Roses of satin ribbons (photo). How to make a rose with your own hands?

Many today are interested in how to make roses from satin ribbons. And this is understandable: hand-made style is becoming more and more popular with fashionistas all over the world.

The use of roses from satin ribbons

The luxury of flowers attracts the gaze of any person. But today in the world there is an active propaganda of a lean attitude towards nature. Therefore, the use of artificial plants and flowers instead of natural cut is the first step on this path. And an increasing number of masters are mastering a variety of techniques for their manufacture.

But in fact, in fact: the flowers look luxurious both as a decoration of a wedding dress, and in a bouquet, and as a detail of the design of a room. Apply also kanzashi roses made of satin ribbons. And some people even create voluminous paintings in which they use ready-made artificial flowers.

Quiltags - a way of folding fabric

This flower is quite simple.When we make roses from satin ribbons and choose quiltags as a method of production, we understand that the petals of a flower will be rectangular. Therefore, to achieve one hundred percent similarity with this rose is unlikely to succeed. But such an imitation will look great on a dress.

roses from satin ribbons

Such roses are made of satin ribbons by folding each petal, that is, by the method of quiltags. Differently, this method is called "fabric origami".

Rose with rectangular petals - instruction

For work you need a tape width of more than 7 centimeters.

  • From it are cut squares that fold "on a corner" diagonally.
  • The resulting triangles are again folded in half.
  • Now one acute angle is imposed on the other.
  • The base of the petal (cut) must be soldered with a lighter. This is done so that the part does not unfold and does not spread out on strings. Do not iron the part, if only slightly warm iron, so as not to deprive it of volume.
  • Next, the master can only collect a rose from the petals using glue or thread with a needle.

This decoration can be made not only from the tape. Wonderful flowers are obtained from the fabric: chiffon, nylon, silk.

Rose-quiltags, second way

This option is also quite simple.It differs in that the master will need to make two kinds of petals. And the process of folding them from squares is different than in the first description.

So, a wide ribbon (from five centimeters) is cut into squares. Then they are also folded "on a corner" diagonally, as in the first version.

Further, the triangle is folded this way: it turns upside down with the base, both sharp corners bend forward and down, connecting with a right angle. The lower part (where the sharp corners are connected to the straight), the master cuts off about a third of the part and seals the cut with a flame.

make a rose of satin ribbon

Part of the petals is performed in such a way that when folded, the sharp corners are joined and a flat square is obtained. Half of the parts are made with a gap, that is, the sharp corners do not exactly fall when bent at the top of the right angle, so it turns out not a square, but a pentagon with a small side at the top - several millimeters in length.

16-20 petals are enough for a small rose, and about 40 for a large lush flower.

Collect the rose, starting with the squares, then move to the pentagons, placing them with a solid side inwards.

Assembling roses from round petals

If you use singing candle flame when working, the result will be so close to the original that it will amaze everyone. Such roses from satin ribbons are very beautiful. Instructions for making them is quite simple.

  1. The tape width of 5 centimeters is cut into squares. They need to make 40 pieces. You can choose ribbons of different shades so that the inner part of the rose is darker and the petals are lighter towards the edges.
  2. Then the master puts the squares in a pile of 10 pieces. Scissors should cut the same size and shape of the petals.
  3. Each detail is treated with a candle flame, singing the slice so that it slightly stretches. Thus, the bend of the petal is formed.kanzashi roses of satin ribbons
  4. Two parts are superimposed so that one overlaps half the other. The bottom of the petals is caught with a thread that is not cut off, but remains in operation.
  5. The resulting billet is twisted, forming the middle of the bud. The needle with the thread enters the work again - this is how the flower is fixed at this stage.
  6. 20 petals are placed in a circle around the middle with a bend inward, each sewing.
  7. The remaining 20 petals can be glued.They are fastened already bending roses from satin ribbon

MK "Roses of satin ribbons without cutting"

Despite the fact that these flowers look very elegant, it is not so difficult to make them. Roses are often made of satin ribbons by folding without cutting the starting material.

