Sample resumes office manager. Main features of the profession

The title of this post today often appears in newspapers and on vacancy sites. The applicant, typing in the search box the phrase "office manager", will be amazed by the large number of ads, which indicates the popularity and prestige of the profession. This is due to the fact that nowadays a lot of large enterprises are being created, where an expanded staff is required to support the activities of the company and to fulfill all current duties. After reading the comments to the ads in detail, you, of course, think that the definition of "office manager" is very vague and unclear. Therefore, in order to have an idea of ​​this specialty, it is necessary to find out for yourself its characteristics, the basic requirements for the employee and his official functions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the profession.

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If you decide on a choice and stop at a given vacancy, the resume samples presented in this article will help you to profitably present yourself as a candidate.

The main characteristic of the profession

An office manager is a specialist responsible for maintaining the vital activity of an office and all its structures. Vacancy is open in many companies, regardless of size, number of employees, type and industry of the company.

Before we look at specific samples of an office manager’s resume, we need to clearly define the essence of this concept.resume office sample manager

A few years ago, instead of defining "office manager", the word "secretary" existed. This is a slightly different post. We delimit the powers of the secretary and office manager. If the employee answers the phone, draws up the work plan of the boss, brings him coffee, reserves the tickets, copies the documentation using a photocopier - this is the secretary. The office manager is not just a performer, it is also a secondary administrator. The duties of the employee may be slightly different among themselves: this is affected by the scope of the company. The work of any such specialist involves managing younger employees, booking tickets, providing office equipment, sometimes catering and staffing.

General requirements for professional activities

What is usually expected from such an employee? Paying attention to the sample resume of an office manager, employers have a number of requirements for a specialist.

It is assumed that this employee has knowledge of the goals and composition of the company, makes good use of technical equipment and supplies them to the company, is aware of the basics of management and activities of the company's staff, stimulates its development, ensures the safety of materials necessary for work, performs some accounting functions.
resume for the position of office manager sample

The sample resume of the office manager that you use as the basis for drafting your document should correspond to the work experience. Please note that in order to apply for a job in large firms you need to be an experienced specialist. To work in a small office, sufficient work experience of 1 year or even it may not be required. A candidate for such work has a diploma of higher education, for example, economic, humanitarian. A certificate of additional training, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is desirable. Preferred age - from 25 years.

Powers office manager. What will you do?

Specifying the possible requirements for the profession, list the official functions of the employee. Sample resumes of an office manager with previous experience in this field include the following responsibilities:

  1. Meeting guests of the company.
  2. Conduct various gatherings, events.
  3. Providing staff with materials and equipment.
  4. Tracking the financial costs of the company.
  5. Conducting telephone conversations, organizing business correspondence.
  6. Transferring the required papers to various company structures.

An example of a resume for an office manager position usually also includes such items as:

  1. Management experience.
  2. High level of computer literacy.
  3. Owning office equipment.
  4. Clear diction.
  5. Nice appearance.
  6. English proficiency.

It is desirable for an office manager to be able to quickly navigate in unforeseen circumstances. For example, to find a specialist in the repair of equipment, in the event that the lights were turned off in the office or the equipment was out of order.

What kind of personality will suit this job?

Considering yourself as a candidate for the position, it is important to determine the psychological characteristics necessary for this job.

The success of his career in any field depends on personal properties and features of a person’s character. It is necessary to take into account that the sample resume of the office manager should include the following qualities of the applicant:

  • interpersonal skills;
  • openness;
  • friendliness;
  • the ability to find a common language with others;
  • composure;
  • accuracy;
  • diligence;
  • fast learner;
  • attentiveness;
  • erudition;
  • politeness;
  • good knowledge of etiquette;
  • fast reaction;
  • a responsibility;
  • stress resistance.

If you want to work effectively in this position, you must be labile, flexible, concentrate well on current tasks and quickly move on to new ones, as well as be able to cope with stress and behave confidently in extreme situations.resume for office manager sample

Do you have such psychological characteristics? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, and you are interested in applying for such a vacancy, go ahead.

Sample office manager's resume and recommendations for writing it

The position referred to in the article is prestigious, and many applicants are focused on getting it.How profitable to present his candidacy for the employer, so that he chooses you? Resume - the business card of the applicant. Success depends on its competent preparation. First of all, you need to pay attention to the general principles of this document. The correct resume should be structured, clear, simple, vary depending on the desired position.

Let us turn to a demonstration of a specific example. We present to your attention a sample resume for the work of an office manager.

Mikhailova Maria Ivanovna

Purpose: seeking a vacancy office manager.

Work experience: July 2011 - May 2012 - office manager, company “….”. Direction: the sale of children's clothing.


  1. Work with documents.
  2. Business correspondence.
  3. Execution of orders of the authorities.
  4. Holding meetings, accompanying visitors.
  5. Organization of the company.

Education: 2005-2010,…. State Technological University. ...., specialty "Management", a specialist diploma.

Additional education: May 2010, training "Management" in the business center of the company "...", ...

Professional skills: PC skills: MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Internet. Knowledge of English.

Personal qualities: diligence, accuracy, attentiveness, diligence, sociability.

Pros and cons of the profession, its prospects

An office manager is an employee who is responsible for a fair amount of responsibility. The effective functioning of the office depends on its performance and work results. This should be taken into account if you decide to consider yourself as a candidate for the position. It is also necessary to remember that any work activity has its advantages and disadvantages.
resume for a position office manager example

Among the advantages of the office manager are the following:

  • the popularity of the job;
  • acquisition of skills in management and documentation processing;
  • provides the development of communication skills;
  • career prospects to director, economic manager.


  • the profession requires a developed self-organization, ability to respond quickly;
  • the labor activity includes a large number of powers and functions;
  • A high level of mental balance is assumed.

Having reviewed the resume for the office manager position in the sample and recommendations to it, identifying the main nuances and the essence of the work, you can decide whether this profession suits you, whether you are ready to carry out such activities. The choice is yours.

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