Salary cards of VTB 24: registration and benefits

Many credit institutions offercurrent programs for salary customers. For example, one of these products is operated by a large Russian bank VTB 24. How to open VTB 24 payroll cards, connect online banking, overdraft, and many other things we will tell in our article.

salary cards vtb 24

What salary products are in VTB 24?

Salary cards are a unique banka product that operates on the basis of international payment systems "Visa" and "Mastercard". They make it easier for accountants of large and small enterprises, since it is this piece of plastic that involves the transfer of wages and advances. In other words, these cards are reminiscent of debit cards, but with the possibility of receiving wages on it.

Currently, VTB 24 payroll cards are issued in the following types:

  • "Standard";
  • "Classic";
  • "Gold";
  • "Platinum".

vtb 24 overdraft on salary card conditions

What are the conditions for opening a bank card?

Each of the species has its own tariffs andpositive moments. For example, cards of the "Standard" and "Classic" categories have a daily cash withdrawal limit of no more than 100,000 rubles. Gold cards have a value of 200,000 rubles, and Platinum has 300,000 rubles. About how the salary cards of VTB 24 are opened, we will discuss further.

It should be noted that often the conditions for their use directly depend on the variety of the banking contract, as well as on the number of employees employed by the enterprise.

How can I open it?

Before you issue a salary card VTB 24,an enterprise or an organization needs to conclude a cooperation agreement with the bank. Also interested in the partnership company is obliged to choose a suitable salary project and the type of plastic card that will be used by its employees.

At the next stage, the bank's representativesrule, they come to the enterprise or to the company and in general outline the collective with the cards and their tariffs. Then they leave in the accounting department the number of questionnaires required by the number of employees of the organization, which are filled in by each employee personally. To fill out such questionnaires, you need a passport and identification code.

After that, the accountants collect the questionnaires and carry them to VTB 24. The salary card can be drawn up by each employee of the enterprise involved in the salary project of a financial institution.

Note: at large industrial enterprises, the representatives of the bank most often deal with the collection of questionnaires.

salary card vtb 24 overdraft

How and where to get it?

You can get a plastic card with your personala visit to the bank in the presence of a passport. Either the duty of issuing "priceless plastic" falls on the shoulders of the accountants of the enterprise or organization, and individually each employee receives a salary card VTB 24. The conditions for obtaining it are reduced to presenting a passport and signing a document for the issuance of "plastic".

How long does it take?

From the time the questionnaire is filled out and until the card is received, not too much time passes. Typically, this is 2-3 (less than 4) weeks.

When the card is prolonged, and when there is no

At the end of its validity periodautomatic renewal and re-release. If your employer terminates the contract with the bank, or you switch to another credit organization, then the servicing of such a "plastic" in VTB 24. The overdraft on the salary card, the terms of its registration and use are discussed further.

Who pays for cards and their services?

For cards ordered by the credit institution and theirservice, as a rule, pays the employer. However, if an employee leaves his company and continues to use the salary card of VTB 24, he will have to shell out an annual payment of between 150 and 2,500 rubles, depending on the type of card open.

advantages of a payroll card

Salary card of VTB 24: overdraft

When receiving "plastic" from many employeesthere are a lot of issues related to overdraft. First, let's clarify the situation. Overdraft is a kind of microloan for which it is not necessary to collect a standard package for banks and provide a certificate of income in VTB 24. The overdraft on the salary card (the terms of its provision we will write below) in this case allows the owner of the "plastic" to receive this microloan, exceeding the current balance of funds on the card account without unnecessary effort. When can it be needed?

Suppose you have a week left before the next salary, and you run out of money. That's when an overdraft will come to your rescue.

salary card vtb 24 conditions

Is the overdraft connected to the salary card?

Almost all of them already have an overdraft. You can find out about the presence or absence of this service in any branch of the bank. How to connect an overdraft (VTB 24)? Salary card, if desired, connects to the service on the day of treatment. This happens on the application and passport in any branch of the financial institution. Similarly, the shutdown system works.

On what terms is an overdraft provided?

Depending on the type of card, the amount of the overdraftis up to ½ of the monthly salary of the employee of the enterprise. For example, the maximum limit of "plastic" class "Standard", "Classic" and "Gold" is up to 300 000 rubles. In the category "Platinum" its size reaches 750 000 rubles.

how to connect overdraft vtb 24 salary card

Under what percentage is an overdraft issued?

Money before the salary can be taken at 28% per annum. In this case, this type of microloan, unlike credit cards of this level, does not imply the existence of an interest-free period. Therefore, from the first day of using the funds and until their final repayment, the bank charges its interest.

How is it repaid?

To pay off the overdraft costs as soon as possible. Otherwise, the use of borrowed funds will increase a decent amount of interest. However, as a rule, the repayment of such a loan occurs at the next payroll to the debtor. And with his credited to the card funds are first charged an amount due to the repayment of interest, and only then - all the remaining debt.

In case of violation of the payment terms, the bank reserves the right to apply to the borrower penalties in the amount of an additional 0.8% per day of overdue debt.

How to connect online banking for a card?

Control and perform operations onyour own salary card can be online. For this it is necessary to activate the banking service. This can be done with the help of a specialist of a credit institution. You will need a passport and a mobile phone number.

What are the pros and cons?

Let's highlight the following advantages of the salary card of VTB 24:

  • simple procedure of registration;
  • possibility to pay by card in cafes and restaurants, shops;
  • receipt of additional discounts from the partners of the bank for the goods purchased;
  • possibility to use an overdraft;
  • the opportunity to participate in the bank's loyalty programs;
  • card management online;
  • booking tickets;
  • the possibility of using the card abroad;
  • instant payment for mobile communications, Internet and housing services;
  • implementation of any payment transactions using secure 3D Secure technology;
  • possibility to issue an additional loan for personal needs with a minimum package of documents and preferential rates.

 втб 24 issue a salary card

Among the shortcomings of the card can be emphasized the following:

  • the existence of a high interest rate for the use of credit money;
  • complete absence of interest-free period;
  • interest accrual from the first day of loan use;
  • presence of fines for exceeding the limit and overdue payments;
  • cancellation of the credit limit when the employee is dismissed from the company participating in the salary project;
  • need to pay for service out of his pocket in case of dismissal with the further use of "plastic".

In a word, the registration of a salary card in VTB24 is associated with both a mass of positive and negative moments. Therefore, when opening such a card, pay attention to it and act on the circumstances.

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