First, the right edge of the tape must be folded along as shown in the first photo. Its lower edges form an obtuse angle - this is important to remember. Then again the right edge of the tape is folded once again. This action is shown in the second photo.

roses from satin ribbons instruction

Now the upper edge of the left side is folded down so that a right angle forms from above. This stage of the work is shown in the third photo. And here comes the main point - the direct twisting of the inner rose bud.

From satin ribbons in this way, a rather similar imitation of a flower is obtained, if you remember that from the bottom you need to slightly collect the ribbon, making small folds so that the inner bud does not look like a tight twisted tube and has some pomp.

roses from satin ribbons photo

When the folded part of the ribbon ends, there comes a moment of registration of rose petals from satin ribbons. The photo shows how this is done.You just need to fold the tape across - back and down to get a right angle. Then you need to slightly lower the bottom, grabbing it with your left hand. Again the tape folds at a right angle, but the working end is already brought up. The algorithm is repeated until the desired flower volume is reached.

make roses from satin ribbons

The final stage of the work will be the fastening of the bottom of the rose. This can be done with thread and needle. The rest of the tape is cut off with scissors. As can be seen from the master class, it is not at all difficult to make a rose from a satin ribbon with your own hands.

Making roses from a single ribbon, the second method

This flower runs literally half an hour. The craftsman will need a tape 2.5 cm wide and 40 cm long. After cutting the cuts, proceed with the folding of the workpiece. For fixing, safety pins are used first.

  • The tape is bent forward and vertically down.
  • Then the working end folds forward and upward, and the bend is stabbed with a pin.
  • The algorithm is repeated six times. Moreover, the blank is obtained not straight, but in the shape of a crescent. The last fold should end at the bottom. The extra corner is cut off, and the edge is scorched.
  • The master passes the “forward needle” seam along one side of the blank.
  • The thread is slightly tightened so that the petals are volume.Then a few stitches it is fixed at the end of the resulting workpiece. Extra thread is cut off.
  • Fingers give each petal a form, bending it inside.
  • Begin to twist the workpiece from one edge, holding the bud with glue.

Making hair clips of roses

If the master managed to make a rose from a satin ribbon, he can proceed to the next stage of work. Now you should take a hairpin, which will hold the flower. The place of attachment is smeared with glue. Many add here such details as green leaves, beads sticking on the wires.

how to make kanzashi roses from satin ribbons

Thanks to them, they get very beautiful kanzashi. Roses of satin ribbons can also be mounted on a hairpin or hair band, comb or wreath.

how to make a rose from satin ribbon

Master class manufacturing sprigs of roses

It is also a very simple way of doing decoration. The article gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the MK "Roses of satin ribbon." By carefully following each step of the instructions, you can achieve remarkable results the first to make a rose of satin ribbon instruction

  1. First, from a narrow ribbon (1.5 cm wide), cut the workpiece in the form of a trapezoid. One base should be equal to 6 cm, and the other - 9 cm. Slices should be singed with a lighter.
  2. A piece of tape is folded similarly to how it is made when making origami an airplane, boat or cap. That is, the edge is bent to itself and down so that the fold line passes through the middle.
  3. The second edge is folded in the same way, but back.
  4. The ends at the bottom overlap one another.
  5. The base of the petal is wrapped with thread, which is fixed with a knot.
  6. From the petals collect bud.
  7. Green leaves are attached to the bottom of the flower - they are made in the same way as the petals.
  8. After fixing the bottom of the flower with a wire, you need to wrap a green tape and the place of attachment, and the to make roses from satin ribbons photo
  9. You can make a few flowers and unopened buds, cut out the leaves with a soldering iron and place all this on a branch.

Needlework is a great way to realize your creative potential. Therefore, the master classes presented here should not be considered the only options for making roses from ribbons. Every craftsman will surely invent and create something of his own, and maybe even invent his own way.

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