Robert Trujillo: Creative Biography

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo is a very extraordinary person. Since his appearance in this illustrious group in 2003, only lazy does not speak about a musician. Indeed, his influence affected the work of not only the legendary thrashers, but also many other famous performers with whom the bassist had worked before.

Robert Trujillo: Brief Biographical Data

A musician of Mexican descent was born in Santa Monica (California, USA) 10/23/1964. His full name consists of seven words, the first of which is considered to be clearly British, and the rest are the most common and popular Spanish names.

Robert Trujillo

Even in his youth, Robert Trujillo, like many of his peers, was fond of rock music, listened to unfading albums of such giants as Led Zeppelin and Jaco Pastorius. It is not surprising that this particular passion led him to the world of professional rock. However, only at the age of 19 he began his studies at a jazz school. And it became a key point that influenced his playing technique and musical ideas brought into the work of many groups and performers.combining classic rock, metal and jazz.

Musical career to Metallica

In the world of heavy music, Robert Trujillo ended up after a fateful meeting with Rocky George (a school friend), who, along with Mike Muir, suggested that he try his hand at their group called Suicidal Tendencies. The team at the time played a hellish mix of trash and hardcore with some punk added. But the appearance of Robert radically changed everything - over time, the group began to lean more and more towards the combination of classic metal and funk.

robert trujillo rise

With this group, Robert Trujillo recorded four full albums, not counting live performances. And many music critics tend to call this period of creativity Suicidal Tendencies gold. He collaborated with the group from 1989 to 1997, but this did not prevent him from organizing his own project in 1992, which was called Infectious Grooves.

It is noteworthy that during his career he managed to work with Ozzy Osbourne, recording three albums with him, one of which (Down To Earth) is the official release of 2001, and the other two (Blizzard Of Oz and Diary Of A Madmen) - reissues of early records , came out in 2002.

In the same year he managed to work with the legendary guitarist Zack Wilde, who after the death of Randy Rhodes became almost the frontman for Ozzy Osborne.With the Wilde Black Label Society project, Robert Trujillo recorded the album 1919 Eternal (2002) and released a live Live DVD entitled Boozed, Boozed, and Broken-Boned.

Metallica and stage image

Finally, in 2003, the musician becomes the bass guitar player of the legendary Metallica, replacing the band's left Jason Newsted. By the way, a fragment of his audition is shown in the film Some Kind Of Monster. Apart from the concert tours, the musician together with the team recorded albums Death Magnetic (2008) and Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct (2016), and also participated in the filming of the film Through The Never (2013).

robert trujillo guitars

Robert Trujillo, whose height is 175 cm, fit into the team very organically, because of all, only James Hetfield is higher than the others, and Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich are like Robert. The crab has earned its nickname the new bass player due to the movement around the stage with a specific gait resembling a crab. He constantly performs in bermuda shorts with wide bent legs and low hanging bass guitar.

Robert Trujillo: Guitars

But Robert's guitars are worth mentioning separately. Firstly, he uses the purely finger technique of playing the way the unique bassist Steve Harris from Iron Maiden plays, and secondly, his concert guitars often differ in the number of strings, although he himself prefers 5-string bass.

Metallic bassist Robert Trujillo

But that's not all.On the instruments' decks, one can constantly see drawings that are part of the work of his wife Chloe Barthelemy. One of the central places is occupied by guitars with orange and light brown graphics depicting the Mayan calendar (Yamaha TRB5PII, Tobias and Warwick). Warwick bass has a front deck dirty green, and the back - red.

Robert Trujillo

Equally interesting are the Gravity 5 Deluxe guitars with eyeballs in flames, Nash T-Bass with snake, skull and rose (Psychodelic Mex) and Jungle Bass, made in jungle style and painted with flowers, bowls, skull and yellow faces.

Cinema success

However, Robert Trujillo is known not only as a bass player. At one time he managed to play in a movie (mostly in the series). Among all his works, one can separately distinguish the series “California Highway Patrol”, “The Simpsons”, “On the Other Side of Music”, “Howard Stern on Demand”, “Billions” and full-length films “Family Doctor”, “Frozen Californian”, etc. d. In addition, he acted as a screenwriter in the films Metallica: Through The Never, Tallica Parking Lot and Jaco.

Instead of the last

It remains to add that, speaking of this musician, only one classic phrase comes to mind that if a person is talented, then he is talented in everything.And to Robert Trujillo, these words are more suitable than anyone else, because the list of his creative achievements is quite extensive. And I want to hope that with the group Metallica he will please the fans with more than one interesting album and enchanting concert performances.

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