Sample driver resume: how to create resume

The driver of a vehicle is one of the most necessary and irreplaceable professions of our time. If you are looking for work, pay attention to the most important question when finding a job - a resume.

A sample of the driver's resume will give all the necessary hints for the upcoming employment relationship.

On what to navigate?

Find a sample of a driver's resume is not so difficult,The biggest problem is to understand what information should be used and which one is not. In this issue, it is necessary to correctly filter out absolutely unnecessary information, and already existing ones should be adjusted for your own case.

sample resume Driver

Do not forget that every case is unique. Each person as an employee has different abilities and skills inherent only in him. It is likely that you also have experience that others "did not dream".

Think about what you can indicate in your resume that will differentiate you from other job seekers.

Your goal is to get the HR manager to pay attention to your CV for the driver's job.

What if you do not know what to write about yourself?

Any resume, as a rule, contains general information. For example, specify your first and last name, contact phone number, place of residence.

Next, indicate your education, as a rule, the availability of higher special education for this position is not necessary.

Look for a worthy sample. The driver's resume should fully describe the qualities of the future employee, and also show the person's interest in this company.

personal driver resume

Distinction of the resume of the driver from others

Each profession has its own specifics, and the drivernot an exception. The driver belongs to the category of work, knitted with conditions of increased danger. After all, the road is always a risk, it's quite a dangerous place, where thousands of accidents happen every day, and many people die.

Another important characteristic is the good health of the driver, so the medical examinations will be regular for you.

Availability of certificates of your own health alsowill be in your hands, the future employer should be sure that your health will not let you down. After all, in the end, he will lose not only a good and skilled employee, but also, possibly, incur losses in connection with the loss of goods, etc.

The driver is also a multifaceted profession. For example, a resume of a personal driver should contain the necessary information about personal qualities, because the driver will have to communicate a lot with the person whom he will drive around the city. It is important for the employer that the personal characteristics of the applicant for the driver's position, along with the professional ones, suit him as much as possible.

resume for a job driver

Sample driver summary

Full name: Kurnosov Anton Petrovich

Date of birth: 03.05.1991.

Place of residence: St. Petersburg, ul. Minskaya, 7, apt. 15.

Phone: +79000000000

Education: higher, 2013, SPbSU, specialist "Automechanics" (diploma with honors).

Work experience: 2013-2014 - Auto mechanic in the service station "Mercedes", handyman. Carrying out of car diagnostics, repair, replacement of details, paint and varnish works.

2014-2015 - Driver-forwarder in LLC"Cargo transportation of St. Petersburg." Regional and international transportation of goods and cargo. Control and security of cargo, accompanying documents. Maintenance of departmental transport. Fixing, replacement of parts, overhaul.

Personal skills: accident-free driving of transport for 10 years, excellent orientation in unfamiliar terrain, good knowledge of the main traffic junctions, diligence, non-conflict, quick reaction, careful attitude to the vehicle, no bad habits.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English.

Additional information:

  • availability of own means of transport (bus);
  • driver's license of categories A, B, C;
  • readiness for long-term business trips and fulfillment of additional assignments.

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