Pushkin mountains

Greetings, deserted corner,
A haven of peace, work and inspiration,
Where the days flow my invisible flow
In the lap of happiness and oblivion.
A.S. Pushkin
Pushkin's fairy tales are familiar to us from childhood, we taught him poems and carefully analyzed the novels and novels written by him. We know a lot about him, but I want to know even more, so we go to Mikhailovskoye.
The State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve of A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye" is located in the Pushkinogorsky District. It consists of Mikhailovskoye estates (the poet’s exile in 1824–1826), Trigorskoye, Petrovskoe, the Pushkin Village and Watermill museums in the Bugrovo village, Voronich, Vrev, Velia and Savkina Gorka, as well as Svyatogorsky St. Assumption Monastery - the burial place of the poet. The Pushkin poetry festival is held annually in the reserve. Unfortunately, it was not possible to visit all of them, we stopped only at Mikhailovskoye, Petrovskoye and Pushkin’s grave. Let's start with the village of Petrovskoe.
2. In 1742, Empress Elizabeth donated to Peter the Great Companion Abram Petrovich Hannibal of the Mikhailovsky Bay land in the Pskov province, and he builds a house there.In honor of Peter I, the estate was named Petrovskoye. Unfortunately, after the war, the original houses were not preserved, so almost all the remake:

3. In 1782, Petrovskoye passed to the second son of Abram Petrovich, Peter Abramovich Hannibal, the great-uncle of Pushkin. In those years, a new manor house was built ...

4. ... numerous outbuildings have been erected and a park has been laid out

5. From 1825 to 1839, the son of Peter Abramovich Veniamin Petrovich lived in Petrovsky, after whose death Petrovsky passed into other hands that had nothing to do with the Gannibal-Pushkin family:

6. With Petrovsky on it we will finish, it was still possible to go down from the lake and take a longer walk. The places are very beautiful, there are practically no people, the territory is large and very well-groomed:


8. The first son of Abram Petrovich, Osip Abramovich Gannibal (grandfather of A.S. Pushkin), inherited the village of Ustye, Opochetsky district of the Pskov province. O.A. Hannibal built the estate, renaming it Mikhailovsky, built a manor house, set up a park. In 1806, after the death of Osip Abramovich, Mikhailovskoye passed to his wife Maria Alekseevna, nee Pushkina, and then in 1818 went to Nadezhda Osipovna, the mother of the poet:

9.It so happened that almost the entire life of Pushkin is closely linked with Mikhailovsky. For the first time his parents brought him a baby to show his grandfather. Later he came on his own and admired the beauty of these places very much. From August 1824 to September 1826 was here in exile. In total, about 100 works were written in Mikhailovsky, including "Boris Godunov" and "Eugene Onegin":

10. Pushkin's favorite place is the Island of Solitude:

11. Earthen grotto




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