Restaurant "Golden Vobla" on "Savelovskaya": reviews, address, schedule, menu

Golden Vobla is an excellent beer restaurant, which is incredibly popular among Muscovites and guests of the capital. Here every day there is a large number of people, and in the evening almost all the tables in the hall are occupied - this indicates the fame of the institution.


Very favorable is the location of the restaurant "Golden Vobla" - at "Savelovskaya". His exact address reads as follows: Suschevsky Val Street, 9, p. 1, however, if you focus on large urban sites, you can find it by hitting the Kaskad-mebel business center, which is located near the metro station. Next to the establishment is the Savelovsky shopping center and the Sportmaster store, which ensures high traffic flow in the area.


In the reviews of the "Golden Crab" at the "Savelovskaya" guests often mention the interior of the place.The restaurant itself is located on two floors, where the interior is about the same. Its main details are the walls decorated with red brick, a large number of dark dense textiles on the windows, as well as a huge number of parts made of wood. As for the furniture, it is quite massive, presented in the form of wooden lacquered tables of dark color and similar chairs. A considerable number of places are designed for large groups of friends who come to the institution in order to communicate over a glass of beer. On the ground floor there is a small podium on which musical groups perform every weekend, performing live songs loved by the people.golden roach on savelovskaya reviews


A huge number of visitors in their reviews of the "Golden Lure" at "Savelovskaya" celebrate the magnificent talent of the restaurant chefs, which is manifested in the preparation of dishes. They say that only the most delicious snacks are served here under the main drink - beer.

The menu offers a wide selection of salads ("Caesar", warm with chicken liver, "Cobb", "Golden Vobla", "Capital", mushroom with cream, "Cowboy", "Philadelphia", "Greek").Also, once here, you can enjoy excellent first courses served both hot and cold (mushroom cream soup, borscht, hodgepodge, Bulgarian soup). There is a huge assortment of hot main dishes made from meat (fried potatoes with meat, roasted turkey, Golden Vobla steak, pork knuckle according to the Oktoberfest recipe, pork brisket on potato jelly) and fish (eel on rice, grilled trout, grilled halibut, salmon steak). Fans of sweet dishes will certainly be satisfied with the choice of desserts (Three Chocolate, apple strudel, carrot cake, chocolate fondant, cheesecake, Honey cake).

In the reviews of the "Golden Crow" at the "Savelovskaya" guests often recommend to taste the specialties prepared in their own smokehouse. In particular, among them are especially popular fish dishes (herring, capelin, mackerel), smoked brushwood, as well as pork ears.golden roach on savelovskoy phone

The menu also includes several pages that contain traditional Italian dishes. Among them is the most popular pizza ("Focaccia" with Parmesan cheese, "Margherita", "Kapricese", "Pepperoni", "In Bavarian", "Once in Mexico","Meat Feast", "Barbecue", "Caesar"), as well as pasta (fettuccine with mushrooms and bacon, spaghetti with seafood, fusilli with turkey, spaghetti "Carbonara"). In the institution can also cook buckwheat noodles and lasagna.

In the menu "Golden roach" on "Savelovskaya" there is also a small selection of dishes from the ham cuisine. Of these guests, to a greater extent, prefer to order rolls and sushi.


The bar menu of the restaurant is a harmonious combination of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Of soft drinks, cocktails (milkshakes, dairy, smoothies) and fresh juice are in great demand. The institution often goes to a large number of fans of tea and coffee, which is not surprising, since the Golden Vobla (Moscow) offers a huge range of them.

As for alcohol, there is a large selection of it. In particular, vacationers prefer to order vodka, whiskey and brandy, as well as wine and champagne. Less often, visitors turn their attention to tonic, sambuka and various aperitifs.

As for alcoholic cocktails, bartenders can offer a great variety of them. In a separate map they are presented on bright pages.The overwhelming shots (Clouds, Hiroshima, Antarctica, Innocent Sex, Antifreeze) and Longs (Campari Orange, Americano, Aperoli Spitz, Tequila Batanga, Whiskey cola"). The peculiarity of the bar list is that all the cocktails contained in it are distributed depending on the main ingredient.golden roach on savelovskaya menu


Special attention in the restaurant "Golden Vobla" on "Savelovskaya" is paid to beer, as well as snacks that are ideal for him. The menu offers a huge selection of this drink, and. Each variety is brewed in its own brewery - this is a feature of the institution and a guarantee of excellent taste of the finished drink. All the varieties on the menu are clearly distributed across the countries from which this or that recipe originated. Here beer is brewed according to technologies traditional for Belgium, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and also the Czech Republic. It is served in branded bottles.

