Self-styling of short hair

Healthy hair, original hairstyle -an integral attribute of an ideal woman. In childhood, girls dream of a long spit. Becoming older, they all prefer to get rid of the ever-disturbing, confusing and requiring constant care of long hair. Some crop them up to medium length, while others change the image dramatically and make themselves a short haircut.

And then a new surprise awaits women. It turns out that short hair requires no less careful care, maybe even more. Although some of the benefits are obvious, it's much easier to take care of, the funds need much less, and the short hair is stylized quickly enough.

On short hair, any stylish hairstyle will look great: office and avant-garde, evening and casual, glamorous and mischievous.

Styling short hair does not require a lot of handy tools, which include the following:

  • a hairdryer;
  • ironing;
  • Round hairbrush;
  • Wooden scallops with different tooth frequencies;
  • varnish for fixation;
  • gel, mousse, foam - it all depends on personal preferences;
  • a couple of cheerful accessories: hair clips, rims, flowers, etc.

So, now everything in order.

Office variant

styling of short hairIdeally as a business hairstyle will belook smooth styling of short hair, the photo will help you better imagine how it looks. So, to begin with, parting is done, and foam is applied to the hair. Styling is done with a hair dryer (cold air jet), while the movement of the comb is made from the top down. Naughty curls can be slightly pulled out with ironing.

Another version of the business style is usefulowners of curly hair, which is difficult to straighten and does not hold a form. The hair is combed back, the front strands are imperceptibly fixed behind the ears. A ready hairstyle is fixed either with a gel that emphasizes the waves, or with a varnish.

Evening option

short hair stylingThe most original hairdo for anyof course, there will be a slight mess on your hair. This laying of short hair has always been and will remain in the trend. In addition, and make it to any woman. The hair is washed, the foam is applied, dried and whipped with hands, as it is necessary. The final fixation is made with varnish.

On a slightly elongated haircut will be finelook curls that you can do with a curling iron, hair curlers or a hair dryer with a round comb. Curls can be large, medium or spiral, then you can give vent to fantasy.

To give a mysterious and glamorous image, the evening hairstyle can be decorated with accessories, combined with costume jewelry and clothing.

Everyday option

styling short hair photoHairstyles for every day are distinguished by simplicity and elegance, while they give a special femininity to their owners.

A fixing agent is applied (foam, mousse,gel), the hair is combed forward, at the same time dried, and the locks are given the right position. Another option: the hair, previously lubricated with mousse, a comb with rare teeth are combed back and fixed with a varnish. You can also make a small fleece to get the volume of hair.

Hairstyles for short hair are many, it is impossible to describe them. Do not be afraid to put experiments, with time, any laying will be on the shoulder.

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