Sergey Stepashin: biography, position

Today in Russia everyone knows for sure who Sergei Stepashin is. Recently, however, about him almost nothing is heard. They do not write about him in the press, do not show it on television, and it seems that he left the country or went into the “underground”. So where is Sergei Stepashin now? What does the former chairman of the Control Chamber do? Further in the article we will present to your attention a story about the life and work of this prominent political figure, whose career began in Soviet times and continued to this day.Sergey Stepashin

Sergey Stepashin: biography, childhood

The future head of the Control Chamber of the Russian Federation was born in early March in a military hospital in 1952 in the Chinese city of Port Arthur, where the Soviet military base was located. His father, Vladimir Stepashin, was a soldier and served in the Soviet Navy on the Pacific Front. When the boy was three years old, the base was disbanded, and the family had to leave for the northern capital of the country, the hero city of Leningrad.Here he went to kindergarten, then to high school, he studied well and dreamed of the profession of a policeman. In childhood, he, like many of his peers, was fond of football, and also loved to play chess.


After graduating from school, young Sergei Stepashin decided to enter the Higher Political School at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union, and when he turned 18, he was called to serve in the special unit of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Forces. After demobilization, he decided to continue his studies in the same direction and applied to the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Academy (military-political). After receiving a diploma, he enrolled in the graduate school of this higher military institution. Having received the degree of “Candidate of Historical Sciences“, for 12 years, until 1992, he taught to young policemen in his native school, where his career began. At the same time, he was an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, in view of this, more than once participated in various military peacekeeping operations in the so-called hot spots of the country, for example, in the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Republic, Uzbekistan, Fergana, etc.where is Sergey Stepashin now?

As he speaks about himself, Stepashin Sergey Vadimovich, whose biography is presented in this article, his education did not cease throughout his life.He always tried to get new knowledge, and no matter how. However, the pursuit of academic education prevailed over all. In 1994, he conquered a new level: he became a doctor of law, and the subject of his dissertation was the security of the state. And in 2002, at the age of 50, he graduated from the Financial Academy at the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, which opened up new opportunities for him.


So, he began his service in the internal affairs bodies in 1973. In 1991-1992 he became deputy general director, as well as head of the administration of the AFB of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic in the Leningrad Region and the city of Leningrad itself (at that time it was not renamed St. Petersburg). After that, he was appointed Deputy Minister. 1991 Sergei Stepashin assumed the post of head of the country's defense committee. Today in the press they write that he owes his career to the fact that he once joined the supporters of the future President Yeltsin. This helped him to make such a dizzying career. The future president, in truth, noticed him long ago. Stepashin was helpful and flexible, it seemed that there was not a drop of ambition in him, so it was a pleasure to work with him in one team.Sergey Stepashin: biography

Political activity

Sergei Stepashin, whose photo we placed in the article, first entered the political arena in 1990, back in Soviet times. He was elected a people's deputy of the Russian Federative Republic. In this capacity, he worked until 1993. In the same period, he was appointed a new post of the head of the department, uniting the former ATC and the KGB, then became the head of the regional department of the Ministry of Security. He put his party ticket on the table, as it was said then, only in August 1991. However, before that, he managed to become co-chairmen of the Left Center faction, which was considered pro-Yeltsin. He held a fairly strong position in the political arena. When the coup occurred in 1991, Sergei Stepashin was in the White House, and during the storming of the building he offered direct resistance to the protesters. As you remember, the coup was failed, and then he was appointed head of the team to investigate the details of the coup. It was then that he was recommended for the post of deputy minister of the KGB. His name is associated with the disclosure of high-profile cases involving organized crime. After serving in this position for about two years, he received a new position.Sergey Stepashin was appointed first deputy chief of the Federal Counterintelligence of the Russian Federation, and a year later he was expected to be promoted - the post of director in the same service.

