Scandal in Primorye

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The scandal ended the second round of elections for the governor of Primorye. When counting the votes of the second round of elections for the head of Primorye, the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrei Ischenko was leading for some time, the gap between him and the acting head of the region Andrei Tarasenko was up to eight percent. On Monday morning, when counting 99.03 percent of ballots in the second round of elections, Tarasenko surpassed his rival by 0.5 percent and scored 49.02 percent.
Ishchenko believes that “they are trying to steal his victory”, declared an indefinite hunger strike and called on supporters to gather in the central square of Vladivostok. In response, the headquarters of Andrei Tarasenko accused his opponent of mass bribes of voters and an attempt to "organize the Maidan." I hope the Central Election Commission will carefully examine all complaints of violations received from the Primorsky Territory and will make its recommendations to the regional election commission.
And I was interested in the unofficial information that the headquarters of the candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation spent 40 million rubles to drive voters. Representatives of marginalized groups were brought to polling stations. Such facts were recorded in many territories of the region.
Honestly, these facts surprised me, where did the communist get this money from? I read the media and it turned out that the communist is "unreal" and is engaged in business! The most interesting thing is that on September 12, in Vladivostok, near the residential complex "Safonov", a rally of deceived shareholders was held. People protested against the actions of unscrupulous developers, and demanded the return of their money.
It turns out that the residential complex “Safonov” is being built by the Aurora-Stroy company, owned and directed by Andrei Ishchenko, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. According to media reports, the residential complex “Safonov” and the land under it were laid by Ishchenko to receive funds for the political struggle. The loan, according to some reports, was issued by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs. It turns out that to solve his problems a businessman went for broke in politics.

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