Resurrection Cathedral Tutaev: photos, address and history

The Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev is a unique monument of Russian church architecture. It is located in the Yaroslavl region. Tutaev is a small ancient city. It is included in the list of historical settlements of Russia. Currently, the temple is operating, the schedule of services of the Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev can be found on its official website. Many come to church to see the icon of the Savior of All-Merciful, which is revered as miraculous.


The original name of the city is Romanov-Borisoglebsk. The decision to rename was made during the Civil War. The current name comes from the name of the soldier of the Red Army, who died during the suppression of the White Guard uprising in Yaroslavl.

The city arose as a result of the merger of two separate settlements - Romanov and Borisoglebsk, located on the left and right banks of the Volga. Until 1822, they were independent administrative units.Resurrection Cathedral Tutaeva

Left bank

Romanov was founded at the end of the 13th century by Prince Roman Vladimirovich, who was later canonized by the church. Throughout its long history, the settlement has been subjected to numerous enemy attacks. Repeatedly the enemies left the Romanov completely destroyed and burned, but he again rebuilt and revived.

Right bank part

Chronicles and archaeological research indicate that Borisoglebsk existed long before Romanov was founded. During the Mongol invasion in 1238, residents of Yaroslavl were forced to leave the city. They took refuge in Borisoglebsk. In those days it was a fishing village. Its name goes back to the first Russian holy martyrs, princes Boris and Gleb. Preserved information that the inhabitants of the settlement supplied the fish to the royal table.

An association

In 1822, by decree of Emperor Alexander I, Romanov and Borisoglebsk became one city. It was made for economic reasons. After the unification Romanov-Borisoglebsk did not differ by rapid development. During the 19th century, no significant stone buildings were built in the city.However, some sectors of the economy flourished: linen manufactory and mineral oil plant. The breed of sheep raised in the vicinity of the city was known throughout Russia.icons of the Resurrection Cathedral

Cathedral location

The temple is located in the right-bank part of the city, on the territory of the former Borisoglebsk. The exact address of the Resurrection Cathedral: Tutaev, Sobornaya Street, 13a. The majestic temple is located on a raised place and dominates over the rest of the architectural structures of the city. A very impressive view of the Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev opens from the opposite bank of the Volga. The altar of the building faces the river. The square on which the temple is located closes the perspective of the streets leading to it. The right bank part is currently considered to be the central area of ​​the city.Tutayev Resurrection Cathedral photo

The history of the construction of the temple

Construction of the cathedral began in 1652. He was called upon to replace the ruined wooden church of Boris and Gleb. The first attempt to erect a stone Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev was not crowned with success. Due to the subsidence of the foundation, numerous cracks formed in the hip section of the building. Local residents appealed to the Metropolitan with a request to allow them to disassemble the top of the building and make the temple a two-tiered one.After obtaining permission from the church hierarch, Yaroslavl masters were involved in this work. The reconstruction continued until 1678. Only brick was used as a building material. Legend has it that flour and blood of cattle were mixed into it when it was made.

As a result, a building was erected, much larger than the former temple. After the construction was completed, interior decoration from some of the surrounding churches was transferred to the Resurrection Cathedral of Tutaev. This explains the fact that some of the items in the temple are older than himself.Tutaev Resurrection Cathedral Service Schedule

Architecture features

The two-tier cathedral is surrounded by a gallery. It has two aisles (the so-called extensions or specially designated parts of the building, which have additional altars, which makes it possible to hold several liturgies at the same time). They are located on the gallery. The southern chapel was consecrated in honor of the princes Boris and Gleb, the northern - in honor of the apostles Peter and Paul.

The Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev has two elegantly decorated porches leading to the gallery. One of them is drawn to the city center.In the basement (lower floor) is the winter church of the Virgin. Light penetrates the temple through the windows located above the gallery. In the decoration used murals and curly wall. In the photo of the Resurrection Cathedral Tutaev you can see the bell tower, which was built along with the main building. The temple is surrounded by a low brick wall with a gate.Resurrection Cathedral in Tutayev service schedule

Wall art

The Yaroslavl artists took part in the decoration of the cathedral. The plots of paintings on the walls of the gallery are taken mainly from the Old Testament. They depict scenes from the life of the forefathers of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the construction of Noah’s ark and the destruction of the Tower of Babel. The painting showing the biblical story of Jonah is of particular curiosity. The image of a whale on it leaves no doubt that the old artist had a very vague idea of ​​the appearance of this mammal.

The frescoes on the walls of the central part of the temple are devoted to the events of the New Testament. They are accompanied by inscriptions containing quotations from the Bible. On the western wall is a striking picture of the Doomsday. The works of Yaroslavl artists differ in uncharacteristic realism for that era.They are devoid of the typical features of medieval frescoes - conventions in the depiction of human figures. On the outer walls of the cathedral there is also a large number of paintings that have been repeatedly restored.Resurrection Cathedral Tutaev address


One of the main treasures of the temple is the image of the All-Merciful Savior. This is the most important icon of the Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev. According to legend, it was written in the 15th century by the Rev. Dionysius of Glushitsky, the founder of several monasteries. The icon was originally kept in the wooden church of Boris and Gleb. In the middle of the 18th century, by order of the Rostov Metropolitan Arseny, she was placed in the bishop's residence. A few decades later, the icon returned to the Resurrection Cathedral. This image of the Savior of All-Merciful is revered as miraculous. There is a tradition to annually make a religious procession around the city with this icon.

The temple did not close during the years of Soviet power. Since the schedule of worship at the Resurrection Cathedral in Tutaev has never been broken, its interior decoration has been little studied by art historians. However, because of this, it has largely remained unchanged.

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