Rock Festivals: Description, History

Rock Festivals are one of the favorite placesrecreation lovers of heavy music. In the warm season throughout the world, young people regularly gather in one place to rest and see their favorite performers live.rock festivals Such festivals have long gone beyond the framework of a regular musical show, turning into a whole subculture. At the most important concerts of the year, fans from all over the world gather.


The first rock festivals were held morefifty years ago. Initially, they were very different from modern ones. Unknown to the broad masses of the group took part in them. And the organization and holding of the festival itself was not controlled by the authorities.

However, in ten years the situation is serioushas changed. Rock festivals began to attract more and more young people. During the show, an unlimited amount of alcohol was sold. Also, some people brought drugs with them.

The atmosphere of drive, caused by heavy music, andalso the state of mass intoxication, often led to disastrous consequences. The excited young people behaved aggressively enough, getting involved in fights and arranging acts of vandalism. The arriving police often flew various objects.

Unbridled joy

No festival took place without detentionseveral dozen people and calling an ambulance. Therefore, law enforcement bodies gradually began to take rock festivals under their control. But security is not the main reason that prompted the authorities to take such a step.invasion rock festival Large corporations and enterprising people have noticed that tens of thousands of people gather annually. And that means a huge opportunity for profit.

The first commercial festivals started. Some firm paid royalties to musicians and dealt with other organizational issues. For this I received a good profit from ticket sales and retail sales on the spot. After a while, rock festivals in the United States occupied a very important place in the socio-cultural environment. The dream of almost every teenager was to attend such an event.

In addition to classical festivals, there are alsocharities. They first appeared in the eighties, during the spread of pacifist ideas among young people. The American invasion of Vietnam has become a kind of catalyst for radical movements. Concerts began to be held in support of peace in the whole world or for the sake of helping sick children and so on. As a rule, the initiator was one rock band. The festival was appointed a few months before the date of the event. During this time, other groups could apply for participation.


Usually the festival lasts a few days, likerule three. To avoid misunderstanding with the local population and other problems, the show takes place in a desert area, away from the urban agglomeration. Rock summer festivals have high standards of safety. The organizers are obliged to ensure the supply of all visitors with water and have medical personnel.

At the rock festival are usually similar in genreperformers. For example, the festival "Hellfest" is played by bands playing in the genre mosh beatdown hardcore. Thus, the event attracts the greatest number of admirers of this direction. Since rock music often carries a social or political context, festivals are often collected as a protest against something. So, in the eighty-ninth year in Moscow passed the famous "Musicians for Peace", gathered tens of thousands of people.

Possible problems

Those who are going to attend such an event should remember that it involves a number of dangers.rock summer festivals Since the venue of the show is far awayoutside the city, you need to take as much water and non-perishable food as possible. There will be shops and tents on the spot, but the queue to them can stretch for hundreds of meters. Similar problems are regularly accompanied by "Invasion". Rock festival is held for more than seven years, and during this time there were many unpleasant situations. Several times there were problems with water, which could not be delivered on time.

Tips for visitors

It is worth wearing the most comfortable clothes, whichDo not fall during active movements. At festivals such as "Woodstock," often a moshpit happens - an element of hardcore dances, when a huge number of people run around in a circle, performing chaotic limb movements. If you have never participated in such a thing, then it's better to stay away from the the rock festival are performing Also put all the valuables in the bag orpockets with a zipper, because in a furious rhythm they can simply fall out. At some festivals, staged-jumping is allowed - jumping from the stage to the crowd. They are made both by musicians and by those present. Leap is usually not associated with great risk, but most likely you will lose your comrades. Therefore, before the festival starts, it is better to determine in advance the meeting place in case of unforeseen situations.

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