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Now laptops, and all the equipment in general,quickly becomes obsolete. Applications, software and other software are regularly updated and become more demanding for the computer hardware. As a consequence, buyers are forced to purchase new models of laptops in order to work without any sags, lags. It comes to ridiculous. The laptop, which started the top games 2-3 years ago, barely manages to open tabs in the browser.

Against the backdrop of general disgrace, a laptop named Asus F5RL stands out. What is the peculiarity of this gadget? The answer to this question you can find in this article.

Asus F5RL reviews

Asus F5RL can rightfully be considered awesomedevice. This laptop came out about 6 years ago. Nevertheless, even now it is able to run modern software and work in the browser without any lags and departures. Moreover, this "old man" in terms of performance is able to give odds even to some modern laptops of the middle class. So what's so special about this laptop? The answer to this and many other questions lies in this review.


As the proverb says: "Meet on the clothes ...". Therefore, this review should start with design. Asus F5RL has a pretty nice appearance. Silver body, made of high-quality and durable aluminum, looks quite stylish and modern. The design of the device adheres to all canons of the company Asus. In F5RL there is nothing superfluous, thanks to which it was possible to achieve delightful ergonomics. To touch the laptop is quite pleasant. Asus F5RL has small dimensions and weighs about 2.5 kilograms. This allows you to safely put the gadget in your bag.

Asus F5RL: Specifications

Perhaps now you can talk about the fillingdevice. Asus F5RL is built on the basis of the ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 chipset, which provides a huge (at that time, of course) performance. As for the graphics core, the F5RL has ATI Mobility Radeon X1100 on board. This graphics card boasts high power, so the F5RL is able to display a quality picture on the monitor. Among other things, the X1100 consumes quite a bit of power, which at times increases the autonomous operation of the device. Also it is necessary to say a few words about the Core Duo T2300 processor from the notorious company Intel. He also does not have the capacity. Thanks to the T2300, the brainchild of Asus is capable of processing information in seconds without any sagging. In turn, an audio card called High Definition (from the same Intel) provides an excellent and clean sound.

Asus F5RL

Asus F5RL: reviews

Nobody will talk about all the advantages andshortcomings of the goods as a buyer. Reviews about the Asus F5RL are mostly positive. Users notice the high performance of the laptop, excellent ergonomics, compactness. Among other things, many are pleased with the stability of the gadget. Asus F5RL with active operation is able to hold out without connecting to the network to 5-7 hours. This feature will be useful for those who often travels or simply travels.

Asus F5RL Specifications

However, there were some shortcomings. Due to the powerful iron and poor cooling system, the notebook gets quite hot. And this gives many users discomfort. After all, in order to avoid breakage, you need to take breaks almost every hour.


Together we get a fairly powerful machine thatperfect for work. Good hardware is the main reason why the F5RL is so slowly becoming obsolete. Now Asus F5RL podrasteryal former potential and is not able to run modern games or heavy software (like 3D Max, etc.). Nevertheless, F5RL is great for Internet surfing, working in simple programs, watching movies and listening to music. And thanks to a small price (relative to modern gadgets), the Asus F5RL can easily be called a budget device.

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