Shure SE215 Headphones Overview

Shure is not one of the popular brands, so many of us have never even heard of it. Nevertheless, in the circles of real music lovers and experts, this manufacturer is very popular, despite the rather high cost of its products, even in comparison with the promoted counterparts. The company releases its products in rather limited editions and updates them less frequently.

HeadphonesShure SE215 Reviewwhich are presented below, became the debut model in the lineup with detachable wires from this company.shure se215

general description

Headphone build quality is high. The main feature of the design are detachable cables. They are provided so that the damaged wire can be replaced if necessary. As practice shows, this happens extremely rarely, because the quality of cables here, like that of other members of the line, is very high. Do not forget about the durable place of attachment.

Shure SE215 Headphoneshave a curved shape and look very organic. At the same time, the ear hook is embedded in a five-centimeter portion of the wire.The model is available in a brilliant black and clear plastic classic design. The basis of the mechanism for disconnecting cables are gold connectors. Color dots are provided on each side of the connector, due to which it will be difficult even for a beginner to mistake the wires. In particular, the color red is for the right side and blue for the left side. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar and is not tangled as often as with ordinary headphones. The model uses single dynamic emitters.shure se215 headphones


In connection with the non-standard form at first glance it may seem that the most difficult is to wear headphones.Shure SE215. ReviewsConnoisseurs of the brand indicate that in fact everything is very simple. It is enough to stretch the wire behind the ears and as if to insert the headphones upside down. As practice shows, even beginners get used to it very quickly.

The device weighs only a few grams, so it is almost not felt. If it were not for the perfect sound insulation and the absence of extraneous noise, one could have completely forgotten about its presence in the ears. It should be noted that the comfort of wearing the model, most users call one of its most important advantages.

Sound quality

Speaking about the sound quality, first of all it should be noted that while listening to melodies usingShure SE215You can distinguish a large number of audio parts, even without being an expert in the field of music. The model is designed for bass lovers. Here applied dynamic speakers with MicroDriver technology. In this regard, it is not surprising that even at mid and low frequencies, the bass sounds clear and transparent.

Judging by the numerous reviews, the real admiration of the majority of device owners is caused by the way the key sound signature is stored here. When playing tracks, the music seems to be distributed over a wide sound surface, and not just limited to the ears of the listener through a narrow opening of the headphones.shure se215 review

At a high level is insulation. Although the headphones do not penetrate the ear canal very deeply, most of the extraneous sounds will not be heard, which makes the model an excellent solution for traveling in public transport or for traveling in noisy companies.

Nevertheless, there is still one drawback. The fact is that at times intelligibility can be lost in the upper range.First of all, this concerns complex compositions. Not very friendly modelShureSE215 reacts to equalizers. In this case, the high frequencies may become too resonant. In this regard, it makes no sense to use the software to improve sound quality.

Completion and cost

The model is sold in a high-quality beautiful box, so it is considered a very good gift for a real music lover for some holiday. Inside, in addition to the headphones themselves, there is a handbag, as well as six pairs of interchangeable linings made of rubber and silicone material. In this regard, the user can easily find the perfect option for any ear. Cost ofShure SE215in the Russian market is about 100 euros.shure se215 reviews


As practice shows, the model can be called the best solution for people who prefer to listen to music in the style of pop, rap, light jazz or electronics, and love a lot of bass. Headphones have good performance, and are also very reliable and durable device. Due to the presence of thoughtful fastening modelShure SE215can be called a good option for sports or any othermoving action.

Excellent sound, detachable cables and workmanship are considered its main advantages. The cost of the model at first glance may seem rather high. On the other hand, feedback from most users indicates that the headset is worth the money.

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