manufacturer.

About signal cartridges 12 caliber "Record"

Since this pyrotechnic product is not a dangerous ammunition, it is commercially available. The manufacturer in the production of cartridges used powder brand "Falcon". According to customers, after the shot "star" is lit for 4 seconds. The product line consists of white, red, green and yellow cartridges. The height of the rise of the signal varies from 90-100 meters. The most purchased is a cartridge with a white star. It is intended for short-term coverage of the area. With the help of other colors, signals and messages are given for long distances. The radius of visibility provided by the burning of a star under good weather conditions is at least 2 thousand meters.

how much are 12 gauge signal cartridges

About Berling

Judging by consumer reviews, high quality is typical for signal cartridges from the company “Berling”. For products stabilizers are provided. Sleeves are filled with powder brand "Suner". The weight of one product is 10.5 g.Some models contain flanges with grooves. According to customer reviews, the Berling signal cartridges are not susceptible to damping and have a stable primer. The alarm star flies at a speed of 150 m / s. According to experts, this indicator for pyrotechnic signal means is considered very high. One pack is designed for 15 rounds. The cost of the goods is 1,400 rubles.

About RWS Products

The height indicator of the signal star released from this cartridge is 85 meters. According to consumer reviews, the powder charge of the “Suner” brand is contained in a durable sleeve and is not susceptible to dampening. For cartridges are provided capsules series KP300. Pyrotechnic products are equipped with flanges with flat ends. In one pack contains 10 rounds. You can buy them for 850 rubles.

About signaling ammunition "Geko"

Judging by consumer reviews, today the signal cartridges of the Geko company are less in demand. This is due to the fact that only the red color is provided for the warning star. In addition, for cartridges characterized by the absence of stabilizers. The design has cores and obturators.Shell pyrotechnic products company "Geko" contains nickel-plated coating. Since the durable lead-based liner is completed with aluminum anvils, the cartridges weigh a little, which is appreciated by consumers. Cartridges are packaged in packs of 10 pieces each. The cost of one is not more than 900 rubles.

About pyrotechnics "Wulf"

Owners' reviews of the 12 caliber cartridges of the Wulf company are mostly positive. For ammunition provided for the presence of flat obturators. Cartridges have a small weight. During the combustion of the powder charge of “Suner” a muzzle energy of 25 J is formed, which is enough to lift the star by 80 meters. In the production of signal cartridges, the company uses a stamped type of liner with an aluminum base. When installing cores stabilizers are not used. The lack of products is too high a price. One pack contains 20 rounds. You can buy them for 2100 rubles.

About Sellier

According to users, the signal cartridges of this brand are not different in moisture resistance. In addition, their sleeves have very thin walls that are easily damaged.They refuel powder "Kreno". The height of the star does not exceed 80 m. Judging by the reviews, there are often problems with stabilization during operation. Only cartridges with a red star are available. The sleeves are completed with bimetallic cores. The above factors explain the low demand for these products in the market of pyrotechnic signal products. The pack contains 15 rounds. Their price is 900 rubles.

smooth-bore weapon

How to make a 12 caliber signal cartridge?

Judging by the numerous reviews, some consumers use handicraft pyrotechnic products. Mostly those who want to save. If you have the necessary raw materials and tools, make a signal cartridge is not difficult. In addition, it is important to know the technology of manufacture and to comply with safety regulations.

Before you start work, you must purchase a sleeve. It is desirable that it be with an aluminum base. For homemade signal cartridge suitable primer series PP20. The pyrotechnic mixture can be made of ground potassium nitrate (50%), powdered sugar (25%), and magnesium or silver powder. Then in 0.5 liters of acetone soak 20 grams of powder brand "Falcon".It should be infused for 5-6 days until it reaches the consistency of the green jelly. In the future, it will be soaked pyrotechnic mixture. Then from the paper you need to glue the cup. The thickness of its walls should be at least 1 mm. After drying, the mixture is placed in this container.

firing 12 caliber signal cartridges

From the wad container it is necessary to cut the obturator and the glass. Then they need to make one hole, which must be aligned with each other. After that, the obturator and glass are glued together. After filling with gunpowder, it is installed in a 12-gauge sleeve. The shutter should be turned down. Then black powder is poured into the hole. The paper construction in the sleeve should be upside down. After this, the home-made is equipped with a gasket, a twist and a ring, with a diameter and thickness like that of a cup.


Weapons equipped with a signal cartridge should not be directed towards people, animals and highly inflammable items. According to experts, with the observance of safety rules, 12-caliber signal ammunition is quite safe and predictable.

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