Replacing the engine oil in-house

At the moment, to carry out maintenance of your vehicle is not very difficult. If there is money, then professionals can do the work of any complexity. But sometimes the question arises whether something can be done independently. Changing the oil in the engine refers to those works that are fully able to produce on their own. It does not imply extensive knowledge of the automotive industry. The main thing is to follow the instructions for performing this type of work.

When to change the oil

Engine oil change

You should know that the engine oil is changed in a certain period of time. And for each car this period is individual. To find out exactly, you need to ask for help from the instructions for use of the car, where manufacturers indicate all the data that the car owner should know.

Highlights related to oil change

If you decide to cope with this task yourself, then, first of all, you should carefully inspect the design of your vehicle. In order to change the engine oil without any problems, you need to know where the special filter is located. In addition, you will need to find a drain plug of the crankcase, through which it will be necessary to get rid of unnecessary substance from the power unit. You will also need to buy the oil itself and a new filter. Choosing the oil for the car, you must follow the advice of the manufacturer. Typically, the operational book indicates the brand of substances that are optimal for the car (when servicing the service station, you also choose it yourself). There should be no problems with the filter, since the required brand can be prompted in any specialized store.Car oilIn order to replace the oil, you need to drive the car to the overpass. All work should be carried out only when the engine is turned off completely. At the same time, it is also necessary to turn on the gear and tighten the handbrake. In order to drain the old substance, you will need to unscrew the neck of the cap at the cylinder head and the drain plug. In most cases, to gain access to the traffic jam you will need to remove the protection.Drain oil on the ground is not necessary, it is desirable to substitute any container. It is also worth considering that it is best to get rid of it in a hot condition, and therefore you should not neglect safety precautions.

Replacing the filter and pouring a new substance

replacement gear oilAfter the oil has been removed, the oil filter must be replaced. Usually in order to remove it, you need special equipment that resembles a tightening loop. After replacing the filter, you can proceed to pouring new oil. During the execution of this process, you should be guided by a special measuring probe, which determines the level of the substance. The mark should be at the maximum. After the engine oil change is completed, the engine must be started for about two minutes. When the engine is shut down, carefully inspect the machine for traces of smudges. Making sure that the oil level is at the proper mark and there are no leaks, you can install the protection in place. This work is over.

How to change the oil in the transmission

Many may also have a question about how gearbox oil is replaced. There are no big differences.You will also need to heat the oil to improve its fluidity, drive the car to the "pit", drain the old substance and pour the new one. One has only to remember that in this case the filling is best done with a syringe.

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