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A police colonel who fled from Murmansk to Norway because of a sudden “spy” scandal that flared up, but who has not ceased to be a patriot of his country, supporting her in his blog, Ruslan Ustrakhanov will be the hero of this article. He repeatedly described the history of his life himself - in every detail: in a good language, in an intelligible and attentive way to details. Publicist from the police turned out quality.

Ruslan Ustrakhanov

Hero about himself

Our hero was born and raised in Kazakhstan. Ruslan Ustrakhanov claims that his parents were repressed - both a Greek mother and a Chechen father. Nevertheless, he grew up in the correct understanding of the world and its laws. Already at the age of seventeen Ruslan Ustrakhanov received his first award for apprehending a criminal, and it was a real military award.

After serving in the Armed Forces, he graduated with honors from a law school - a day department, and then began service in the Ministry of the Interior: for two years in Moscow, he successfully fought counterfeit vouchers, which is mentioned in the press.Then Ruslan Ustrakhanov leaves for the north - to Murmansk, where he served until 2010, when this interesting spy story began.

Reasons for escape

He served in Monchegorsk as the head of the Department of Internal Affairs, which will be discussed in more detail below. Ruslan Murmansk considered Ustrakhanov to be a blessed region, a wonderful people, and it would seem that nothing foretold the development of events in such an extreme way. However, the call of a friend warned real trouble. The retired police colonel did not want to surrender to the FSB, as they tried to accuse him of working with the Norwegian special services. Proving that “he is not a camel” was very, very difficult.

In fact, as Ruslan Ustrakhanov, whose biography has been associated with law enforcement since his childhood, explains, he could not be a spy. This is the local fishing complex and the authorities, which are completely in its representatives, prevented Russia from reaching an agreement with Norway on the delimitation of the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Ustrakhanov Ruslan Murmansk

Big business and corruption

In 2000, Ustrakhanov Ruslan Vladimirovich was appointed head of the Pecheneg Department of Internal Affairs of the Murmansk Region.Some time before that he was not on vacation - retired, but he worked for the “daughter” of Norilsk Nickel, heading the legal department. However, the district leadership could not refuse, threw a quiet bread place and returned to the police.

The situation in the district over the three years of work of Ustrakhanov has improved significantly: there is more order, and the indicators have increased. But it was then that Ustrakhanov began a close acquaintance with the police attache of Sweden and Norway, Sverre Monsen, as well as with police colleagues from Sør-Varanger province, as the chief of the militia in the frontier.

Ruslan Ustrakhanov publicist


This amazing post-Yeltsin time was short, but fairly cloudless. immigrants from the FSB have not yet taken over the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Therefore, the police department entrusted to Ustrakhanov could be friends with neighbors without regard to the situation in the world community. There were a lot of trips to close Kirkenes, where friendly meetings were held in an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding and respect: there were joint get-togethers, a game of football and much more with a mandatory visit to the police department.

Similarly, the police from Kirkenes visited the “office” of Ustrakhanov.Informally, it was possible to exchange information, promptly solve all sorts of official issues. Happy time! The mutation of the internal affairs bodies began a little later, when the representatives of the FSB arrived. In 2002, Ustrakhanov visited the Norwegian criminal police in Oslo at the invitation of her boss - in gratitude for the joint work. Norwegians didn’t hide anything, even the things that not every employee in our country is in.

Rustand Ustrakhanov


In 2003, Ustrakhanov was transferred to Monchegorsk, where at that time organized crime was monstrously activated. On the streets were disassembly with automatic bursts. There is a simple explanation for this - the presence in the city of "Norilsk Nickel", the base city-forming enterprise, where the stolen palladium, platinum, copper and nickel could not be divided. The number of illegal immigrants in the region was huge. Corruption reigned inside the department of internal affairs. Ustrakhanov arrived to restore order, and he managed to cope with this task.

Nevertheless, relations with the Norwegian police did not stop, moreover, they have grown stronger. First of all, due to the fight against illegal immigrants, who were gradually expelled from the north-west of Russia.Through the Borisoglebsky post, Asian and African refugees moved in a continuous stream, and law enforcement agencies remained inactive, since it was impossible to fight this phenomenon.

retired police colonel


The reasons for this movement of illegal immigrants are clear. There are two of them and both are intractable. This is written in great detail in his blog by a publicist Ustrakhanov. Previously, the border was controlled by the border guards and the FSB. The new law on liability for illegal transit of the border in violation of the rules dropped all the police on the police, now they had to bring illegal immigrants to justice. And neither the documents explaining each item, nor instructions for action have yet been developed. Ustrakhanov personally participated in the preparation of a package of legal documents - and not only for the police, but also for the border service, and for the FSB, and for the court.

