Rizvan Utsiev: career of the defender

Grozny "Terek" is considered a team with one of thethe best defensive lines in the Russian Premier League. One of the pillars of defense is Rizvan Utsiev - a defender, from the beginning of his professional career serving for the team from Grozny.

Coming to the "Terek"

Rizvan Utsiev the defender

Utsiev Rizvan Rashitovich was born on February 7, 1988year in the city of Argun of the Chechen Republic. As a child, his parents gave him to a football school at the club "Vainakh", from where the athlete because of the martial law temporarily moved with his brother to Chelny "KAMAZ". Returning to his native land, Utsiev signed a contract with the youth structure of the Grozny "Terek", and in 2005 he was invited to the games of the main team.

Debut in the Premier League

The debut of the young defender in the Premier League took placein November of the same year - in a match against the capital "Lokomotiv" footballer got 20 minutes of playing time. Following the results of the championship of 2005, "Terek" flew to the First Division, where, despite the decline in the league, Rizvan Utsiev also appeared very rarely, having twice replaced on the run only in the second season.

Utsiev Rizvan Rashitovich

As a result, in the summer of 2007 the Russian wentfor rent in "Kavkaztransgaz-2005", speaking in the Second Division of the Russian Championship, where he was able to get a sufficient amount of game practice, scoring even two goals in 13 matches for the new club. At this time, following the results of the championship, "Terek" took the second step, regaining a place in the elite of Russian football, where he got a young defender.

Return to the elite

With the return to the Premier League, the period beganbecoming and the defender himself. Coaching staff led by Vyacheslav Grozny believed in the talent of the football player, and even after the departure of the Ukrainian coach, under the leadership of Shahin Diniyev and Anatoly Baydachny, Rizvan Utsiev remained in the main cage of the players. As a result, the 2010 season became a real breakthrough for the career beque - after staking out a place in the starting lineup, the defender took part in 25 meetings, scoring his first two goals in the Premier League, upsetting the capital's Spartak and the Vladikavkaz Alania.

Rizvan Utsiev

Every year the player's progress was noticeable, and hispositions in the starting lineup soon became unshakable. In August 2011, the talents of Rizvan Utsiev were appreciated by the coaches of the second Russian national team, inviting him to the camp for a friendly match with Belarus, but the footballer never came out on the field. In the championship of Russia R.Utsiev several times recognized as a player of the tour, and in "Terek" for his confident game was soon chosen captain of the team, which is still.

In total for his career for the Grozny club onthe moment of the winter break in the 2016/17 season championship, Rizvan Utsiev has 173 official matches, being the leader in this indicator for the whole history of the team, as well as 11 assists and 8 goals scored, two of which were sent to the gates of the Krasnodar "Kuban" and helped "Terek" pull a draw in the match with a score of 2: 2. In the current season, the defender has not scored goals in the arsenal, but he has played all 17 matches of the Russian championship in full, noting one effective transfer in the match against "Orenburg", which allowed the Grozny to win three points.

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