Sanatorium "Laba" (Krasnodar region, Labinsk)

The health resort “Laba” will help you to improve your health and strength. You will definitely have something to remember. Be vigorous and healthy always!


Sanatorium “Laba” is located in the south-east of the Krasnodar Territory in an ecologically clean foothill area at the foot of the main Caucasian ridge. For more than 39 years, thanks to the medical diagnostic base, high-quality and competent work of the staff, and the nature itself, the resort complex gives people health and joy. To date, the resort "Laba" is the basic institution of the health department of the Krasnodar Territory. Vacationers are provided with medical, health, diagnostic services.


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Sanatorium "Laba" is a year-round health resort, ready to simultaneously receive and accommodate 460 people in comfortable rooms in two non-repeating residences: urban and suburban. In the city residence, the entire infrastructure is concentrated in one building, and the presence of a thermal duct makes it possible to take mineral baths right in their rooms.All this makes the treatment of guests of the resort comfortable at any time of the year.

In turn, the country residence has buildings among the trees and the aroma of blooming flower beds. Thermal pools, a beach area, gazebos, a zoo help patients escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The number of rooms of the sanatorium has in its arsenal rooms from economy class to cozy four-room suites. Anyone can choose a number for themselves. Numbers of sanatorium with all conveniences: there is a refrigerator, TV, cooling system.


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The “Laba” sanatorium (Labinsk) pays special attention to dietary nutrition, since only this type of diet can enhance the effect of spa treatments. Fifteen diets of a medical institution - this is the formula for excellent well-being. A large and varied menu includes fish and meat dishes, natural juices and fresh pastries, fruits, herbs and vegetables. Vacationers eat in the comfortable dining rooms, which are located in the dormitories.

Medical base

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Sanatorium "Laba" has a unique medical base, which has more than 170 types of medical and recreational services, including: balneotherapy, a wide range of physiotherapy, everyone's favorite massage and much more.The main feature of treatment in a dispensary is natural factors: thermal mineral water, paraffin, ozokerite and mud of the Tambukan deposit.

Diagnostic Center

Sanatorium "Laba", the reviews of which are mostly positive, has its own diagnostic center with laboratory, clinical and functional diagnostics, where everyone can undergo a complete qualitative examination and get advice from highly qualified doctors. Treatment programs are selected individually for each individual, according to the diagnosis. Thermal springs sanatorium "Laba" have a rich tradition of healing people. By their chemical composition are powerful immunomodulator. The mineral thermal water used in the treatment process helps to restore the immune system and relieve many ailments, including diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and diabetes. Also on the basis of the sanatorium people undergo rehabilitation after their stay in the hospital. Labinskaya water has a complex chemical composition of dissolved salts and acids and perfectly restores and rejuvenates the body.

Mother and child

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For the children to be healthy and happy, the sanatorium "Laba" (Krasnodar region) offers the program "Mother and Child". It is no secret that the child feels more comfortable, and the treatment is more effective when his parents are with him. A mild climate, natural water and a properly selected treatment program will allow the child to strengthen the immune system, get a recovery, and the students will gain strength for the new school year. The program has a special cost.

Weekend tour

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For those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday work, get healthier, and all this for a short time, the resort has developed weekend tours, where, in combination with accommodation and diet food, swimming in pools with mineral-thermal water is provided, which are located in the hospital. At the same time one of them is the largest in the Krasnodar Territory. It is open-air, and the area of ​​the water mirror is 1250 square meters. People come here in the winter and summer to take mineral baths in the fresh air.


The program "SPA-Laba" in the sanatorium is represented by a wide range of services.Thermal springs, as well as cosmetic procedures - fruit and vegetable wraps, with seaweed, chocolate, massages, anti-stress therapy, underwater gymnastics, hydromassage showers and baths combined with saunas and steam baths, have a beneficial effect on rejuvenation. The effect of renewal of the organism can be achieved by arriving at the sanatorium "Laba" Treatment and a set of procedures are selected individually. Bathing in thermal pools helps to bring your body in order, since effective treatment of many diseases and general recovery are often impossible without water treatments. Doctors note that those who exercise regularly regularly strengthen the heart muscle, shortness of breath disappears, and recovery of the nervous system occurs. Water treatments effectively help those who decide to lose weight. You can spend time free from treatment in a cozy cafe with a cup of aromatic tea.

Leisure and entertainment

There is a zoo on the territory of the sanatorium, in which foxes, bears, ostriches, lions, camels and other animals live comfortably. For everyone, horseback riding, pony rides and carriage rides are organized.Trips to the mountains with visits to dolmens, waterfalls and caves are organized.

Where is and how to get

Address: st. Vodostochnaya, 1, Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory, sanatorium "Laba". From Krasnodar, Armavir or Kurganinsk can be reached by bus to Labinsk station. From there you can get to the sanatorium by taxi.

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