The second reason for the invasion of illegal immigrants was corruption. Two thousand dollars from each refugee is a total of very big money. Ustrakhanov had to cover up this whole business, intervene, organize a whole system of measures to close the border tightly.At the end of 2003, decisions on the expulsion of illegal immigrants were made up to sixty per year. The law began to be implemented, the Norwegian friends warmly thanked.

Ruslan Ustrakhanov Biography

Norwegian colleagues

Naturally, the relations between the attache of the Norwegian police and the employee of the interior of Russia were controlled by the special services, and Ustrakhanov could not have known this. Moreover, it did not bother him at all, for his conscience was clear. He was on friendly terms with the criminal police of Norway, and this is a slightly different office, which has nothing to do with espionage activities. Ustrakhanov even knew exactly when they had a wiretap in his apartment. And well, he jokes now in a blog, - the picture will be real, without speculation.

But in 2004, Rashid Nurgaliyev became the Minister of Internal Affairs, which led to extremely horrible, even destructive consequences. The former head of the FSB inspection department knew only one method of work: complete secrecy, conservatism, formalization. A secrecy regime was introduced, which literally mothballed all police activities, and made the heads of departments and services hostage of the FSB.


However, relations with the Norwegian friends and colleagues Ustrakhanov not tore.Moreover, the friendship with many developed into a family one. He was repeatedly warned - while he was still friends. However, he traveled constantly to Sweden and Norway - what are these three hundred kilometers there? And "I got it". Control intensified. It would be strange if it were otherwise. Stockholm is the center of all world intelligence services, people who do not even belong to law enforcement agencies know it.

And in 2010, trouble came. First, in the form of a conversation, the result of which was the ban on traveling to Finland and the selected international passport. Literally, a friend from the FSB rang the bell and warned that Ustrakhanov’s detention on the attache was being prepared. You can not be a spy in reality, live without an agent's nickname and contacts with enemy intelligence agencies, do not pass on secret information, but to be convicted of being spied for espionage. And this Ustrakhanov, by virtue of work experience, also knew well.

Zvyaginsky divorce Leviathan Ruslan Ustrakhanov

Finishing touches

Ustrakhanov managed to gather his deputies, announced his resignation, warmly said goodbye to everyone. And the next morning crossed the border of Russia and Norway. Wife Ustrakhanova returned home a little later - with great trouble at the border. They, however, continued at home.

All the relatives of Ustrakhanov were fired, including the wife, who was forced to reunite with the runaway husband. As a result, not one life was destroyed.But Ustrakhanova was waiting for emigration, and his adventures did not end there. Because I had to return to Russia with much greater dangers, and even run away from much greater dangers.


In Norway, for example, CIA agents recruit agents for more than secret information. It is enough for them that the new agent will become the mouthpiece of propaganda against Russia. And Ustrakhanov should have guessed right away that his sidekick friend and colleague Sverre Monsen was a counterintelligence agent. And for certain social guarantees he was asked to confess to the camera that he fled from Russia in order to recruit Norwegian diplomats. The wanderings from country to country began - Finland, Sweden, Norway, and nowhere was there peace.

There was no work either, and then Ruslan Ustrakhanov declared himself otherwise. The publicist from it, too, turned out quite good. Of course, he refused the help of the Finnish embassy (for a good reward!) In this difficult matter. He did not want to be a Chechen militant in exile either.

He wrote only the truth - about everything. For example, an article about a thundering film: “Zvaginsky Divorce. Leviathan” Ruslan Ustrakhanov wrote very thoughtfully, with knowledge of the matter and understanding of the reasons. And many more hot topics were raised by him in the blog.Including the negative impact of America on the European Union. Trouble could not begin.

The final

It's time to get scared again for your own life. Friends still remained - both here and there. And Ustrakhanov was warned that the fate of Alexander Litvinenko was awaiting him in the near future according to the well-known scheme of the Anglo-Saxon special services - through pumping a fighter against the regime to the victim of the regime. I had to run back to Russia, and in the car trunk. All these misadventures are described in detail in his blog.

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