Pumilio mountain pine: planting and care, features of growing and breeding

Country plot is a place of rest, relaxation. Therefore, everything should be perfect here, including the environment. It is about and green spaces. It is very important to properly perform the landing and care. The mountain pine Pumilio is an excellent option for country sites in any territory. This unpretentious, evergreen dwarf plant diversifies your environment, will create an original style.

Pine Mountain Pumilio planting and care

Due to the various shapes, colors and geometries of coniferous trees, with the help of these plants you can create individual attractive compositions. This dwarf pine is perfectly combined with various deciduous and coniferous trees. Therefore, many gardeners are interested in proper planting and care of the mountain pine Pumilio.

Description of mountain pine

Dwarf conifers are quite popular today. They are often used in the creation of landscape design of suburban country areas.Homeland of this plant are the central and southern European mountain slopes. Dwarf pine differs from other conifers in high density bush with a strong branching. At the same time, the size of the plant is quite compact.

Landing and maintenance information is very important to gardeners. Mountain pinePumilios deserves attention. This plant adorns the garden not only in summer, but also in winter.

Dwarf conifer has a dark green color. Needles needle-shaped, short, 4 cm long. Plant height reaches 1.5 meters. The crown of pine prostrate, dense. Branching plants on the ground can reach a diameter of several meters. This type of coniferous trees belongs to slow-growing. After all, the height of a 30-year-old tree reaches 1 meter in height and 2 m in diameter. The annual growth of the plant is 5 cm in width and 12 in height. Therefore, this plant is actively used in landscape design for the purpose of gardening and arrangement of hedges. They are ideal background plants for floral and leafy compositions.

mountain pine mugo pumilio planting and care

The cones of this conifer have a dark brown conical shape. In diameter, they range from 1 to 5 cm.Most often, the fruits appear in plants that have reached 6 years of age. Pinemill sprouts grow straight up, forming an attractive crown dome.

Features of Pumilio Pine

Planting and care of mountain pine Pumilili require basic knowledge of conifers. In this case, the ephedra will thank the owner with a chic green crown.

So, the plant must be on the sunny side of your site, because it belongs to the sun. Irregular watering does not harm the plant, as it can survive in arid regions. Summed up to frost-resistant plants, which are not afraid of severe frosts.

Advantages of the mountain pine Pumilio planting and care. It is easy, there are almost no requirements. It is better to plant a sapling on unconsolidated acidic or alkaline soils. If the soil is healthy, then the plant will quickly take root. If your backyard has heavy soil, you can add peat or sand to it.

Mountain pine in landscape design

The mountain pinePumilio is indispensable for the design of gardens made of stone, alpine hills. This plant fits perfectly into the classic landscape style.

mountain pine pumilio growing features

In addition to suburban areas, the dwarf pine tree is well established in the central parks of large cities. Some species of conifers are used to decorate public and administrative buildings. Often they are planted in pots on the street.

This coniferous plant is used for decoration of hedges and borders, high multi-tiered compositions. They are often planted in hedges of various origins. Dwarf hvoyniki often used for decorating the barbecue area or terrace. Extensive use requires knowledge of planting and care. The mountain pine Mugo Pumilion will only change the surrounding territory visually, but also close the rest area from prying eyes.

Dwarf pine is combined with almost everything. This tree, unlike other conifers, has no effect on neighboring plants. An excellent combination for this dwarf tree are various shrubs with large flowers and cereals. It looks attractive on the background of huge boulders and alpine slides.

Many designers use an interesting combination of pine with low maple saplings and heather gardens.In this case, it is necessary to properly organize the soil for the plants, because they require different acidity of the soil. Therefore, you should know the features of each plant, its planting and care. The mountain pine Pumiliopi the right combination will always please the eye not only of the owners of the country house, but also of the visitors.

Do you live in regions with heavy precipitation in winter? Then immediately purchase such conifers. They will be the best decorations of the winter garden. Due to good elasticity and strength, the branches of dwarf pine will not break under the weight of a large layer of snow.