War in Chechnya

When hostilities began in the south of the country, Sergey Vladimirovich was called to the president of the country, after a short conversation he went out, went home, got ready and departed for Mazdok to manage conflict regulation. After three years of confrontation between Moscow and Chechnya, he was included in the state commission to resolve this conflict. At the same time, he was appointed by the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation by order of Yeltsin, and a few months later he became Minister of the Interior in a government led by Sergei Kiriyenko. If you remember, the latter did not spend much time in this position, unlike Stepashin, who, after the resignation of the government, did not leave his chair. When the new cabinet was formed under the leadership of Primakov, Stepashin was reassigned to this important position.Stepashin Sergey Vadimovich, biography

Press promise

In the spring of 1999, the entire print press began to write about Sergey Vladimirovich. General Shpigun, who led military operations in Chechnya, went missing.And then Stepashin in this regard made a loud statement. He gave the word to the officer that he could free a Russian general from captivity. However, unfortunately, he failed to keep his promise - Shpigun’s insensible body was found exactly one year later. In the same period, he received a new appointment - the post of deputy prime minister, but he retained his previous post. Sergey Stepashin, photo

Breathtaking career

Having not been a month on the post of “vice-head of the government,” Stepashin received a new appointment and became the second person of the state after the president. This happened after the resignation of Sergei Primakov. However, he did not have to spend long on such an important post, after 3 months his office was also disbanded.

Accounting Chamber

In 2000, a vote was taken in the State Duma. According to his results, Sergey Vladimirovich Stepashin was appointed head of the Accounts Chamber. The years went by, and he confidently sat in his chair, to which some were surprised and tried to remember how long Sergei Stepashin was in that post, how many years he held this important position. Exactly 13 years, until 2013, when it was replaced by Tatyana Golikova.Along with this, for three years, from 2002 to 2005, he was president of the European Higher Control Organization.position. Sergey Stepashin

Stepashin Sergey Vadimovich: where does he work now?

So, we are closer to the main issue of our story, which concerns today the former director of the Accounts Chamber. It is known that in 2014 he was appointed to the post of chairman of the supervisory board of the state corporation, which is called the Housing and Utilities Fund. This organization is working on the regulation of housing and communal services. By the way, he has another name - "Sergey Stepashin Foundation".

Honors and awards

In addition, Sergey Vladimirovich is the president of the book union of the Russian Federation, and also heads the board of trustees of the Et cetera theater and the Dynamo sports society. In the "arsenal" of awards he has orders: "For services to the Fatherland" 2nd, 3rd and 4th degrees; “Glory and honor”, ​​“Courage”, “Rev. Seraphim”, “Legion of Honor” (commander), “Polar Star (Sweden), etc. There are also medals:“ For distinction in military service ”1st and 2nd degree, "For excellent service in the protection of public order". He is the commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor (France), commander of the 1st class of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden).Stepashin was also awarded the Gold Medal of Mikhail Speransky, the Medal of Peter Stolypin II degree and other awards.

Personal life and hobbies

With his wife Tamara, he met in the early 70s. Soon they got married, and in 1975 their son Vladimir was born. Tatiana is a financier by profession and has been working in a bank for many years. Vladimir Sergeyevich followed in the footsteps of his mother and entered the economics department of St. Petersburg University. He is married, and he has a wonderful daughter, in whom grandfather and grandmother do not mind. As for the enthusiasm of the head of the Foundation Sergey Stepashin (as it is called by the people), he was fond of English since school and today he speaks it perfectly. He loves in his free time (if he, of course, has that) to read. Due to the fact that everything is in order with English, he can read English and American authors in the original source. Being a classic intellectual in the Russian sense of the word, he simply worships the theater and always attends new productions with his wife.position. Sergey Stepashin

Sport: “Dynamo”

Today Sergey Stepashin is the chairman of the board of the Dynamo sports community.Since he was fond of football since childhood, he perfectly understands all the processes that are happening in this sport today. And this is very important for the chairman. Dynamo simply adore him, and he tries not to miss a single match of his native team.


There is not a single person in the world who does not have a skeleton in the closet. Of course, Sergei Vladimirovich Stepashin is a very prominent figure, but there is no obvious compromising evidence on him in the press. Everything is quiet, peaceful and peaceful. No matter how much the paparazzi are looking for dirt on him, it's all in vain. Both he and his family are not involved in any scandals or illegal actions that may cast a shadow on his good name. Here he is such a good official. The press wrote a little about that his wife, Tamara Vladimirovna Stepashin, became deputy chairman of the PSB. However, after so many years of service in the financial sphere, this appointment was more than logical.

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