As for snacks for this drink, their list is also given special attention. In the general menu there is a wide list of cold dishes, among which there are a lot of meat and cheese cuts, fish, and also dainties.In the hot appetizers section you can find a rich selection of sausages, which are mentioned in the reviews about the Golden Crank on the Savelovskaya Street. They are prepared in their own smokehouse, according to proprietary recipes, thanks to which they have amazing taste qualities. Among the visitors, such sausages as "Oktoberfest", "Frankfurt", "Tuscan", "Oriental", "In Georgian", "Bulgarian" and "Munich" are especially in demand. For guests who come by large companies, there is a sausage assortment "Collective". The institution also offers spicy mussels, fried cheese, pork ears, brushwood, shrimps and boiled crawfish.golden roach at savelovsky address

Additional offers

In addition to the main menu, the institution operates a separate - designed for young visitors. It presents simple side dishes and bright supplements to it. Kids are attracted by the colorfulness of the dishes presented in it and their unusualness.

On any weekday, guests can enjoy business lunches, which are presented in a special menu. In the complex lunch presents soups, side dishes, as well as salads, accompanied by soft drinks.If desired, you can consider offers for Asia-lunch, where rolls and sushi are presented, as well as Italy-lunch, in which you can taste pizza, Italian soups or pasta. You can take advantage of this offer from noon to 5 pmEstevsky Val


The wide range of discounts at the Golden Crow at Savelovskaya also attracts a large number of visitors. As a rule, on every day of the week a bonus is provided at the institution when ordering a specific product. For example, on any Monday when ordering one glass of beer, the client receives a second as a gift, on Thursdays a complimentary glass of dry white wine is attached to all fish dishes, and on Saturdays pork dishes are accompanied with a glass of vodka. On the other days of the week, there are also various promotions - you can check them at the administrator by calling "Golden Vobla" at "Savelovskaya", which is listed on the official website of the institution.


The administration of the restaurant "Golden Vobla" (Sushchevsky Val, 9) always ensures that every guest who comes to him feels as comfortable as possible and does not get bored. That's why here every Friday and Saturday shows are held with the participation of leading and local talented musicians.At this time, guests of the restaurant can also relax with songs performed by Moscow vocalists.

A huge number of visitors tell in their reviews that they are very fond of such programs. This is confirmed by the full landing in the institution in the evenings on such days.

During important sporting events in the institution they are broadcast, for viewing which a large number of people are going to the restaurant. At such times, the institution holds a tote, in which any guest who has reached the age of majority can participate.


The institution has exclusively professional staff, which is especially noticeable in the process of serving guests. Local waiters are always helpful and attentive to every visitor. Each of them can always help to choose a dish based on the individual taste preferences of the guest.

As for the administration, in the "Golden Caviar" can always help with the decision of questions regarding the accommodation of guests, as well as banquets and corporate events. The administrator also deals with the booking of tables.


Price policy places, according to visitors, as reflected in the comments about him, is quite acceptable. Here are some items presented in the list of dishes, with an indication of their value:

  • arugula salad with shrimps - 470 rubles;
  • specialty salad "Golden Vobla" - 370 rubles;
  • pizza "Four cheeses" - 420 rubles;
  • assorted "Meat plate" - 420 rubles;
  • salmon burger - 390 rubles;
  • salmon steak - 750 rubles;
  • dessert "Three chocolates" - 290 rubles;
  • chocolate fondant - 290 rubles;
  • team meat solyanka - 250 rubles.

As for the main drink of the restaurant, beer, its price varies around 225 rubles per half liter bottle. On average, the bill per visitor in this institution is about 1000-1500 rubles.golden roach on savelovskaya schedule


Visitors who visited the Golden Vobla institution will certainly be satisfied with the service and level of cooking. These impressions are reflected in their feedback, which can be found in the official group of the restaurant on social networks, as well as on thematic sites. Also, a considerable number of comments with photos of dishes and interior attached to them can be found on the personal pages of visitors on the Internet.

In their reviews, guests tend to talk about the excellent service and fun, relaxed atmosphere that stands in the establishment.A huge number of laudatory comments sent to the chefs working here. The visitors pay special attention to meat and fish dishes cooked on the grill and in the smokehouse.

The pricing policy of the institution, as noted by many, allows you to visit it quite often and enjoy all that is represented golden roach on savelovskaya


Golden Vobla on Savelovskaya is an institution that is ready to receive guests in its walls around the clock, on any day of the week. This circumstance, undoubtedly, pleases visitors, all the more so that at night (from 02:00) and until the evening of the next day (17:00) the restaurant has a discount of 20% for all positions presented in the menu.

The administration of the restaurant strongly recommends to book a table for yourself and your company before coming to it - this is due to the high attendance of this establishment. You can always put a reservation on the phone number that is listed on the official website of the Golden Vobla.

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