Many designers love the mountain pine mugopumilio. Planting it can be carried out not only in open ground, but also in pots. This decoration allows you to originally arrange loggias, roofs, entrances to buildings.

planting and caring for mountain pumilio pine

Mountain pine is also an indispensable plant in steep areas. Thanks to an extensive root system, the plant is well kept on mountain steep slopes, loose soil or the banks of water bodies. Such a pine prevents landslides.

Planting and care of mountain pine Pumilioprosty.The main thing is to follow the basic rules described below.

Planting pine Pumilio

Do you want to plant on your plot mountain pine Pumilio? Peculiarities of cultivation - this is what you should pay attention to. Therefore, this plant can not be planted in dark places. For landing it is better to choose a bright, sunny territory. The quality of the land for this plant plays almost no role. Pine is actively growing even on nutrient poor land. Dwarf pine tree survives well in urban pollution.

Do you want a pine tree to quickly take root in a new place? Then pay attention to the conditions of the previous cultivation. The main task of each gardener is to repeat them as much as possible.

Conifers should be replanted in the middle of spring or early fall. In winter, only large, adult plants with a well-developed root system are transplanted. The ideal age of transplanting young seedlings is 3-5 years.

For landing should prepare a large pit. It should be twice the root system of the plant. Drainage should be laid on the bottom: gravel or broken brick, over which coarse sand is poured.If you want to build a hedge, the drainage layer must be laid along the entire length of a previously prepared trench.

If conifers are planted in a row, then a distance of several meters should be left between the seedlings.

mountain pine pumilio in landscape design

During transplantation of the Pumilio pine tree, the stem neck of the seedling should be monitored. It must be level with the ground. It can not be deepened or raised.

Before planting a tree, it is advisable to sour the soil. Slaked lime is added to the landing pit.

Transplanted plants should be carefully watered with water and compact the ground around.

Plant care

In early spring, when the soil is still frozen, the pine should be watered and sprayed with warm water. So the plant will quickly wake up after sleep and will again begin to actively grow branches. After leaving it consists in periodic moderate watering of the soil as necessary. Used in landscape design mountain pine Pumilio experts recommend watering 3 times per season. Under one tree you need to pour about 2 buckets of water.

Fertilizers should be applied to the soil in the first few years after planting.To do this, use a special mixture of fertilizers, designed specifically for coniferous plants.

In the autumn should prepare a young pine. It is protected by spruce paws or sawdust to prevent burns. Some gardeners cover the plant for the winter with non-woven material or spruce branches. This cover is removed in April, when all the snow is completely gone.

mountain pine mugo pumilio planting

At the end of winter, pruning is carried out, removing dried twigs.

Breeding pine

Plant reproduction occurs in three ways: by grafting, seed and grafting. Rarely propagate the plant with seeds. This method does not guarantee the preservation of varietal qualities of the parent plant. Seeds are planted in the spring in the prepared, fertilized and loosened soil in pots.

Cuttings harvested in the spring. To do this, use healthy adult trees. If you wish to multiply the pine in winter, the cuttings can be prepared at a negative temperature. But in this case, they must be stored at home.

For watering the blanks should use water, with a growth factor dissolved in it. In this case, the water should be at room temperature.

Pine diseases

As already known, with this plant, everything is simple: and use, and planting, and care. Mountain pine is extremely popular, because for a long time it pleases the eye, while requiring a minimum of maintenance. In addition, pine is resistant to various diseases, which cannot be said about other conifers.pine mountain planting and care and use

The only problem is a fungal disease. Schutte's disease is characterized by blackening of the branches and quick drying of the needles. To cope with this scourge is easy - you should treat the plant with a fungicide.

But if this disease appeared in a plant in the first 3 years of its life, the sapling most likely will die. Therefore, you should purchase seedlings from proven gardening partnerships.


Dwarf pinePumilio is an excellent ornamental plant, which is actively used in landscape design. They love him for his beauty and grace, minimal care and bright color. Having worked to create a unique project with dwarf pines, you can get a unique beautiful result that you can admire for many years.

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